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  1. H01VE


    :p need to learn programming!
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    g max problem - CoCreate Instance () failed

    here by the same!!! 13 years later :0... running as admin solved!
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    Bellanca Super Viking

  4. H01VE

    Want to loan some low poly car pack for US airport car parks

    i feel a deja vu here... drop me a DM
  5. H01VE

    Need some extra hands on KC-390 project.

    looking really good! drop me a direct message
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    static stuff

    :) some recent meshes
  7. H01VE

    P3D v3 Fairchild C-123 Provider

    :) love how this is coming out
  8. H01VE

    P3D v4 Cockpit Builders

    :'/ i need to get strong on this
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    hi there! mates :) been busy on commissions plus country self destructing mode, but yes... it still on develop if you ever want to know or support follow the blog or just DM god bless ya aall
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    :/ cant seem to fix prop visibility on 1.4 / 2.5 sdk pd: been busy a lot with scenery ,AI and lowpoly stuff, the plane still around.
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    Santa Fe (KSAF) Preview

    i was flying over this just today! great!!!
  12. H01VE

    skin and bones

    SOLVED well, gotta check the "skinned mesh" option in the material or this is never going to move... ;)
  13. H01VE

    skin and bones

    they are "1" on default, ...bones+rigid geometry works
  14. H01VE

    skin and bones

    hi mates! Exporting skin and bones simple tests as the Mcx videos (fsx) , bones appear and move on the MCX but mesh keeps still, exporting X, i checked export animations, checked skin… it looked like it was simple am i missing something here?
  15. H01VE

    XtoMDL UI

    hello! what is? (0): error : XToMdl.exe Unhandled Application Exception (0): error : (0): error : SlimDX.Direct3D9.Direct3D9Exception (0): error : (0): error : D3DXFERR_PARSEERROR: Parse error (-2005531760) everything was going good until i instaled FSXS edit: compiled (slower but compiled) an...