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    Apron help, suddenly cannot compile

    Good afternoon! Going about a typical day altering airports, and I suddenly get the error below. I have not changed my processes (same routine) and have never had this error before. If I draw the apron and don't modify it, I don't have any issues. If I click on the apron or change a texture...
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    Making custom ground line verticies number

    I always hate asking questions, because I'm sure it's already been covered somewhere. Just updated from ADE 175 to 178 and now I am unable to select the number of vertexes for an arc. A small box would appear and the default was 36. I was able to double that for smoother corners in 175, now I...
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    FSX File saving

    Bear with me, as I am a little new to this. I am having an issue with black textures for a small hangar I am creating. I think I am confused about how/where to save my project. - Bmp textures created in Photoshop and placed on hangar in SketchUp. - Exported as dae file and imported to MCX -...
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    FSX ADE suddenly stops compiling

    I suddenly started getting this error, but any change I would make would compile correctly and would show up in my airport, so I didn't pay too close attention to it. Now, I get this error and nothing compiles and ADE crashes. I have done a complete uninstall/reinstall and cleared the registry...
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    FSX GP material "Default" question

    Firstly, I really tried to do some research on this before I posted, so please bear with me. Upon installing ADE 1.75 and updating to GP Editor 2.2.08: I am not able to get a material listing for FSX. It shows "Material for P3D only". Does this affect compiling for FSX? Not qute sure as what...