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    Hello again, I was experimenting a little bit with the fs9gps:map and rose. Actually i wanted to use these IGaugeCDrawable(s) via a c++ gauge. Using the panel_get_registered_c_callback etc. I managed to create them both (note that id for the map is 0x10001 and for the rose is 0x100002 )...
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    Custom Variables in modeldef.xml

    I believe the title is quite straight forward.:D Is it possible to use C:Vars in modeldef.xml???
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    Set XML Custom Variable value with execute_calculator_code

    i have this code which works perfectly when called withing XML interface but it always returns 0 and does not updates the referenced C: variable if called from a gauge callback. PCSTRINGZ compiled; UINT32 compilation_size; FLOAT64 result_f; SINT32 result_i; PCSTRINGZ result_s...
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    Hello Boys and Girls I am new to the forum but i have two questions for you. Q1: lets look at gauges.h class NetOut; class NetIn; class ISerializableGaugeCCallback: public IGaugeCCallback { public: virtual bool Serialize(NetOut& netout) = 0; virtual bool...