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    Landing surface not working

    Made a landing pad of this cement slab but the wheels still fall through sections throughout it.Ihave it low as possible and on a flat surface.The whole slab does show red that it is a landing pad before I export it.Is there maybe a setting to adjust to fix this?
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    custom land class

    Is there any direction on adding my own custom land class in S builder?I want to just have mostly plain grass but the ones that come with and I guess are part of fs scenery world are a bit mixed up and spotty looking for what I want plus I don't want to customize those since I'll be sharing with...
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    Best way to add taxi lights?

    What is a good way to add some well lit taxi lights maybe made in sketchup?
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    adding lights to an object

    Is there any step by step directions on adding lights to an object like in this example?I'm using sketchup and gimp.
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    how do I add light to buildings

    Trying to add some rendered lights in this test but in this day shot I left out the textures to test and it basically just shows a face object I have about a half inch from the building.I rendered it in sections and matched the siding back up along with the light.What would be the best way to...
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    face me models

    Is there a way to have face me component trees using MCX from sketchup models?
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    custom land textures

    How can I add my own custom texture to Sbuilder so i can customize for example my own dirt trails and such.I can add models but not sure how to go about working with a bgl for that since its not a model just a texture?I would want to add a new texture to world scenery I guess.Is there any...
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    Is it possible to flatten an area maybe only 40'x40' in Sbuilder builder?
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    cant rename texture files

    I have a dae file called closed fence.If i tell mass texture rename editor to find closed fence and replace all textures to closed fence2 and click replace it shows correct in mass texture editor.But when I click update it always just exports the original texture names to my empty texture folder...
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    Night Map Texture

    If I add LM/light map to the night map texture it seems to remove the texture.If I just add the same line GLASS_BLUE_TEXTURE.BMP it looks like it would light.Not sure about what the Night map texture buttons do.
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    adding objects

    What folders can I add my own objects in scenery builder FS9?
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    adding a runway

    Wondering what tool or way to lay down a dirt runway in fs9 on a bumpy not level surface if possible in fs9,or does it have to be a flat surface in fs9?I'm using sketchup to draw objects,houses and other things and have been able to place them with Model ConverterX with some luck but when i edit...
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    Dirt runways

    Are there any video tutorials laying down dirt runways and blending textures into sloping landscape maybe with sketchup or do most just build the whole scenery area then import into fs?
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    setting coordinates in MCX map

    Where in fs is the best place to get the coordinates numbers to type in MCX position to place a model where I landed?I've tried copy and past from world map but i always end up in a different country.Just don't know how to get the numbers without just clicking on the map in MCX somewhere.For...
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    exported the DXTBMP files now what?

    I have built a model log cabin in sketchup and exported a .dae file. Imported the .dae into ModelconverterX then exported the MDL and DXTBMP files to a texture folder on my desk top after renaming.I'm looking to see what the next major steps would be to add this to fs.My goal is to drop this in...
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    export ddts

    Does it really matter if i export as dds if im using fs9?Or DXTBMP?
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    image tool not found

    I'm getting the error image tool not found please set the correct location.I installed makemdl_sdk_setup.exe and terrain_sdk_setup.exe I added the path in options C:\Program Files\FS2004SDK\TERRAIN_SDK\Terrain_Tools and the same in Mass Texture Editor Do I have to install something?