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    ADEX 1.60 Library Objects Data

    To be honest, I was very excited when I first saw these objects, as I have often tried to find ones like them! Finding this thread, although helpful, was a bit of a disappointment that the actual objects indeed did not exist. (that it wasn't just me being incapable in locating libraries). May I...
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    FSX BGLCompx not working

    I've been making very simple small scenery additions using the OBT and saving the scenery files as .xml. Then as described in the wiki, I created the BGLCompX environment variable and I've been using it to compile the files. It was working fine for a while. Here's my problem: lately the cmd...
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    FSX Casa 212

    I apologize for not giving it a shot first, that was my bad. I didn't have a connection to download the file and I wrongly assumed that the VC didn't work. Thanks again for your input and help
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    FSX Casa 212

    Thanks, Quick question: what about the VC? will that be compatible or do i need to find one somewhere else? Luigi
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    FSX Casa 212

    Hi I'm looking to make a mission involving the smokejumpers based at S52, the North Cascades Smokejumper Base. The aircraft that they use is a Casa 212-100, but I haven't been able to locate one for FSX. Does anyone know of one that I could download as freeware? Thanks, Luigi
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    FSXA Multiplayer Config Tweaking Possible???

    I don't have any clue if this is possible, and if it is, how to do so, but if anyone could give me a hand that would be great. My network's firewall is currently blocking access to FSX multiplayer connections and a few websites such as downloads from however, other sites such as...
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    FSXA FSXA/P3D: 5S0 Oakridge State

    Holy s**t!!!!! never seen anything like it. too bad i wont be able to use it, my computer has issues with FSXA on normal settings. :(
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    FSX What is WRONG WITH ME!

    :confused:Never done any kind of codeing:confused::confused: that looks like a buch of jumbled letters and numbers to me... maybe if u rearranged them a bit it might work:rolleyes::p
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    Developers Needed!

    I'm a complete rookie at 3d modeling and other FS development aspects, so I'm not looking to join here. However, I'm guessing this will sometime be up for sale as payware, and I was wondering if the aircraft would have the retractable hose and drogue configuration. This is a thought in hopes...
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    Static SOC-R Gunboat Design

    I found a model of the SOC-R boat at: http:// but I dont have an account there. I dont have enough money to buy an account or can I model somthing worth uploading. Just curious if somone could help me out..
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    Static SOC-R Gunboat Design

    Unfortunatly not, if i did have the model i wouldn't be asking someone to make me one... that is only an image of the web. A hoist point is a function of FSX acceleration that allows the EH101 helicopter to use its sling to lift an object. In the cfg file of the model, [HoistPoint] is added...
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    Static SOC-R Gunboat Design

    Hi all, While looking on the web, i found that there were absolutly no small US military boats that were pilotable or even static. I was wondering of any one would be interested in making the SOC-R boat, which could eventually have a hoist point attached to it. Here are some images of the...
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    Favorite aircraft to fly

    I usually use th F/A-18. I added my own colored smoke effects so I can make some pretty great screenshots
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    FSXA Aircraft Carrier ILS Frequencies

    Hi All, While playing around in the cockpit of my standard F/A-18, I realized it had ILS capabilities and I tried it out on the nearest airport that had it. Realizing that this worked (with the standard HUD) i searched the web to try to find the ILS frequencies for the carriers. I saw that...
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    FSX optimized graphics

    Thanks, For now i think tats all i need to know. if i have more questions later ill post them here
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    FSX optimized graphics

    Thanks, do you by chance know some decent laptops around $200, or is that really a strech?
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    FSX optimized graphics

    Hi all, Im considering getting my own laptop to use for school and also possibly fsx. Does anyone know what the system requirements are for a smooth running simulator when all settings and graphics are maxed out? This is only a small idea in the back of my mind, but my old computer is...
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    FSX Realistic Missles

    thanks Heretic, I didnt know it was so dificult to produce something like that, so i guess ill just drop it.
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    Missle Simconnect Module

    Hi, im looking for someone who knows how to program simconnect modules. I am planning to take a missle addon from the web and customise it so that when the missle strikes another aircraft, it causes all engines to fail/catch fire of that aircraft. Anyone who thinks they're up for this...
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    FSX Realistic Missles

    Ok thanks Heretic, i guess its a dead end for me since i have no idea how to even start programming a module through simconnect. ill put a thread on project recruiting to see if someones else can help me. However, if any one has any further knowledge as to start this project, pleas let me...