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  1. muffo

    P3D v4 the exclude water Polyng doesn't work wit orbx vetcor

    I modified the Koyukuk airport in Alaska.....but now I have problems with Orbx vector. Without it, I see airport very well, but using it some piece of runway is on the water! I created an exclude water Polygon using sbuilder, to draw again the coast and the water but without result...Solution? I...
  2. muffo

    P3D v4 I lose most of the airport

    I built the Hagn airport which has only the runway in the simulator. I have a problem that I can't solve. When I approach the view at the airport, I lose the runway and aprons, and I don't understand why. Attached is the project with the files I created.
  3. muffo

    does wishplacer run yet with fsx and win10?

    tried them all .... I put Object_Placement.dll into the root directory of fsx. I added the string under the fsx dll.xml: <Launch.Addon> <Name> Object Placement Tool </Name> <Disabled> False </ Disabled> <ManualLoad> False </ ManualLoad> <Path> object_placement.dll </ Path> </Launch.Addon> But...
  4. muffo

    P3D v4 Particular Ndb

    Is it possible to create an ndb that transmits SOS at regular intervals like every five minutes? They are asking me for a mission that I have to create. If so, how can I do it?
  5. muffo

    problem with instant scenery 3 and whisplacer

    I cann't use this software programs to modify my old liee airport, because these software doesn't work more. Instant scenery doesn't show interface and whisplacer doesn't connect with fsX. For the first program, I reinstalled it but the problem is the same, for second I installed again the...
  6. muffo

    P3D v4 Model converter error

    I noticed with the last Prepar 3d V.4.4's sdk, it appears this error when I tried to load an converted Object : "Unsupported RIFF section: PBMRM" and the program does't show the object. How Can I solve the problem?
  7. muffo

    P3D v4 difference between fsx and P3D 4.3

    I'm trying to upgrade my Liee airport, built for fsx (and I'm updating the latter too). While in fsx I see the GP polygons, not so happens in P3D 4.3. I see them from far away. I tried everything: raised their altitude, changed the layer, nothing. I attach photos and ade files.
  8. muffo

    P3D v4 used gas

    does anyone know where to find some tutorials or videos to draw used gas? I have to draw them on the new md82 Leonardo
  9. muffo

    only sdk

    Is it possible to use ADE without simulators using only SDK? Because I uninstalled Prepar3d version 1,2 and 3, but I want to maintain compatibility with this simulators creating my sceneries. I installed only FsX and P3d4, and when I opened the program, I see only this two simulators, how can I...
  10. muffo

    FSW searching tutorial

    I am searching a tutorial on how build seasons's textures using paint programs, but I didn't find nothing here and websides using google.Do you know where to find it?
  11. muffo

    P3D v4 delete bad effect

    See the photo and the red arrow.....I tried all: exclude shorelines, flatten polygon...How can I delete this bad effect? I have this problem only on p3d 4.0...On fsx and P3d 3.0 I don't have the same problem....
  12. muffo

    P3D v4 coordinates and gp polygon

    I created an Hydro Polygon using SbuilderX and now I want to texture it using GP on Ade. What is the easy way to import coordinates from hydro polygon?
  13. muffo

    FSX index and length must refer to a location within the string Sbulider problem

    I decompiled a cvx file with cvxextractor, and exported it with bln format. I imported on sbuilderX and I corrected it as flatten as the same file on xml format, but it appeared the message" Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length" Where is my error...
  14. muffo

    P3D v4 files write protected with ade

    I have problem compiling file into p3d4.0's folders ( and only with it!) p3d 4.0: 1) it is out of program x86 2) uac is down 3) the p3d 4.0's directory is on drive C and write protected but....Also P3d 3.0 is on the same drive, the same directory (C:\Lockheed Martin), write protected, but... I...
  15. muffo

    FSX data from ground polygon

    For HD crash I cann't have orginal ade's file, Is it possible to extract data from a ground Polygon's Bgl?
  16. muffo

    FSX problem with helipad

    I have a object with high Helipad ( 540 ft) and I applied platform effect with modelconvert, the helipad works very well. I created with ADE a little airport and other start with the same helipad's elevation, but when I load the airport, I found helicopter on ground and not on helipad. I cann't...
  17. muffo

    P3D v3 problem with altitude?

    My friend sent me a airport, created on water, using default simulator's objects. He created the runways on some object, but while the altitude is perfect on P3D, the same airport have problems on fsX: I see the runways trasparent.I think that the altitude is the problem, because the sea level...
  18. muffo

    P3D v3 airport lost

    A little problem... I created apron, taxi, and parkings using mm20 stock airport,but turning around the airplane, I lose all, when I return to initial position, I see all again! This doesn't happen with only stock runway. I tried it with and without flatten, but the problem is the same....How...
  19. muffo

    P3D v3 problem with ground poly editor

    Using the old ground poly editor I could change point using the values under arrows, now, with this version, I cann't do this anymore. How can I solve the problem?
  20. muffo

    problem opening fast bgl file

    Today, I tried to open fast, a bgl file with ade 101.71.6117.18348 and appears the message "smart propertygrid has expired"" and ADE close when click exit program....If I open Ade normally, the problem doesn't happen. How can I fix it?