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    FSX BGLCompx not working

    I've been making very simple small scenery additions using the OBT and saving the scenery files as .xml. Then as described in the wiki, I created the BGLCompX environment variable and I've been using it to compile the files. It was working fine for a while. Here's my problem: lately the cmd...
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    FSX Casa 212

    Hi I'm looking to make a mission involving the smokejumpers based at S52, the North Cascades Smokejumper Base. The aircraft that they use is a Casa 212-100, but I haven't been able to locate one for FSX. Does anyone know of one that I could download as freeware? Thanks, Luigi
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    FSXA Multiplayer Config Tweaking Possible???

    I don't have any clue if this is possible, and if it is, how to do so, but if anyone could give me a hand that would be great. My network's firewall is currently blocking access to FSX multiplayer connections and a few websites such as downloads from however, other sites such as...
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    Static SOC-R Gunboat Design

    Hi all, While looking on the web, i found that there were absolutly no small US military boats that were pilotable or even static. I was wondering of any one would be interested in making the SOC-R boat, which could eventually have a hoist point attached to it. Here are some images of the...
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    FSXA Aircraft Carrier ILS Frequencies

    Hi All, While playing around in the cockpit of my standard F/A-18, I realized it had ILS capabilities and I tried it out on the nearest airport that had it. Realizing that this worked (with the standard HUD) i searched the web to try to find the ILS frequencies for the carriers. I saw that...
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    FSX optimized graphics

    Hi all, Im considering getting my own laptop to use for school and also possibly fsx. Does anyone know what the system requirements are for a smooth running simulator when all settings and graphics are maxed out? This is only a small idea in the back of my mind, but my old computer is...
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    Missle Simconnect Module

    Hi, im looking for someone who knows how to program simconnect modules. I am planning to take a missle addon from the web and customise it so that when the missle strikes another aircraft, it causes all engines to fail/catch fire of that aircraft. Anyone who thinks they're up for this...
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    FSX Realistic Missles

    Hi everyone, Although i have almost zero knowledge on programming or editing of files, im attempting to undertake a project. i want to use a missle addon that i downloaded from the web, and add a property to the cfg file that would make it so that if it comes into contact with another...
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    gmax simple action

    Hey guys, Here's a pretty simple question: I've made a single tube in gmax, and i want to cut it lengthwise in half and remove one half, so all i hav is a long arch. how do i do this?
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    FSXA Fatal error on startup!!!

    Hey guys, I really need your help. I have the FSX gold edition installed on my pc for almost a year. Around December of 2010, my computer crashed, so i had to completely reinstall FSXA. Now, as of about a few weeks ago, i noticed that i couldn't go within about 30-40 miles of Seattle in FSX...
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    Taxi Signs

    Hi all, i made a fictional airport in ADE9x that involves a fair number of taxiways. i hav assigned designators to all the taxiways, but hav not yet put in taxi signs. would someone who's experienced with taxi signs, put them in for me. I would also need ils hold short signs and things of...
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    Dutch Approaches

    Hi, while flying around Holland, I noticed that some of the major airports didn't have any GPS approaches. Could someone please make Gps approaches for the default runways at Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven? Thanks, George
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    FSX Roof-top helipads

    Hi, while flying helos around cities, i realized that there arent any rooftop helipads, except for on some hospitals. To make one myself, i assume i would have to do it in gmax and somee how place it on top of a static building. is this possible? Or would i have to create an entire building with...
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    GPS Approach help

    Hi everyone, Using ADE9x, I made a fictional airport southwest of Nome, Alaska, in hopes of creating a place to land/takeoff from when flying in that region. (I did this because i noticed that there were hardly any large scale airports in the area). So far i have two large runways, both capable...
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    FSX No Microphone!

    Hi everyone, im creating my first mission which involves using the eh101 to help logging crews. so far, i think ive got all the prox/prop triggers down ( i might need a little help later), but i have run accross the problem of not having a microphone to record my voice. However, i read...