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    Basement object elevation

    Hello, I search for P3DV4 to do basement service doors entrance in a buliding ( 2 doors are in the basement) I have tried to modified a lot of things in the flatten CVX ADE Bgl but nothing works. It is always flat . Any idea on how to do it ? Thanks very much Kind regards
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    Sloped runways

    Dear master developers. Can i ask you the best way to do sloped runways (for P3DV5) . 1. Do i need to design the slope on Sketchup or Blender and adjust something on the flat ground poly by MCX ? 2. Do i need to do the slope on MCX ? 3. Do i need to slope everything like runway lights etc...
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    Mcx multiple attached objects

    Hello, I search the way to attach the same effect to all objects recognized in the BGL.(airport lights) From now i am attaching some airport lights one by one (dynamic ones) (i work on sketchup) But the MCX boxes view function find all my lights object in the BGL That is why i am wondering if...