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    swift pilot client looking for developers (unpaid, open source)

    swift pilot client is a free open source pilot client for FSD protocol servers. It supports the following simulators: FSX, FS9, P3D, XPlane, and FlightGear. Further information can be found here: swift is developed in C++/Qt. Currently we are testing our beta...
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    FSX Adding AI rotorcraft

    Is there something special to consider when I add rotorcraft as AI objects using: SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft(m_hSimConnect, modelStringBa.constData(), csBa.constData(), initialPosition, requestId); For no obvious reason all aircraft work, but all rotorcraft (like BELL JETRANGER) fail...
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    P3D v4 COM Unit receiving status (COM TRANSMIT:x COM TEST:1) and volume

    I use the below vars to get the status of my COM UNIT - COM status is pretty well explained in the docu - Transmit as well What I cannot figure out is COM TEST, it is always false in my test cases (??? no idea why, testing P3D standard planes) Q1: How can I get the receiving status of a UNIT...
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    How do I handle negative airspeed? DWORD is unsigned, so what do I do for - pushback? - helicopters/VTOL flying backwards? struct SIMCONNECT_DATA_INITPOSITION { double Latitude; // degrees double Longitude; // degrees double Altitude; // feet double Pitch; //...
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    When I get an SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_CREATE_OBJECT_FAILED exception, is there any direct way to get the object id of the failed object (or the request id)? The only way I have found is via the send id.
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    P3D v3 Wheels turn for on ground AI aircraft not moving

    If I place my AI aircraft on ground, gear down, on ground flag set, I see sometimes the wheels turning even though the plane is not moving. Sometimes this is not happening (steady wheels). However, since there is not SimConnect parameter (AFAIK) to switch on/off turning wheel, I wonder what the...
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    FSX Invisible or very small AI object

    I want to use an invisible (or very small) AI object in order to obtain its ground elevation. Do you have any idea which AI object I can use for that? Or is there any AI object I can download for that? I want this object to be invisible as I just use it as bogus object (terrain probe) and it is...
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    P3D v4 Change view via simConnect (to AI view)

    In P3D I can follow AI aircraft by changing to a view which follows the plane. Can I open such a view / switch to that view via SimConnect. Ideally I would be able able to retrieve all view names, search them in my code and the select it FSX/P3D.
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    P3D v4 [solved] Get ground elevation (altitude) at arbitrary coordinates

    I need to obtain the scenery's ground elevation at a given position (latitude/longitude). I found the following thread here: Obviously the only way is to create a dummy AI object and...
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    P3D v3 Start MCX from external application

    I want to start MCX as viewer from an external application. It works, I pass the aircraft.cfg file path as parameter. However, I do have 2 questions: could I somehow pass the livery which is displayed after startup (as 2nd parameter). The aircraft.cfg contains multiple liveries and I want to...
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    SimConnect with P3D, SimConnectP3D confusion

    Coming from FSX/SimConnect I am a bit confused about SimConnect with P3D. I have downloaded the SDK. It contains a SimConnect.lib, but no SimConnect.dll (or do I have miss it?). From friends I know that there is a SimConnectP3D.dll developed by LM/Peter Dowson. I understand this is only needed...
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    FSXA Added AI aircraft removed directly after adding it - why?

    When I add an AI aircraft, I do sometimes see the same aircraft removed right after. So if I add an aircraft (let`s say with id 10) it is reported as removed instantly. Reading about the reality bubble I understand there might be situations when I cannot add an AI aircraft. However, from my...
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    FSXA Set TAXI lights for AI traffic

    Has someone managed to set TAXI lights for AI traffic? I can set all the other lights, but taxi lights do not work. A similar question has been asked years back and I wonder if someone has solved the issue: I have tried both, bit mask and single values. In the documentation it says the value...
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    When I receive SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_UNRECOGNIZED_ID I`d like to obtain the id which went wrong. It is my understanding the id would be the object id which caused the issue (correct?). But the value seems to be not available...
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    Log file for remote simConnect.cfg

    I use simconnect on a remote computer and try to enable logging there. But I do not see any log file generated. I can enable logging on the FSX machine itself (where FSX runs), but this only logs the local simconnect calls. [solved] can only enable it on the FSX machine`s simCOnnect.ini (note...
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    FSX AI title and aircraft.cfg (SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft)

    Guess it will be the same for FSX and P3D. When I create AI traffic with SimConnect I have to pass the title from the aircraft.cfg (docs). So far I was under the impression that hence the titles are unique / have to be unique. Otherwise, how would I distinguish two AI aircraft with the title...
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    Mark / highlight AI traffic

    How can I mark (highlight) a certain AI aircraft (I have the object id)? What I want to do is to make a particular aircraft obvious. This could be a red circle around that aircraft or something else. So far I have two ideas in mind. Make the aircraft blink by switching it on/off. Here I do no...
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    Airport name via SimConnect

    I can query the airports in range via SimConnect. The ICAO code (e.g. EDDF) is available, but I wonder how to obtain the airport name (e.g. Frankfurt). Any chance to get that information?
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    Linking SimConnect.lib with MinGW (gcc)

    Has someone managed to use SimConnect.lib with MinGw (gcc)? Or is it true it won't work with any other compiler than VC. My platform independent C++ code works compiled with VC2010/12, but crashed with MinGw 4.8.1 (compilation works, but running the .exe crashes). Anyone who has experience with...
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    FSXA Query all AI models

    Is it possible to query all installed AI models / liveries via SIM Connect? Or do I have to go through the directories and "parse" all aircraft.cfg files? I would basically need a list of all models / liveries available.