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    Duration of blinking light cycle

    Hi Everybody, I am busy for quite a while building lighthouses for placement around Ireland. Not only the building itself, but I also want to add the lightcharacteristics to the lighthouse. However I am encountering a strange problem now which is: I have made a lightfx in FXEditor and as a...
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    Tutorial making effects

    I have been struggling with making effects for Prepar3Dv4 for about 1 year now. I opened effects with FXEditor and changed one or more properties to see how this might influence the appearance of the effect. This trial and error approach has resulted in some effects that I use in my sceneries...
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    Lighthouse light iso white red fx

    I would like to have a light effect for a lighthouse with characterisc Iso WR 12 sec. As far as I know this means that the lighthouse emits white during 6 secs immediately followed by red for 6 secs and so on. I have been struggling for several hours with a number of fx-files in FXEditor but I...
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    Place object heading problem

    I made a model in Sketchup: it is a building on the airport of Inishmaan. Very satisfied with it.:) Now I opened the DAE-file in ModelConverterX and exported the object to a MDL-file. So far so good. Added some nice objects, like lights and smoke and exported the MDL-file again. After that I...
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    Find the BGL-file that contains not existing lighttower

    I am busy remodelling the airport of Inishmaan in Ireland. I downloaded several aiport compilations and made some adjustments because many of the airports are wrongly placed or have weird buildings. Now everything is at the right location and the buildings look the way it should be. But there...
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    Saving lights in Attached Object Editor

    Last week I made a model of the airport office of Inishmore with Sketchup. I exported the model as .dae-file and opened it with ModelConverterX. Al went well and the model showed up nicely. After that I opened the Attached Object Editor to Add a Light to my model. In the editor I used the...