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    Probably a Noob Question

    I know it's a bit late, but another thing to try is look at the DC3 tach gauges which monitor engine rpm instead of prop rpm. The Baron gauge (I'm guessing the one you used as an example) monitors "PropX RPM" where the DC3 tach monitors "General eng rpm:X". The engine RPM values aren't...
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    Simple gauge question

    Once it's called, a "regular" gauge once loaded will continue to run until a new plane is loaded even when you're not in a view displaying the gauge. This can be modified by changing how you set up your gauge's GAUGE_CALLBACK (info somewhere around line 4400 in the gauges.h file). I...
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    Simple gauge question

    It depends on how the gauge is programmed... Typically though, the gauge is "called" into action either when the panel (2d or 3d, wherever the gauge is located) is first loaded or when the aircraft is first loaded. Also, some gauges can run multiple instances or some will still only run one...
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    Turn and slip ball

    The XML token should return a value of negative 1 to positive 1, center is zero. Is your TC ball keyframe animated or ???. If keyframed from 0-XXX, I think you might be able to do some math to get things animated in the range you're looking for. I.E, scale that -1--0--+1 value to 0-100 (or...
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    Turn and slip ball

    Hey there Baz, Not sure if this will help or not...I haven't attempted to do any 3D VC gauge modeling. For a regular XML gauge, "Turn coordinator ball" is the equivalent to the C "TURN_COORDINATOR_BALL" token. Would that be useable in your part animation? This token is workable in...
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    CFS2/FS2000 AP pitch control question

    Hi! Been lurking here for quite a while, finally came up with a stumper to post. I'm working on a Sperry type autopilot for CFS2 (using the FS2000 gauges.h). Am having a problem setting up the pitch control though. Looking at the FS9 DC3 XML Sperry... It uses AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP and...