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  1. airernie

    FSX Import BGL - Texture Load Failure

    Importing a BGL using MCX, but am receiving a "Failure to load texture" message for some textures. The textures in the Texture folder which is in the same sub-directory as the Scenery\.bgl file are loading. The textures in the texture folder of the object itself are not loading. I realize...
  2. airernie

    Any reason to resize?

    I am currently using FSX with TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024. I know that some users resize their 2048x2048 textures to 1024x1024 so that it eases the load on FSX. However, my understanding is, that if a 2048x2048 texture has a 1024x1024 mipmap then the setting above will force the mipmap to load...
  3. airernie

    Prompt for which simulator

    I'm sure that I've encountered this before and even fixed it, but it's back. For some reason ADE is prompting me on start for which version, FS9 or FSX I have. I only have FSX, but have a suspicion that ADE is finding a reference to FS9 somewhere. Any clues on how to fix this? Thanks, Ernie
  4. airernie

    Effect of missing texture

    Really just a curiosity, but I recently added ShowMissingTextureAlert=1 line to my FSX.cfg. Surprisingly, or maybe not, I'm getting missing textures on many of the freeware airports that I have installed. I also ran into a couple missing textures with the FeelThere E175. My question is; do...
  5. airernie

    Placement of Effects

    Not sure where to ask this, but since it pertains to an aircraft. I have several TFS, FAIB, etc. aircraft that come with effects files. Typically these would be placed in the FSX\Effects folder. I would like to isolate them and wonder if I put them in FSX\Addon Scenery\effects if FSX would...
  6. airernie

    FSX AI-Aircraft Editor Show Texture

    I installed the FS9 version of the TFS Dash 8-200 from AIG, then applied the FSX conversion.. or at least I think I did! In the process I replaced the FS9 models, updated the texture folders to include the new, opened the TFS_Dash8_Q100-200_T.bmp file, inserted the...
  7. airernie

    FSX Bleedthrough

    I am working on NXP Twentynine Palms EAF. Based on the Google image the runway was off center, so I deleted everything except the runway and tower, and centered the runway on the ARP. However, the taxiways bleed though from the stock airport. I compiled the airport to Addon Scenery\Scenery...
  8. airernie

    FSX Runway Length

    Starting my first project and I have chosen to modify NXP/KNXP Twentynine Palms EAF because it has changed drastically since the original FSX airport. I am using a background image that I captured from Google as a reference. The photo shows a single runway with extensions at both ends. My...
  9. airernie

    AI Aircraft disappears in flight

    This has probably been asked before, so I'll apologize in advance for asking it once more. I created a simple traffic file using AIFP containing three flight plans using multiple liveries of the MyTraffic Dash8-400. Three aircraft fly one round trip a day between KTYS and KLEX at approximately...
  10. airernie

    Parking Analyzer Confusion

    I created a flight plan using three liveries of TFS_Dash8_400. The three aircraft make one round trip daily between KTYS and KLEX. The parking codes of the three aircraft do not correspond to those at KLEX, but KLEX does have adequate parking for non or incorrect coded aircraft evidenced by...
  11. airernie

    Starting sim

    For some reason, I opened ADE today and it prompted to "Choose FS Version". I don't recall that happening before. Normally it automatically opens to FSX. Did a search of the registry for FS9 path entry, but couldn't find one. I've got the latest 1.76.6715. Any thoughts? Thanks
  12. airernie

    GA vs Airline Density - FSX

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I did a search and apparently didn't hit upon the terms to find it. I am modifying some MyTraffic traffic files using AIFP and noticed some GA aircraft included. I have the GA slider set to 0%, but still seeing these aircraft. That leads me to...
  13. airernie

    FSX What is a gnb1 file

    I noticed that every thumbnail in the ADE FSX Generics Building folder had a matching gnb1 file. What are these secondary files? Are they created when the model is built, or ?? Thanks, Ernie
  14. airernie

    FSX Preview Airport

    I'm guessing I already know the answer to this, but I'll ask anyway.. Is there a way to preview an FSX compatible airport without having to install it in FSX first? Sometimes I want to compare two different freeware airports. Currently I just install them both in FSX, uncheck one; open FSX...
  15. airernie

    FSX How to recognize an airport file

    I recently installed the FSX Steam DLC version of Meigs Field. Although it works fine in FSX:SE neither ADE for MakeRwys can find the BGL containing the airport. I posted a message on the Orbx forum and got a reply that "f you're in search of the APX file for Meigs Field, the filename is...
  16. airernie

    FSX Taxi Link Background Color

    Not quite sure how to describe this, so I have uploaded two screenshots. I am going though the tutorial in the manual and I can't get a consistent color on the taxi to runway link. In one instance it is the color or the taxi link (light gray), and in the other it's the color of the runway...