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    Gauge vs. Module (like CabinComfort)

    Seems that CabinComfort could be defined as a Module that supports an XML gauge vs. a "gauge". However, wouldn't it be bad to do all your gauges this way as then you would have to have FS load a module(s) which might not even be used by an aircraft being flown? Patrick
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    XML Creation Script

    For those of you who create XML gauges, or mixed mode gauges, you will find this script very handy. If you have a gauge project directory, for example, "C5_Galaxy", which is mixed mode create an XML sub-directory like this: C5_Galaxy assets - C gauge bmp, sounds, etc. inc...
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    Thoughts/Discussion of Mixed XML & C

    Background One can now create a "C", "XML", or "Mixed" gauge. Further, one can create a mixed gauge in at least two ways, either using the C++ Cabin comfort method (newer), or the more basic XML <-> C stuff used in the past. The newer method allows a more OO approach, but requires a dll.xml...
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    Updated SDK

    Just wanted to say that I have started to take time to go back and review the SDK, and really like the new one. It seemed that it was time to review it to pick up what was missed due to lack of knowledge the first time through a couple of FS versions ago, and has been well worth the effort...
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    Understanding Engages Sample Code

    Recently, I was directed to Engaged's nice article on How do I share data between c-gauges in a shared cockpit scenario: Part 1. I am having difficulty understanding one part of her sample code from that article. In the article, she defines some function prototypes: BOOL...
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    This works... but...

    I'm wondering what the "straight" C version of this would be: bool Time::IsDay() { SINT32 timeOfDay; execute_calculator_code("(E:TIME OF DAY,Enum)", NULL, &timeOfDay, NULL); if (timeOfDay == 1) { return true; } else { return false; } } In other words not using...
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    New gauges.h

    Notice this in the new gauges.h? // Third parties can use custom events in this range to communicate between 3D VC's and 2D C++ gauges. #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN 0x00011000 #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MAX 0x0001FFFF Interesting. Not sure how I might use this...
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    Latest Gauge Graphics

    Thought I would show this off: No it is not a picture.
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    SimConnect out-of-process Gauge?

    Would it be possible to write a gauge entirely as an out-of-process .exe program? My guess is that while you could you still would have to have an in-process .dll gauge for the panel. Is this correct? I would also guess that if you ran FSX in window mode (vs. full screen), you could have an...
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    Is this easy to do?

    What would I need to do to make a C boolean variable visible to a SimConnect app? I have not yet programmed with SimConnect and am wondering if there is anything special I would need to do to allow SimConnect to control a simple switch. Patrick
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    Open Airfile Format

    It seems to me that to really properly develop aircraft for FS, then ACES has left out airfiles from the SDK. Personally, I think it is stupid to bother trying to develop something this detailed when that huge a chunk of info is missing. While I realize that part of the reason was...
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    Cool Plugin & Shader Authoring Tool

    Thought others might like this also: Enjoy.
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    Hey guys, I'm messing with this: and now I'm wanting to experiment with weathering her a bit like the studio model. Not sure the best way to get greeish streaks etc. Suggestions welcome.
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    FSX Enterprise

    Almost done. The saucer won't be so bright when I'm done... but almost there. It's been a bit of a road.
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    MDL Compile Error Problem

    This is related to attach points. I added some without difficulty, but the beacon is giving me problems. Basically, I created a part that is the "glass", and then create an attachpoint from that geometry. When I go to compile, I get this: (0): error : XToMdl.exe Unhandled Application...
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    Visibility Distance

    Hey guys. I have developed a replica Starship Enterprise scenery. It all works fine, but I was thinking about making a full size landable version. One thing I have run into is that although the ship is quite large, the scenery is not visible until you are nearly right on top of it, when...
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    Changing N1 Starter max

    Anyone had any luck changing/tweeking the max N1 the starter will generate in engine type 3? I have seen people talk about adjusting the starter_torque, but that variable does not seem to be available for this engine type. I have also tried adjusting: [TurbineEngineData]...
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    Open letter to Mike Schroeter

    Mike, The following points are posted in the developer's corner of your site, and even as a developer, I found it confusing. More importantly though I (and possibly others) have some comments and feedback. Ok, hate to say it, but the "promise" of this statement was never...
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    Getting a COM Interface in a gauge

    Is there any problem doing this: hr = CoInitializeEx(NULL, COINIT_MULTITHREADED); within an FS gauge? If so, is there another way to get a COM interface within a gauge?
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    HDG Indicator Adjust Knob

    Hey, I am using this mouse callback: BOOL FSAPI HeadingInd_Knob_mcb( PPIXPOINT arg1, FLAGS32 mouse_flags ) { if( mouse_flags & MOUSE_LEFTSINGLE ) { trigger_key_event(KEY_GYRO_DRIFT_DEC, 0); // CCW } if ( mouse_flags & MOUSE_RIGHTSINGLE ) {...