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    Simple XML code that eludes me

    This really shouldn't be too hard but for reasons that i am not understanding, I can't get a code to work for this. What I need is a simple visibility code for an AI model that will allow a dummy part to only show during that time between when the model enters it's "boarding" stage and it...
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    FS2004 Correct parms for using vertical speed XML script

    I'm trying to incorporate a vertical speed parameter in an XML script to trigger an AI aircraft animation only when the model is level, IOW not climbing or descending. To do this I have paired an altitude range parameter with another variable, a vertical speed parameter. Here is the code...
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    Gear Compression on an AI model?

    Does anyone know if the standard gear compression animation works on an AI model? If so, is the compression still controlled by the contact point parms or is it controlled by the AI engine?
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    Making FS9 ATC say "Line up and wait" .....

    Anyone know if it is possible to update the FAA ATC voice standards in FS9 so that it no longer says, "taxi into position and hold" and instead says "line up and wait"? "Line up and wait" was adopted by the FAA back in September of last year. I know if you switch your preference to 'ICAO' in...
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    FS2004 FSDS Modeling Video Tutorial Series

    We have started to put together a video tutorial series for anyone interested in learning how to model with FSDS for FS9. I have almost finished the first 5 videos which deal with the basics of working in FSDS. Once our "Basics" series is finished, I will begin modeling actual scenery models...
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    FS2004 FSDS Prop transparency when viewed from back

    This one's got me stumped. As you can see from the picture, the prop spinner is visible through the prop disk when viewed from behind. However, the rest of the aircraft is not. My three prop parts from my FSDS parts list are: prop_blurred (prop spinner) [83] prop_blurred.1 (prop disk...
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    FS2004 CTD as a result of having dawn/dusk texture blending....

    Well after all these years, this is a new one for me. We recently released a package for Nellis AFB in which I designed the scenery. As part of the scenery I used several VTPP polygons that make use of custom made ground textures, using the standard 256x256 format found with all the other...
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    FS2004 MQ-9 Reaper for AI

    Little project for AI that I'm currently working on.
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    AI Model-LOD distance versus texture

    Does anyone know how FS9 decides when to shed an AI model's texture and to just display the model at it's current LOD without a texture on it? I have an AI model that created in FSDS 3.5.1 that seems to be losing its texture too early in the LOD process. My LODs are set at: 400 150 100...
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    Help: My Land Class has gone on strike!

    Well somehow, some way, I have managed to nullify all of my FS9 addon land class scenery files. These files reside in the FS9/Scenery/Base/Scenery folder along with the default files that are already in there. Up to this point, I have not had an issue with placing land class files in that...
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    Still Learning-This time "Z-bias"

    So I discovered Z-bias this past week and it 99% solves any flickering/flashing problems I was having with my scenery designs and their textures. Giving a polygon a Z-bias tells FS9 to render its texture with priority over any adjacent polygons and their textures. Amazing what's scattered in...
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    SBuilder Photoreal VTP texture issue with alpha channel

    For the life of me I can't figure out what is going on with this simple little VTP photo tile that another designer created for me in SBuilder. As you can see from the image, the area of interest shows up just fine, but the areas that are supposed to be transparent are not, they are still the...
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    Are reflective textures possible for scenery??

    Here's an interesting dilema that I've run into. The two Mig-17s in the picture are the exact same model in FSDS 3.5.1 for FS9. They both use the exact same texture file (DXT3 bmp with alpha channel), the exact same preferences in the texture editor (,R-Reflect), the exact same check boxes in...
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    Colinear verticies, won't compile model

    FSDS v3.5.1 FS2004 Well I've tried just about everything I can think of to work around this. This is an AI Humvee model that I'm working on with LODs to boot. I've tried copying the left side (which is identical just mirrored), I've tried running through all the functions of FSDS (check...
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    Newbies FSDS designs

    Hello to all. Finally gained forum access after some technical glitch, thanks again Arno! Anyhow I have been working with FSDS for about 18 months now and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. Although reading through all the topics on this site still gives me a headache and makes...
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    Scenery Key Frame Animation: MIA 3.5.1

    Can someone check your latest version of FSDS, the 3.5.1 version and see if you can select "scenery key frame animation" and then "Tick18" under that tree. Seems to me that this got left out of the latest update. I noticed that Abacus updated their help file with regards to scenery...