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  1. J

    Animals Animation

    Hi People,:) I do scenery and I was thinking to put some animals in the scen. First, how to see them in FSX, I did get to see yet? I followed the configuration game, Options, settings, graphics , Advanced animations,...but none just now?:confused: Second, How to build this animations, with...
  2. J

    Error in Bglcomp converter.

    Hi Folks,:) Some one could help me in this error messagem in conversion of one bgl from AFCAD12 to fs9 to a bgl to FSX. The error is in a pic attached here. Thanks in advance .:confused: Jorge_pad
  3. J

    Error in Annotator tool

    Hi Everyone.:) After to install the two service pack of the SDK FSX, I got this error attached in the annotator tool.;) The program runs partially, it support to draw building , save , select and others function, but not delete the objects.... When I close the program I have a another error...
  4. J

    Rivers island with polygonhole

    Hi Everyone,:) After some days out of the foruns...I ´dd like to put my problem to my friends... I want to design island in a river with the polygonhole. But, when try to build (compile) I have a message like the attached screen and the tool doens´t work. My thanks to any contribution... Jorge
  5. J

    Annotator and GUID configuration !

    Hi People,:) I started to use Annotator after some problems of display program, as I posted some thread in this forum. But now the Annotator runs. There is significantly changes from the Annotator 2004. I found some difficults to set the guid to vegetation in square and in...
  6. J

    Problems in execution of Autogen FSX

    Hi People, I installed de SDK to FSX and run SP1 from this application. The terrain tools and others run OK. But the autogen open and close in flashmode !!! appears and vupt dessapears. :confused: I tried al the compatibility modes.... but nothing. The old autogens runned ok. I unnistalled...
  7. J

    Error in KML_FSX

    Hi alls folks, I begun to run KML_FSX with a Google earth that allows to drawn and save polig and path, free download,not the payware. I drawn some polig and path, but when I run the Kml_fsx i get this error: In the jpg.atached Someone could explain me what the reasons of this error...
  8. J

    Runways disappearing with AFCAD2

    Hi Everyone, I have a serious problems with my runways built in afcad2 to FSX. I placed my rwy onto a airport bound area built with SBuilderX. I see the rwy perfectly during the approach, but when I some 20 m away from the header, more or less, it diseappering :confused: and flick over the...
  9. J

    News polygons tools in FSX

    Hi Everyone,:) I don´t know if my question is in the right forum in fact... But I ´m studyng hard and test the SDK of FSX, and I have problem in read polygons from ESRI - ArcMap ArcView format, with Shp2Vec command line program to convert vector and polygons to aeroports bounds and or...
  10. J

    Transparency !!!

    Hi People of the scenery design,:) I do scenery , 3d objects, and lot of other things in scenery since some yerars. But , if there is one thing that I can´t did until now, this is to create a new texture that works with transparency....Letters in airport name , for example. I tried all that...