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  1. jmig

    Gentlemen: I really need help with MSFS 2020

    At age 70, I was proud of myself. I had managed to learn Blender, ADE, and Model Converter X well enough to upgrade some of the local airports and scenery in the area. Now, three years later, I feel like an old man who's brain had atrophied to the point where the rocking chair is my destination...
  2. jmig

    Building not showing up in MSFS after saving

    I an trying to update my local airport with buildings I built in Blender for P3D. After creating the building to meet MSFS requirements, I used the editor to place in where I wanted it and then saved it as scenery. All looks good (to me) when I looked in the Community directory. However, after...
  3. jmig

    UV map and exported dae/obj files not showing textures in MCX from Blender

    All of a sudden my UV maps aren't working. I am making simple building models in Blender and exporting them to dae or obj files. When open the exported file in MCX and add the textures in PS they don't show on the model. I, as far as I know, am not doing anything differently than before. I am...
  4. jmig

    Photo01.bgl background does not show in V5, or it shows red and black.

    I have been fighting this for two days. I have tried everything I know to try. Searching the web didn't result in any ideas. I compiled with v5 resample and V4.5 resample. The backgrounds shows in V 4.5 just fine. But, as the title says, in V5 I get a red and black background, red for the...
  5. jmig

    MCX won't remember textures.

    I created several buildings in Blender and converted them to MDLs. Textured each one. They show fine in MCX. Then using Library Creator I made a BGL containing these buildings and some from another airport that I re-textured. BGL is in the scenery folder. Textures are in the texture folder...
  6. jmig

    Two computers, two different results.

    I rework local airports using custom built models that I build in Blender and texture in MCX. I do the work on one computer and fly on another. Both computers are running PD3 V4.5. Both computers use GTX 750 graphic cards. Here is my issue. I will get the project just the way I want it and...
  7. jmig

    Complier error on V5 stock airport

    I received the following after reworking a stock PD3 V5 airport. The fault showed no errors and ADE saved the airport without problems. John
  8. jmig

    Prokey error with V179

    Hi, I am getting the following error when trying to open v179.7412 build 00.007416. It runs fine when I remove the prokey dll from the plugins folder. John
  9. jmig

    How do I get SBuilderX to compile seasons?

    I have spent two days reading online and trying various suggestions to get SBuilderX 315 to compile different seasons. One place I read that you can go to the Properties menu and there is a tab for seasons. However, all I see is a tab for Land Class. Is this seasons? The tab says that you have...
  10. jmig

    BGL won't show in PD3?

    I built a couple of hangars to go into a new airport scenery I am working on. Did the models in Blender and exported them as MDLs. Brought them into MCX, textured them and exported to BGLs. However, when I use ADE to place them into place, they didn't show up in PD3 V3. The models are exported...
  11. jmig

    Missing Face in MCX

    Can anyone tell me why the roof face is missing in MCX? I exported to a BGL and looked at in the PD3. It is missing there too. Also, you can see the inside wall from the inside but not the outside. They are both present, however, in the Blender file and shows in the UV file. I have attached the...
  12. jmig

    Part of Hanger not correct height

    I built a combination hanger office complex. The office was constructed by extruding part of the side wall of the hanger. It looks fine in Blender and MCX (see attached photos) but when I placed it in PD3V3, the hanger is fine but the office building is only about a foot tall. According to...
  13. jmig

    Now my hanger is Black

    Sorry to return so soon. Last night I redid one of the hangers from my previous questions on size and exporting from MCX. This morning I redid the textures and using the new development version of MCX I imported the Blender MDL and added the textures (normal and night) to the MDL. I then...
  14. jmig

    MDLs & BGLs showing empty after converting

    Hello, I have for sometime wanted to learn how to make simple scenery. About three weeks ago I sat down with a book on Blender, watched tutorials over and over. Now I can produce a simple hanger building and texture it via Photoshop. However, I think I know just enough to be dangerous. I have...
  15. jmig

    What am I doing wrong?

    I did a search and didn't find anything, which leads me to believe it is me. I opened my local airport KADA to try and fiddle (improve :) ) with it. I added some parking spots and then saved it. I ran the error finder and it was negative, so I compiled the file. It can be found in Addon...