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  1. EdGeneer

    Blender Hot-Keys Cheatsheet

    Awesome, Thanks!
  2. EdGeneer

    Ground Polys - Blender to MCX to FSX

    There is also a way they make roads in Blender, taking an object, in our case, a ground polygon, and copying it using the array modifier along a line or a path... there was also a way to connect the edges when it curves thus smothing its connection out., but I have yet to put this into a...
  3. EdGeneer

    FSXA Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport

    Nice detail in the objects...
  4. EdGeneer

    KHOU Houston Hobby

    Sometimes, the medium airports need love too :) Good to see someone doing this Airport.
  5. EdGeneer

    FSXA Guess the project

  6. EdGeneer

    FSX RealskyTeam Wenzhou Longwan Intl 2015x WIP (Freeware)

    Looks very nice... The textures look great...
  7. EdGeneer

    Ground Polys - Blender to MCX to FSX

    Yes, Lofting, is a great feature of gmax that I have yet to figure out in Blender, BUT Blender has so many darn nice modifiers, that it may be something we haven't found yet, but I am dreaming that it is even easier in blender :) Wouldnt that be nice...
  8. EdGeneer

    FSX 5B2 - Saratoga County - Redux (v3.0)

    definitely ;) the new buildings will be the same, just more detailed model-wise... But I am glad I don't have to re-create new texture sheets...
  9. EdGeneer

    FSX Guayaquil Intl SEGU

    Awesome! So nice to see Blender being used. I am making the switch to Blender. (or rather, have made the switch...) Still using GMax for residual work already done in GMax, but all the new work is slated for Blender... Such a nice program. Your work looks great...
  10. EdGeneer

    FSX 5B2 - Saratoga County - Redux (v3.0)

    I have decided to redo my 5B2 scenery for FSX. Seeing it was one of the first sceneries I did for FSX, it really was a poor port-over from my FS9 version (with many oddities and errors). So, I have decided to redo it from the ground up, using the proper methods from autogen on up. (basically...
  11. EdGeneer

    FSX KMSP Minneapolis St Paul Int'

    Nice work... Large airports.... I dread tackling a large airports!
  12. EdGeneer

    Ground Polys - Blender to MCX to FSX

    I read somewhere in FSD forum that Blender is not suited for ground poly creation. I started to take a look to see what and why, and I did get a ground poly to export, convert and bgl create in MCX and it shows in FSX. There was an issue getting one poly to show in MCX, but I was just beginning...
  13. EdGeneer

    FSX EDBC Magdeburg-Cochstedt WIP

    This looks very nice...
  14. EdGeneer

    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    Jim, This looks quite schpanky!
  15. EdGeneer

    Learning Blender

    When I first took a 'glance' at blender, thinking I needed to think of something beyond gmax moving forward, I thought to myself it looked and worked too foreign to what I was used to. I thought it would take forever, and how would I ever make the transition. I forced myself to do what I did...
  16. EdGeneer

    UV Mapping Copy/Paste

    I found a nice addon for copying and pasting UV mapping/coordinates. There are many times in texturing a model I needed to copy a UV set on a certain poly or set of polys. In GMax 'sometimes' this wasn't necessary due to planar UV Wrap modifiers, etc, but so many times It wasn't possible to...
  17. EdGeneer

    Blender to FSX Toolset

    Im learning more each day. Put a couple of simple buildings in an update to my KGFLv3 scenery today. Blender works awesome. I'll get on the wiki edit here soon, as Im finding out some more things needing setup on the materials properties, etc and I should make a 'start to finish' materials...
  18. EdGeneer

    Blender to FSX Toolset

    Groovy... When I get the process down, and if its not been amended, I will write a step by step to help with the wiki tutorial. I am a logistical, anal retentive tinkerer, so hopefully, I will have a succinct list of useful instructions i can post when I get it here soon :) Always willing to...
  19. EdGeneer

    Blender to FSX Toolset

    Greetings, First I want to say a thousand 'Thanks!' to capt_x for making BlendertoFSX modules for Blender. I was a GMAX fan for so long, but wanted to use something that would take modeling further, especially for free. (As I have NO intention of purchasing 3DS MAX, waaay too much) Anyways...