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  1. EdGeneer

    FSX 5B2 - Saratoga County - Redux (v3.0)

    I have decided to redo my 5B2 scenery for FSX. Seeing it was one of the first sceneries I did for FSX, it really was a poor port-over from my FS9 version (with many oddities and errors). So, I have decided to redo it from the ground up, using the proper methods from autogen on up. (basically...
  2. EdGeneer

    Ground Polys - Blender to MCX to FSX

    I read somewhere in FSD forum that Blender is not suited for ground poly creation. I started to take a look to see what and why, and I did get a ground poly to export, convert and bgl create in MCX and it shows in FSX. There was an issue getting one poly to show in MCX, but I was just beginning...
  3. EdGeneer

    UV Mapping Copy/Paste

    I found a nice addon for copying and pasting UV mapping/coordinates. There are many times in texturing a model I needed to copy a UV set on a certain poly or set of polys. In GMax 'sometimes' this wasn't necessary due to planar UV Wrap modifiers, etc, but so many times It wasn't possible to...
  4. EdGeneer

    FSXA SCASM Rwy Issues

    Greetings... I have read the threads regarding the use of SCASM runways for placing lights over ground polys and such.... I used FSSC to make just the blank lights for 2 runways for my FSX 5B2 scenery, and it worked fine... this time, I tried both FSSC and raw SCASM creation and I get...
  5. EdGeneer

    FSXA Gmax Bacdrop from Sbuilder data

    I searched, and I am stumped... I thought I read somewhere, that Arno had a way to create a reference/background in gmax/3dmax for design from an sbuilder geodata image.... I cant find it anywhere... Does someone know where that article/thread was? Thanks in advance
  6. EdGeneer

    FSXA KGFL X (v3.0)

    I started the conversion of my Fs9 KGFL scenery for FSX.... Im using SBuilderX for the grounds, modding the colors to match (trying to, that is). Will make all seasons, full autogen for tree season switching... Hoping to minimize the useage of hand placed trees... Ongoing texture creation...
  7. EdGeneer

    FSXA Autogen have a mind of its own????

    OK... I am going nuts here.... Im sure I am not the only one who has experienced this.... The autogen keeps changing boundaries.... I put my scenery in... load the sim, several times, it has an exclusion of autogen out from my scenery (automatically, because of ground polys), to an area...
  8. EdGeneer

    FSXA Attached effects not loading on approach

    I have searched for this, I am not finding a specific issue relating to this with my search, so I will ask, in hopes that it hasn't been already answered... (but that means I may be the only one with this problem, ie, not a fast solution) OK. I attached an effect light to a taxiway edge light...
  9. EdGeneer

    FSXA 5B2 - Saratoga County

    I thought I would start a new thread for the new version... The old thread says Fs2004... Here are some screenies of the project being 'taylored' to FSXA... Some things are going in easier than others, but Arno's tools are making it possible... I made a taxiway edge light with an attached...
  10. EdGeneer

    FSXA Conditional Day/Night LibObject Attach?

    when you attach a lib object in MCX, is there a way to add conditions like day/night like you can with effects?
  11. EdGeneer

    FSXA Day AND Night Alpha in FSX?

    I think I read somewhere that FSX uses only ONE alpha, and that would be the Day alpha channel? So If we had an alpha channel on the night texture that was different that the day, FSX would ignore this and only use the Day alpha, even for the night texture?
  12. EdGeneer

    FSXA Trees over ground polys

    Ok, Im going nuts, but im sure I am not the first.... Obviously there is NO way to use autogen OVER groundpolys... So using autogen trees is out... Is there a way to use an autogen tree with seasons texture changes as a library object? I wanted to not use custom trees becasue it would 'cut...
  13. EdGeneer

    FSXA Converting Fs9 Gmax goods to FSX

    Again, I thank those taking the time to answer my questions.... I am now going all-out FSX.... I have my sceneries made for Fs9, mostly Gmax goods... Is there a tutorial made outline the changes needing to be made to the Gmax materials, how best to make these changes without starting scenes...
  14. EdGeneer

    FSXA Object (mdl) placement preference?

    Im making the switch to FSX scenery development... This may already be a no brainer, but I was wondering what you guys prefer to use for placing your 3D objects for bgl output. I used to use SceneryGenX to place models over a satellite background for reference... not perfect, but it worked...
  15. EdGeneer

    FS2004 Seasonal switch no longer working

    I am stumped... I tweeked the asm_0 for seasonal switching, and it worked for a little while, and now, it locks the sim on scenery load when I include the *.bgl for this asm set... (all other bgls load fine, but sim locks when i include this one) it worked up until yesterday, now, it works...
  16. EdGeneer

    FS2004 Object Season Texture ASM Tweek

    I am trying to use the wiki for seasonal tezture tweeking of the ASM files... I got the ground textures to switch fine, that was easy.... I am now trying to set a winter texture for the bushes, which are like little x polygon trees.... and I am trying the tweek as per the example in the wiki...
  17. EdGeneer

    FS2004 Anyone seen this? - Landing Light Draw order?

    Im curious.... Has anyone run into this, and have a fix? or idea? Whats happening, is I have transparencies set to the taxiway lights for the boom effect... It seems they look fine when viewed from the VC, but in spot-plane and 2D cockpit, the landing lights show 'behind' the objects... (as...
  18. EdGeneer

    FS2004 Fence Transparency Issue

    This may be a redundant question.... I have searched the threads and it seems there is a known set of issues in Fs9... I have fixed most of them by converting to DXT1... I also notice that nightime and dusk textures screen objects behind them with the adjacent edge of the alpha surrounding...
  19. EdGeneer

    FS2004 Assigning Seasonal Ground Textures/Night

    Question.... I know you can code ground layer *_0.asm files to call seasonal textures, but... can you call a different night texture for each season? or is it just one night texture... what im thinking is a set of summer and winter textures, but there are different night textures for each...
  20. EdGeneer

    FS2004 Grass Top Grainer on Photo Ground

    Ok, This is a tutorial requested by some as to how I do the grass grainer on my sceneries... A few in the Showroom here asked me to outline the process... Note: I am by no way, a professional designer, so this will not be anything spectacular to the 'pros' in here... Many already know how to...