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    MSFS Taxi Point Elevation

    Copy all, thanks! Edit: What is the biasZ property shown above do? I'm glad it's just a cosmetic issue, but it still is pretty annoying while working within the editor because of the induced parallax error. For example, I created my TaxiPoint network separately from the rendered taxiway...
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    MSFS Projected Geometry?

    Does anyone know more about Projected Geometry? The SDK documentation doesn't elaborate, but it sounds like it might be used to project 3ds Max pavement models onto the ground in "2D", instead of drawing pavement manually in the Scenery Editor. Or is it something else entirely? Thanks! Nick
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    MSFS Taxi Point Elevation

    Hi again, It's been a whole decade since I've posted here or worked on any scenery projects. MSFS lured me back, and I'm looking forward to getting back into it. Using the MSFS SDK Scenery Editor I've begun creating my hometown airport over from scratch (I wish we could edit instead of nuking...
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    FSXA Rotate to User with a separation plane?

    Thanks Arno, Good to know that it's at least thoeretically possible. I'm not that astute when it comes coding, and the extent of my knowledge is limited to things like tweaking layer numbers, and adding the occasional separation plane. Is there a chance that someone might be able to...
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    FSXA Rotate to User with a separation plane?

    Hi all, I asked this question a few months ago, but it was tacked on at the end of another thread and I think it got missed. I'm trying to defeat the limitations of the BGL_Light when used for runway lights. Here's what I want to do: Create two small planes, each with a light plume...
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    FSX earth curvation and ground polygons

    Hi Paul, Yeah, sorry I can't post pics yet. My source data for dimensions is a CAD drawing limited to the bounds of the airport. The drawing is explicitly dimensioned, and depicts taxiway widths, runway lengths, filet radii, etc... It makes no mention of a specific projection or datum used...
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    FSX earth curvation and ground polygons

    Hey Paul, Good point. My terrain/texture sliders are maxed, and I see no issues regardless of viewpoint or distance. Things look solid whether overhead at 30,000ft, on a 3 mile approach, or taxiing around the ramp. I wonder if lower sliders would reveal issues that I have not seen on my...
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    FSX earth curvation and ground polygons

    I hate to break up an intelligent conversation with a question from a simpleton, but what ill-effects can one expect to see if the 100m rule isn't adhered to? I ask because I've found that breaking polys up into 1000ft chunks works just fine. My polys don't float, and the aircraft doesn't...
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    FSX earth curvation and ground polygons

    I'm not sure if this answers anything for you, but here's what I noticed... I created all of my runways and taxiways in 3ds Max 8. I created the entire airport with EXACT dimensions. Runway length, width, and centerline-to-centerline distances were modeled to the exact dimensions found on the...
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    Problem with airport heading and makemdl 2002

    Alternatively, you can tweak the heading contained in the .asm file to any value you want. The simulator uses pseudodegrees expressed in hexadecimal format, so unfortunately, you can't just type in 82.790001 and expect it to work. First, take your heading in degrees and divide by 360 and...
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    FSXA Jetway IK

    Hello all, I've watched Adrian's video tutorial, and reviewed the applicable portions of the SDK but I have a few questions... I saw another thread that said the "clamp to ground" funtion is broken...is this true? I've seen some sceneries where addon jetways work fine, and others where it...
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    FSX groundpoly weather issue?

    I had similar problems when I was using Ground Poly's for my imagery. The first time I looked at the scenery in low visiblity, the fogging was all messed up. In the end, I decided to use the FSX native photoscenery technique instead, and now the quality is 10x as good, and there are no issues...
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    Rotate-to-User parameters

    Sorry for being rude and bumping my own post. I've searched all over the place but I can't find an example of how to use a separation plane on anything other than a BGL_LIGHT. Is it even possible to use it on 3d geometry? I need to get this sorted out so I can move on to other problem...
  14. K

    Rotate-to-User parameters

    Thanks Dick. Not sure why I mis-posted. Probably saw the "ASM" in SCASM and had a brain fart. Incidentally, Good old trial and error got it working for me. Wouldn't you know, I didn't get it right until the last try. I still have two questions though. First, the method described in the...
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    Rotate-to-User parameters

    Hi, I added the following line to my .asm code, and the result was a sprite that rotated it's heading, but not it's pitch. SPRITE_VICALL OBJECT_0_BEGIN, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0 When viewed from above, it's easy to see that the sprite is rotating. Is there any way to get the sprite...
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    3dsmax export through fs2002 gamepack (ground)

    Sounds like you found what you were looking for, but just in case you have trouble, here are a few things to consider. 1) Create templates for the line widths you desire. In my scenery, I have a combination of 6in wide and 1ft wide centerlines, and 1.5ft wide edge lines. When I include the...
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    FSXA BGL_LIGHT and LOD integration

    All, I'm working on some of my runway lights and I'm having a bit of trouble. I was able to get my runway light fixtures working with separation planes using the FS2002 MakeMDL. Unfortunately, I was trying to place all of my lights within my Max 8 model, and I found that although the 3d...
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    FSXA Unable to update ADE?

    Thanks Jon, The 1.45 to 1.46 update file from the website worked, and now the automatic update feature is working just fine again. Much appreciated. Nick
  19. K

    FSXA Unable to update ADE?

    I'll double check the settings, but I've never had trouble updating before. I had to reinstall because I suddenly got a strange error when opening ADE. It said something about not being able to use Invoke until the form had been created, or something to that effect. Rebooting didn't help, so...
  20. K

    FSXA ADE and photo scenery

    Thanks for the confirmation guys. Nick