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  1. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Frame Rates

    I uploaded my O'Hare 2018 upgrade a couple of months ago. Very often (this wasn't always the case, at least as far as I remember) the frame rates are kinda bad, mostly when the screen has a lot of aircraft in the picture. Most of the scenery was just default buildings added and a crud-ton of...
  2. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 ATC assigning landings to runways closed to landings on both ends

    Been working on my O'Hare project. I have the five 9/10 runways created, all with ILS approaches. Unfortunately there are a few instances where the simulator will assign me runway 10L for landing when I have both of those ends closed off in ADE (this happens when I am getting my IFR clearance to...
  3. TheRedBadger

    Inconsistent maximum number of gate assignments

    Howdy y'all, long time no see. I've spent .... a long time working on upgrading O'Hare's default airport to match what it is today (well more circa 2018). Only thing that's annoying me is that I can't have as many gate code assignments as I'd like to have, and even if I remove all the codes...
  4. TheRedBadger

    Project Finder won't open

    Hey y'all. Bit of a minor problem/inconvenience that I know I screwed up myself. Whenever I go to the Project menu and click "Find", I'm no longer able to see the individual projects right away, so instead I have to go to file and "open airport" instead. I believe the "find" menu is somehow...
  5. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Parts of jetways missing at FRF MIA

    Hi y'all, tried asking this question over at flightsim but it didn't appear like anybody was really able to help since I've already done the most obvious steps towards fixing it (changing settings). Here's what I wrote for the most part: "I decided to fly into MIA and all was great except upon...
  6. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Restore hidden objects?

    Actually the real question is how to view buildings in an afcad file; there isn't a Seattle scenery that updates most of the airport (also I'm trying to keep myself from buying too many sceneries), so I've been using an afcad file someone uploaded to a site which adds the third runway. However...
  7. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Disappearing AI after Pushback

    I certainly don't want to start a new thread when I'm still in the middle of sorting through another with obnoxious GA, but this is one of those issues that'll haunt me in the back of my mind if not addressed. This has happened before at my MCI; aircraft are cleared to their destination, then...
  8. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 GA Aircraft at SNA Gates

    I have no idea what to do anymore; I have about several Gulfstream jets parked at John Wayne's gates. There is already very little gate space available at SNA, so I cannot afford to lose any space to GA aircraft. So here's what I did, one at a time: 1.) Increased parking size for GA traffic...
  9. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Another... odd thing at ATL

    This happened at the same runway where the aircraft stops before exiting the runway, except after eventually exiting the runway, it did this thing (I wasn't observing it when it happened). Wat. It eventually disappeared, and was nowhere to be found at the airport for some reason. As for...
  10. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Possible for AI Aircraft to de-rail?

    Recently (and I've observed this before in the past), I've observed that after touching down at ATL's 27L, the AI starts to turn to exit the runway, but it becomes "stuck" and never moves again, causing any aircraft to be forced to go-around indefinitely. I shrugged it off and simply hoped I...
  11. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Holding short

    I've got two variations of this problem, which I encounter every now and then depending on the airport (usually those with crossing runways, *cough O'Hare*). In one instance, an aircraft was landing onto 32R at O'Hare (a runway that I had closed /completely/ for departures and arrivals..... dam...
  12. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Yes/No vs True/False (runways)

    I notice that when selecting if a runway can be used for take offs/landings, I'm given the above options. What's the difference in the two?
  13. TheRedBadger

    FS2004 Denver Runways

    Greetings all. I recently paid a visit to DEN and decided my own FS9 could have a more realistic Denver Airport (minus all the conspiracies!). I initially set up the runways to operate like that in DFW; inner two for take offs, outer two for landings. But I observed... The 16000 foot runway...
  14. TheRedBadger

    Is FS9 required to use ADE?

    Hello, I ask because I recall using ADE on my laptop (when the simming computer is unavailable), but the sim tells me "cannot find bglcomp.exe". Therefore I couldn't compile If I were to recover this executable, would I in theory be able to use ADE? PS, I just noticed the airport file had an...
  15. TheRedBadger

    Missing/Deleted scenery.cfg?

    Hello again, Not sure if this is the right place for troubleshooting, but I'll post anyways and this'll just get moved otherwise. ...or maybe this ain't the forum for that. I started my flight sim day by double clicking the FS9 shortcut, and I am greeted with a dialog saying "The...
  16. TheRedBadger

    ILS IDs, Freqs, and Headings Missing

    Hi guys, New guy here, and you can address me in any way you'd like. I've been using ADE since early this year to mainly re-arrange the layout of gates at airports with very little space for AI aircraft, and it's been very useful (and pretty when I see all the different color bubbles of the...