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    MSFS Projected Geometry?

    Does anyone know more about Projected Geometry? The SDK documentation doesn't elaborate, but it sounds like it might be used to project 3ds Max pavement models onto the ground in "2D", instead of drawing pavement manually in the Scenery Editor. Or is it something else entirely? Thanks! Nick
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    MSFS Taxi Point Elevation

    Hi again, It's been a whole decade since I've posted here or worked on any scenery projects. MSFS lured me back, and I'm looking forward to getting back into it. Using the MSFS SDK Scenery Editor I've begun creating my hometown airport over from scratch (I wish we could edit instead of nuking...
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    FSXA Rotate to User with a separation plane?

    Hi all, I asked this question a few months ago, but it was tacked on at the end of another thread and I think it got missed. I'm trying to defeat the limitations of the BGL_Light when used for runway lights. Here's what I want to do: Create two small planes, each with a light plume...
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    FSXA Jetway IK

    Hello all, I've watched Adrian's video tutorial, and reviewed the applicable portions of the SDK but I have a few questions... I saw another thread that said the "clamp to ground" funtion is broken...is this true? I've seen some sceneries where addon jetways work fine, and others where it...
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    Rotate-to-User parameters

    Hi, I added the following line to my .asm code, and the result was a sprite that rotated it's heading, but not it's pitch. SPRITE_VICALL OBJECT_0_BEGIN, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0 When viewed from above, it's easy to see that the sprite is rotating. Is there any way to get the sprite...
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    FSXA BGL_LIGHT and LOD integration

    All, I'm working on some of my runway lights and I'm having a bit of trouble. I was able to get my runway light fixtures working with separation planes using the FS2002 MakeMDL. Unfortunately, I was trying to place all of my lights within my Max 8 model, and I found that although the 3d...
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    FSXA Unable to update ADE?

    All, I can't seem to update ADE to the latest version using the Help>Check for Updates tool. I installed the "Main" 1.45.06 file from the website onto my Win7 Ultimate 64-bit system. Checking for updates results in a 3 second "pause", but nothing more. I uninstalled, manually deleted...
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    FSXA ADE and photo scenery

    All, I'm working on an airport scenery project, and I just switched the method I use to create the background aerial imagery. Previously, I created FS2002 style ground polys, and covered them with hi-rez imagery. By tweaking the .asm files, I created several other layers of ground polys for...
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    FSXA Exporting GeoTIFF lat/long

    All, I'm working on a large airport scenery, and for my airport background, I used very high resolution aerial imagery applied to 3ds Max planes with a flatten underneath. The result is very convincing, but I'm faced with some very serious limitations that I don't think I can live with: Mass...
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    FSXA Shortcut to add LODs to existing models?

    Hi, I've created several (13) variations of runway and taxiway lighting fixtures for use in my scenery. At present, I have only one LOD per model, and it includes a fully 3D light fixture as well as the required BGL_LIGHTs. Here's the process I've followed so far: 1) Created the model...
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    FSXA List of Variables used for Conditional Display?

    Hi all, I've made extensive use of the search function, and while I've found several very specific examples of code required for conditional display of objects, I have nor found any type of comprehensive list of what variables are available. Can anyone point me to such a resource? I'm...
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    FSXA DDS file format in Win7 64

    Hi al, I recently upgraded to Win7 64, and I've just learned that the 64bit version of CS4 does not support the NVidia DDS plugin (or the other way around). So how are those of you who are using 64bit versions of Windows and Photoshop opening/converting .dds files? Thanks! Nick
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    FSXA BGL_Light vs Effects for Runway Lights

    Hi all, So, I 've spent a lot of time looking through a large amount of threads on the various methods for creating custom airport lighting. It seems that both methods have their strengths and weaknesses, but I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with... 1) I've created a nice...
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    FSXA BGL Lights are floating

    Hi all, I'm adding BGL lights to my scenery using 3ds Max 8. I've had no issues with getting all of my ground polys, taxiway lines, skidmarks, and buildings to clamp to the ground in FSX. All the .asm tweaking has been very straight forward, and the layering has worked flawlessly...
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    FSXA Unwanted Autogen Exclusion

    Hi, I've created an airport background polygon using FSX KML, and assigned it the necessary properties to flatten terrain, exclude autogen, etc. This background polygon works as expected, with only a minimal amount of "collateral damage" to surrounding autogen. However, once I added my...
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    FSXA Automatically rotated PAPI's in FSX

    Hi all, So I did a a lot of research on the creation of PAPI's and I found something interesting...to me at least. Of all the reading I've done, I keep seeing people asking how to rotate a PAPI object and have the lights work as intended. The answer has always been some variation of "you...
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    FSXA How to LOD with numerous objects in a single .BGL?

    Hello all, My scenery project is progressing very nicely, but I've come to a point where I'm not sure how to proceed. I have several .BGL's for my scenery, one for my background image tiles, one for my pavement, one for my runway markings, and another for my buildings and structures. I...
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    UVW Mapping for Ground Polys

    All, I reached the end of the internet while searching for a reliable solution to the "Gray Lines" problem when creating ground polys in 3ds Max. I have tried hundreds of combinations of Material Settings, UVW Mapping settings, and Unwrap UVW modifiers. All to no avail. Here's some...
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    Photo Scenery process

    Hello all, I've looked through the wiki, and searched the forums, but unfortunately, I'm not finding the information I need. Here's my problem... I obtained 1ft imagery from the state of Ohio, which I trimmed down to cover the airport boundary. The result is a .TIF file with the dimensions...
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    AI FDE problem in FSX

    Hi all, I'm trying to get my AI C-5's to fly a proper VFR pattern, and I'm not having much luck. I'm using the AI version of the Alphasim C-5 Galaxy in FSX:A. Basically, it will takeoff, start a turn towards downwind, but will continue turning until almost perpendicular to the runway...