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  1. manschy

    P3D v4 Latest MCX version: Ground polys don't change seasons...

    Hi, while trying to finally get winter textures to my ground polys, I wanted to use the new seasonal option for grundpolygons. I did my settings as follows: But no matter what I am trying, I always get heavy winter textures in all seasons instead of only at heavy winter period. Each setting...
  2. manschy

    P3D v4 Is it possible to add a "searching" searchlight to my watchtowers?

    I want to add an light effect to my Brüggen watchtowers which displays a searching light at night. This light should go from one side to the other, but very erraticly, as if staff is searching for something. Is this possible?
  3. manschy

    P3D v4 Problem with glass reflections: Reflected objects appear too big sometimes...

    Hi, depending on the viewing angle, some objects (trees, light poles....) appear much too big on my added specular textures. Means, when I am passing by a building, the objects appear in a wrong size on the window reflections. I have no idea how to sort it out...I did try several different...
  4. manschy

    P3D v4 Possible to control effects beginning inside the fx file?

    Hi, my RAF Brüggen detuner effects (smoke, sound, afterburner) run fine, but only all at the same time. So my question: Is it possible to change the beginning of the individual effect inside the fx file? I am totally inexperienced in this. Or do I have to manage these options only by triggering...
  5. manschy

    MSFS SODE for MSFS sometime?

    Hi, like the post subject... And will it be possible maybe to get legacy SODE coded objects into this sim?
  6. manschy

    P3D v4 How to get library objects to appear as square plane?

    Hi, just adding some shrubs and grass to my Brüggen. Now I want to add it into the scenery with ADE, but I can't see them after adding. This is why they consist only of vertical planes and don't appear this way. All these grass and shrubs together are a huge area. So my question: I have...
  7. manschy

    P3D v4 Is it possible to extend the startup time of AI aircraft?

    Hi, just fiddle around with new startup sounds for some AI jets I use. Those work fine meanwhile, but I am not quite satisfied. The reason: The AI startup procedure is much too short. Before the startup sound comes into idle, the aircraft is already taxiing. Means: The new startup sound still...
  8. manschy

    P3D v4 Where do I add a "no crash detecting" command?

    Hi, while doing first Alpha-Tests, one tester noticed a crash on a wall which is used in SODE for seasonal tweaks. In ADE it is simply to click "no crash detection" while editing the buildings/objects. But how about SODE? Where can I add an appropriate command inside the xml and how is it...
  9. manschy

    P3D v4 Possible to play sound without animation?

    Hi, I built a small scene with a detuner with three parts: 1. Detuner - empty around the clock - appears fine. 2. Detuner standby - Aircraft and GSE added. This part is only visible at a specific time - appears fine. 3. Detuner action - MDL only consisting of a flashlight and smoke effects...
  10. manschy

    P3D v4 FSearthtiles: Possible to use GoogleEarth with it?

    Hi everybody, did install FSearthtiles some days ago and it works fine. But one think I did notice is when I use VirtualEarth, I get pixelated areas over some german air bases. Using GoogleEarth, everything is fine. So my question is, is it possible to use the GoogleEarth URL with...
  11. manschy

    P3D v4 Too stupid to get this to work: Different SODE commands for an object...

    Hi to all experts here, now I do fiddle around for several hours but can't get my entries to work. Have to say, I can create reasonable groundpolys, nice buildings and have enough imagination to build a halfway proper air base, but technically I am a real dimwit. SODE hates me. Although I have...
  12. manschy

    P3D v4 Unable to export MDL because of "MCX.dll issue - probably due to use of "," as the decimal seperator"

    Hi everybody, just as written above: I am not able to export to a mdl file. I have checked my settings inside WIN10 and the seperator is set to ".", therefore as point instead of comma. Nevertheless it does not work. Any idea how to solve this?
  13. manschy

    P3D v4 How do I create an .exe installation for my scenery?

    Coming to the point of thinking about my scenery release near future, I am wondering how to create an .exe installation for it. Best option would be an installer which install all contained files into its appropriate folders: 1. Scenery 2. Effects 3. SODE I am totally inexperienced with that....
  14. manschy

    P3D v4 How I set puddles to my RAF Brüggen ground....

    Due to a users request, I would like to explain how I set my puddles to Brüggen. Maybe this can help some of you. You certainly will find better and more professional done polys with better skills in the net, but this is how it works at my air base... ;) Okay. Following steps are done in Model...
  15. manschy

    P3D v4 Asoft Huey_X: How to adjust contact points (skids)

    Hi everybody, I wonder if I run a chance to adjust the contact points of my AS Huey to let the helicopter lower its tail a bit (no 2). On the shot you also can see that the skids are not completely aligned to the horizontal direction (backside a little more up than the front side no 1). In...
  16. manschy

    P3D v4 Missing parts in sound of AS Huey UH-1D

    Hi, just did some test flights for my scenery and noticed a missing sound of my Aerosoft Huey: While start up outside, there is no turbine sound starting before the rotor is starting to move. I think this is no mistake or it's missing by default, but it would be nice to hear the turbine like...
  17. manschy

    P3D v4 First steps with wet ground polys: Questions about layer, mirroring etc.

    Hi everybody, these days I fiddle around with my first ground polys showing wet surfaces: Yes, they may look nice at first appearance, but I learned not much so far! So hopefully, you experienced guys can give me some valuable answers to help me.... 1. Do I need a seperate ground poly for...
  18. manschy

    P3D v4 Rotate to user in P3Dv4: Possible or history?

    Hi again, just at the point to add some first ground service people, I remembered my fine old boys from the FS2004 RAF Gütersloh scenery which were designed with "rotate-to-user" options. So I would like to ask if there is any comparable option in P3Dv4 to use this technique again.
  19. manschy

    P3D v4 Bump textures: Reducing bump appearance from a distance?

    Hi, well, fine for me being back on my scenery, but bad for you because I now will annoy you again with designing questions :p. Here it goes: I noticed that my concrete bump textures start looking pixelated from a distance, like antialiasing is turned off (it isn't ;) ). Is there any setting...
  20. manschy

    P3D v4 Gmax: After installing under Windows10 no coordinates (xyz) on Gizmo arrows...

    Hi, sorry for this annoying question - but haven't found any similar issue here using the search option. After now almost finished my reinstalling of all needed designing progs on my new rig under Windows 10, I wanted to go on with some model work with Gmax. Today I noticed that my Gizmo is...