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  1. Microdude

    MSFS 2020

    Any word if ADE is going to work with MSFS 2020?
  2. Microdude

    FSX Object won't load when i run FSX.

    OK i choose the item i want to install into my airport from the library objects menu. Select FSXP_Vehicles.bgl, select Snow Cat. i put it in its spot. i save the airport, compile the airport. run FSX and no snow cat. Please Help.
  3. Microdude

    FSX How to get an object from and other airport.

    Im trying to get an object from Klax and put it in my airport. for the life of me i can't seem to remember how. bgl to xml, get the mdl that i want to use. i cant remember how to use geoLock.
  4. Microdude

    Adding buildings from another airport.

    Dumb Question. i forgot how to take a building from another airport, like KLAX and put it in KJFK. i have to convert the bgl to a xml. then i forgot what to do next. can any one help?
  5. Microdude

    Mac Version of ms flight sim 2020

    Does any one know if there will be a mac version of the MS Flight Sim 2020?
  6. Microdude

    New FS 2020 and ADE

    Any news if Ade will be working with FS 2020?
  7. Microdude

    how do i create a new cvxbmp for my airport?

    some how the cvx bmp got scwed up, im losing my mind. how do i create a cvxbmp?
  8. Microdude

    Craters next to my runway

    ok i did some work on my airport, now im getting craters next my runways. someone please HELP!
  9. Microdude


    does eny one know how to unlock a geolock?
  10. Microdude

    FSX Copying KLAS Buildings.

    I'm trying copying a casino from KLAS, i pasted it in my airport, it shows up in ADE but wont show up in FSX. it worked ok when i copyed some buildings from a nearby airport. Thanks microdude
  11. Microdude

    Golf Corse

    Does anyone know where i can get a good golf corse for my airport?
  12. Microdude

    FSX Snap Shot

    Does anyone know how to fix my snap shot problem? it wont center.
  13. Microdude

    Rex Would Wide Airpaots HD.

    I've been playing around with rex wwa hd. just wondering if antone knows what constituts a large, med, and small hanger, a terminal, and a building. i did get a large hanger from ADE to except a texture. microdude.
  14. Microdude


    I love this place.
  15. Microdude

    New Fictonal Airport

    I built a New Fictional Airport at Paw Paw, Illinois, with hangers, tower, maintenance hanger, military hanger, cargo Hanger, Commercial airlines, and Gen Hangers, lights on the ramps, rotating radars, ILS, GPS Approach.
  16. Microdude

    KORD AI Traffic

    Ok I just added Unitded to all of terminal 1, 747, 737, airbus 320, and Bombardier CRJ 700 NEW United. Going to add American term 3, UPS and Fedx to cargo, and a couple more.
  17. Microdude

    GPS Glide Slope approach

    ok Does any one know if there is a way to add a glide slope to a gps approach?
  18. Microdude

    FSX sp2 waas for gps 500

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add WAAS to default GPS 500, fsx sp2?
  19. Microdude

    FSX Stair Truck

    Does anyone Know if there is a Stair Truck for any airport and self built airports?
  20. Microdude

    GPS TCAS Aircarct Color

    Hi all Can someone please tell me how to change the color of the TCAS aircraft symbol on my GPS 500? right now its PINK when i run FSX, i want to change it to Yellow. here is a pic of what i would like to change to.