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  1. Skinner_11

    DashCalc utility

    Hi everyone! About two months ago I started developing a simple utility to quickly get reference speeds for the beloved Majestic Dash 8. The first try looked like this: My friends loved it, but i was not really satisfied. I mean, it was an ugly console application... So I started...
  2. Skinner_11

    Execute .lua script from external application via FSUIPC

    Hey everyone! Is it possible to use the FSUIPC SDK, to call a .lua file in the simulator, let's say for example, when a button is pressed in the app? Regards :wave:
  3. Skinner_11

    Adding elements to Virtual Cockpit

    Hey guys! Let's say I have a nice aircraft, with a good 3d cockpit, and I would like to add some polygons to that, without breaking the existing functionality (clickspots, gauges). I'm thinking about modelling an Electronic Flight Bag and adding it to the VC. Is it possible? I know that...
  4. Skinner_11

    Antonov AN-12

    An easy one... :wave:
  5. Skinner_11

    High quality aircraft blueprints

    Hi everyone, Today I was looking for some 3-views for my new project and found this amazing site. Just thought I would share it with you guys, there are some quite nice and rare blueprints here :) Happy modelling :wave:
  6. Skinner_11

    FSX Aero At-3

    Started as an experiment, but maybe it'll be finished one day.
  7. Skinner_11

    3DSMax FSXMaterial Black Diffuse map (Solved)

    So I started texturing my model in 3DSMax. I am using the P3D SDK, and i called a Multi-Subobject material for the object, and added two FSXMaterials inside it, both with a DDS image used for diffuse map. My problem is that the full object is showing up in black, even in 3DSMax...
  8. Skinner_11

    FSXA Cutting doors/windows

    Hi guys! Still making progress with the SMG-92, even if I did not post any images in the last couple days. I want to cut out the doors and windows and animate them, and I know I could do this in a lot of different ways. So my question is (I am using 3DSmax btw): What do you guys use/prefer for...
  9. Skinner_11

    Missing your favourite aircraft from FS? Survey!

    Just made this quick poll... I'm interested that basically what are the "most wanted" aircrafts for FS which are haven't been developped yet, or only available only in bad quality. http://goo.gl/Brn4b3 If you can, share it with other simmers please :) Best reg, SkinnR
  10. Skinner_11

    FSX German budget trainer: The SF-25 Falke

    Hi guys, I started this project yesterday, and this is my first FS aircraft :) After 5 hours this is how it looks. You can ask about it, or just say your suggestion, I'm happy to get feedback (even negative, if it's true). Sorrily the blueprints which was available for this plane on the net are...