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    Raw Data Viewer - Editing NAVAIDS

    Jon/Jim: There was in inquiry at flightsim regarding the ability to edit the properties of a NAVAID for use in FSX. This particular example was the AML low-altitude VOR at KIAD. The OP wanted to change its property to a high-altitude VOR as one of the STARs included instructions that requried...
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    RENO.bgl Thumbs

    While exploring KRNO with ADE I noticed a few black square library objects showing outside of the airport boundary. When I explored the area in sim I realized that these squares represent various Casinos/Hotels. Being new to Acceleration, I was wondering if there's a Reno.bgl thumb pack...
  3. K

    T_Waypoints -- user defined vs. stock

    Jon/Jim: Have there been any observations regarding user defined T_Waypoints being recognized and labeled at stock T-Waypoints? Is there a known condition that may cause this to happen? I'm using ADE9x V. 1.47.7 The airport in question was updated using v1.45 to include new approach...
  4. K

    Error Message

    Jon, when attempting to create a new airport in FSX using ADE9X v1.47.6 I get the following error message. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ScruffyDuck.AirportDesignEditor.MainForm.airportPropertiesNewAirportResults(NewAirportEventArgs e) at...
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    When the IF and FAF are the same waypoint...

    Jim, is there an example in FSX where the IF and FAF are the same waypoint in space but with different altitudes? The case I'm speaking of is 19R/L at VTBS. A hold is used to change the altitude between the IF and FAF although they are the same waypoint in the plate. I was thinking of...
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    Approach Mode

    Jon, Not sure if this is a bug or not, but while creating a new RNAV approach for KPSP, I added a Y to the Suffix to distinguish between the plates that I'm using. I then decided to remove the Y; however, when I remove the Y the airport won't compile. I located the error using cooktop to be...
  7. K

    I realize the Beta is closed

    Jon: wanted to share an error I came across in the 1.40 pre-release. I saved an airport I was working on in 1.39.07 to the 1.40 pre-release. I then imported stock fsx approach code and upon attempting to save received the first error. I then reopened and saved. When I attempted to compile I...
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    Effect not showing up

    I have included a curved approach with towers and lights. The Tower is an fsx generic radio tower. I created the strobe effect and attached it to the tower. When I run fsx at klas I can see the towers and attached effects; however, one individual who was testing could only see the towers...
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    Attaching default fsx effect to an object

    I'm experimenting on attaching either a solid white light or white strobe to either a pole or radio tower - at this point I'm trying to get the attach to work. I've viewed a few default fsx effects choices using fx tools. Unfortunately, when I add the code below to view the object with...
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    .ade vs .ade.bak

    Jon: Continuing on the duplicate file issue for KLAS. I experimented by unloading everything from the scenery list in fsx except for the KLAS scenery file. I removed my exclusion from within ade and recompiled. When I opened fsx the duplicate strip buildings were showing. Some directly on top...
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    Error message when opening ADE file

    Has anyone seen the error message below? I'm having trouble opening the stock KLAS airport that I modified recently. It was opening last night, though very slowly. Now it won't even open. I used ADE 1.39 to modify the stock airport. Any help is appreciated. Object reference not set to an...
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    Land Class

    Hello Jon, I've been using v1.39 to change the land class of the fsx stock KLAS and I'm noticing that some of the land classes such as sand/dirt or some combinations thereof are not working. I've never used these before so I'm not sure if this is related to v1.39 or not. kagazi
  13. K

    Rotating Beacon w/Lights

    Is it possible to add a rotating beacon with lights using ADE? Or is it necessary to hand code the xml? Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks.
  14. K

    Almost closed taxiway links

    Hello Jon, I temporarily closed (using ADE) a taxiway link between two nodes (which I created), but observed AI using the closed link to access nearby parking. There are three other open links nearby that AI could use. When is a link really closed? Or does this fall under another fsx...
  15. K

    Delete All Approaches

    Hello Jon, Is there a way to set "delete all approaches" during the compile process? Under properties I can see it but the box isn't checked and I'm not given permission to make changes. Thank you for your help.
  16. K

    Lost Control Tower @ KLAS

    Hello Jon, I modified the stock airport a bit and somewhere along my many saves and compiles/recompiles I've lost the control tower. Is there a simple solution to bring it back using ADE? I noticed in properties/delete the control tower is listed but I couldn't find the compile options to...
  17. K

    Creating a blast fence

    Hello Jon, Probably a silly question, but I looked and couldn't find a solution. When I create a simple blast fence using the menu button by setting the first and last points, and then I select the pointer arrow, the blast fence disappears. How do I make the blast fence stick? thanks...
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    Runway Properties

    Hello Jon, I apologize if this has been asked and answered, but I'm not able to open an airport.bgl using v1.05 and change and save a runway property - specifically, closed for take-off or closed for landing. When I make the change and press ok and then re-open the properties box the old...
  19. K

    Ils Approach

    ADE Team/Jim V: Good day. Is there a users guide to creating an Ils approach for a new runway in fsx? Sorry if you've already mentioned this 1,000 times in the past, but a link to the discussion would suffice. I'm aware of and have used the Ils_GPS approach creator, which is available on...
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    Crosswind Runway Technique

    This may be the wrong forum for this question, but it's loosely related to ADE's future professional release, plus all the brains behind the work are here so my chance of getting an answer is pretty good :) Q: When using airport scenery in fsx designed with the crosswind runway technique I...