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  1. Lagaffe

    MSFS Petition for return of "mouse rectangles"

    Hello every body, if you want to be able to use "clicks buttons" again in FSX cockpits portover MSFS, you can vote for this patch here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/make-legacy-cockpit-buttons-work-again/325942 The number of people who has voted has been x 3 since yesterday. I have...
  2. Lagaffe


    This morning in Europe, wa can now download an install the SDK v0.7.0.0 For the moment from what I've seen, some minor changes to the examples (winsock and bears animated ) and no additions to the documentation, which has remained unchanged since two versions.
  3. Lagaffe

    ArmorPaint, the new software to create PBR texture

    Textures design standards In the years 2000 to 2010, textures for 3D models were designed from 3D models that were projected onto plans, these plans becoming texture maps (maping) that were then worked from 2D software such as PhotoShop, Corel Draw or The Gimp. In the last three or four years, a...
  4. Lagaffe

    MSFS Airports lights in FSX scenery backported on MSFS

    Hi, As one of the designers of the CYMX-MirabelX scenery, I tried to bring it under MSFS. The work was quite fast and the result was quite impressive. That said, there is still one point that remains to be resolved: runways or streets lights is a problem with the display. These lights were made...
  5. Lagaffe

    MSFS How to insert a FSX aircraft in MSFS

    Reference: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/fsx-import-showcase/165910 Prerequisite You need to know how to use an IDE and compile under VS 2019, it's essential! I advise you to read the SDK at least once to understand the philosophy of this new simulator. This reading allows you to better...
  6. Lagaffe

    Blender Blender v2.83.2 and some plugins to add productivity and efficiency

    Hello, To set the scene, I'm using the Blender 2.83.2 version which was recently released. In the second step, I validated a number of plugins available from ors and already in the basic version but originally inactive. Either these plugins are necessary/complementary to the ones I searched for...
  7. Lagaffe

    Blender Blender2P3DFSX encounter a problem with MDL export but not with X export

    Hello, I encounter a strange problem when trying to compile a plane under Blender2P3D/FSX in order to obtain an MDL. If I export this model by asking for an MDL, I get an error and the X file produced does not seem to be FSX compliant (dixit the log and MCX). If I export the model in X and then...
  8. Lagaffe

    P3D v4 Project Madagascar

    Hi, To complement Matthias's superb sceneries (Project Africa), I wanted to try to realize Madagascar island. Two or three days to understand and try to make the Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D program functionnal and I launch my PC on this project last week. I finished it yesterday. I use Ortho4XP_FSX_P3D...
  9. Lagaffe

    Blender 2.8 : Addon PBR

    Hi, I just read a good new for Blender's user: the release of Blender Addon PBR which automate the creation of Metallic/Roughness or Specular/Gloss Nodes using the Principled BSDF shader. => https://github.com/DigiKrafting/blender_addon_pbr It's a first step to create PBR textures in Blender...
  10. Lagaffe

    FSXA CYMX - MirabelX

    Good evening, This joint project between Jean-Pierre Fillion, Dominic Marier and Lagaffe/French-VFR started more than 6 months ago. The first version is planned for FSX but the objective is to be able to use the full potential of P3D afterwards. This scene has a cover of more than 25 km²...
  11. Lagaffe

    FSXA Mixing a Ground Poly from MCX Wizard and Taxipath from ADE

    Hi, I have created with Gmax a ground poly which function very well under FSXA Drawing Layers used for my GP are 4 and 8. After that with ADE Prokey I build runways and taxipaths but now some taxipaths are under the ground poly and they disapeard under the GP (this one with the drawing layer...
  12. Lagaffe

    FSXA Highway suppression on CYMX - Mirabel Airport

    Hi, We are working on a modern version of Mirabel (Quebec) and we encountred a "highway problem". Since some years the terminal building has been remove and the highway which deserve this terminal also but not in FSX. My question: how can I do to suppress/modify this highway or more precisely...
  13. Lagaffe

    FSXA When to use a controller or effect .fx and where use it ?

    Hi, I am building a airport scenery (CYMX - Mirabel) and I will use a library of ramp lights. Currently my library consists of 3 Gmax objects. Each object has a simple light effect attached to it : one with the condition (DAY=0; NIGHT=1) and another with (DUSK=1;DAWN=1). Each light is placed...
  14. Lagaffe

    Software to create PBR textures

    For those who would be interested in PBR textures creation, I have counted 5 of them, 3 of which are payware and 2 freeware. Paywares: There are 3DCoats, Quixel which works as a Photo Shop 64b plugin and Substance Painter for paying users (you can easily find information on the net and youtube)...
  15. Lagaffe

    P3D v4 Scaleform and Flash technology Prepar3D v4

    Hi, Sorry for my poor english but I am a French developer ;) Reading the latest SDK of P3D v4, I will really interested me about the possible use of Flash language via Scaleform in the simulator. My first goal is to be able to re-create freeware effects to simulate rain on the aircraft...
  16. Lagaffe

    P3D v4 Substance Painter in texture creation

    Hi, Does somebody try to use Substance Painter in order to create texture for FSX or Prepar3D ? If you have presets, and you could give some advices (tips or trucks) I would appreciate it very much. PS: I know that Quixel product can export with a dedicated preset but I don't like Quixel...
  17. Lagaffe

    Ménestrel HN-700 for Prepar3D v4

    Good morning, A few words to present an old project dating from 2011 (http://frenchvfr.free.fr/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=86&mnuid=491&tconfig=0) that I decided during Christmas hollidays to update for Prepar3D. This project which has born under Gmax has been translated for Blender in order to use...
  18. Lagaffe

    Cessna 150 Taildragger v2.0 in Open-Alpha

    Hi, Since there are a lot of requests concerning the Cessna 150, I am thinking in particular of the people of Sim-Outhouse who made him a very good welcome when this addon was release in v1.0 and who very often asks for news of next version, I decided to upload a working version that I would...
  19. Lagaffe

    DSD_XML_CONFIG Gauge for Prepar3D V4

    Hi, I am a French dev. who use with a great pleasure some Doug Dawson's gauge in my aircraft (Cessna 150 Ti'Bush for exemple). I saw with pleasure what Doug has release this week some gauges in 64 bits for manage sound, fuel and vars. I have created a damage mod inspired from Ismael's work for...
  20. Lagaffe

    Aircrafts form SAGQ (Service Aerial Government of Quebec)

    Hi, Since Oct 2016, I started a new project: the creation of two SAGQ planes: a Catalina PBY-5A and the Canadair CL-215T . The first one is a old project started in 2008, an X-Plane aircraft (made with Blender) that I started to transfert under FS2004 (Gmax). Sources of this X-plane project had...