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    Creating lower resolution bmps/dds

    Hey, I have a set of virtual cockpit textures which work great in my sim but the PC takes a bit of a beating whilst doing so. The files are dds format and I'm used to 1024x1024 bmps and not so much dds. Hence, I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the quality of these larger dds files...
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    Setting Node diameter on apron/taxi links

    Hey peeps, I am trying to draw as close to a circle as I can using Apron links and the circular helper shape in ADE. However, as the default node diameter is so large, I can't see where to put the next node on the circle helper shape so that it's close enough to resemble a circle. Is there...
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    Setting default properties for GP lines

    Hey, I am currently mapping out markings on taxi-ways in ADE and have probably about 2000 of one particular type which are the same Line width, Main Texture, and Line Pattern/Style. This process is crazy repetitive and I'm losing the will to live after making about 500 of them going through the...
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    Changing generic buildings default textures

    Hi, I am making some warehouse buildings using ADE, specifically using the add generic building. After searching the main texture folder I have found which default textures are assigned to the generic buildings and so I could just overwrite those textures with the textures of my choice. I would...
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    Stick buildings

    Hey all, I tried to build a scenery today that uses the same code logic that I successfully used a week ago on another scenery. There, I hide nice buildings including houses, industrial buildings, and warehouses. My new scenery uses the same logic using a GIS OSM file that I have modified by...
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    Trees and Building AGN occupy the same space

    Hey all, I got my Scenproc script to produce nice AGN, but I noticed in some locations a house will have a tree going through the middle of it. Is there a way to prioritize Buildings over Vegetation when writing the script, so that only buildings will show? Thanks Code: #NOW SET UP AUTOGEN...
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    "Failed to load texture configuration file"

    Hey everyone, It's been a few years since I used sceneproc, but I am trying to make a small project. I see there have been some minor changes over the last few years, but overall, it's very similar. I am trying to make some polyveg autogen and have used the Texture editor filter to detect...
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    Can't export PBR mdl

    Hey there, I tried adding a PBR material to one of Thomas Ruth's planes to test out the new feature. I have simply changed the "Is PBR material" to True only. I then tried to export the model as a p3dv4.4 mdl but get the following errors. Is it path related. I have also attached an image of the...
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    GPs suddenly not compiling

    Hey there, I have been working on ADE project this week and up until yesterday my project was compiling without any problems. However today, after adding a few GP lines and trying to compile, I get an error saying "bgl destination path invalid". I am using V2218 ADE GP and am trying to make a...
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    No textures to select in GP editor

    Anyone know why I cant select textures in the GP editor? The selection box is empty and there are no tool tips. GP editor is v2.2.18. Is there some pathway i need to set? Thanks
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    Help with Doug Dawson's x64-bit sound dll

    Hello, I have finally gotten around to looking at improving and adding sounds to my P3Dv4 setup. I used Doug Dawson's sound dll file for FSX and it worked a treat, but I am having some difficulties getting it to work in P3Dv4. I downloaded the newer 64-bit version for P3D from his website and...
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    ModelConv.X: Custom animation no show in Obj. Hierarchy Mouse rectangle menu

    Hi all, Problem is simple. I made a simple custom animation for a push button and added it to modeldef.xml and it can be applied to the animation without a problem. However, when i use the object hierarchy to select its 'mouse rectangle' option, the custom animation does not appear in the list...
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    P3D v4 Self illumination material properties in MCX

    Hello, I have been using MCX to convert a FS9 VC cockpit to a FSX/P3Dv4 compatible model. I have had great deal of success with this (and the external airplane model) and thought I was onto a winner until I realized that the gauges were not illuminating at night. I have inquired about this on...
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    VC Gauges dark eventhough 2D are bright

    Hey, Im converting an FS9 plane to FSX and have managed to get all gauges showing in 2D both day and night, but only have managed to get the gauges to show during the day in the VC. I know the gauges are there at night, it's just they don't have any backlighting to make them show. A couple of...
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    Gauges (XML and BMP) in .CAB not showing in VC

    Hi, I am trying to convert an FS9 airplane to FSX (and wanting to view it in P3dv4). I have been able to separate the VC from the main airplane model using MCX dev. All the animations are fixed for both VC and airplane, so I have now tried to get the gauges to show in the VC. However, I am...
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    FSX Aileron and Nose gear animation issue

    Hi, I am currently trying (for the first time) to convert an FS9 model to FSX. After getting most animations converted using MCX Dev, I am still having issues with two animations: 1) The nose gear. The wheel is locked at a 45 degree angle. I have tried c_wheel, but it doesn't work 2) The...
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    Back to autogen detection for buildings

    I remember asking a few years ago about the possibility of using the “Texture filter editor” to be able to detect buildings, as well as vegetation. I even remember giving it a go, but I had limited success. I have been working on a new project and have laid out over 3000 building polygons using...
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    Getting Scenproc fully functional on a non FSX/P3D installed computer?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to install Scenproc correctly on a computer that does not have FSX/P3D installed? I have Scenproc on my laptop that doesn’t have FSX installed, which works fine for the texture editor or to even write code in. However, it fails to find the...
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    Creating polygons along a line?

    Hey! I have been using shape files and QGIS to try and place various vegetation and buildings on top of a Salt Lake City area photo scenery and have had pretty good success thus far. However, when it actually comes to placing houses in residential areas there is virtually no vector data, and...
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    FSX Blink duration not available

    Hey Arno, I was looking to add some blinking red lights to a building, but the option was not available to me. The 'Light' category just gives the 'colour' option only. I checked around on the forum and your updates page, but found nothing about you removing this option. I am running...