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  1. Geoff_D

    MSFS Units of Measure via Simconnect

    Is there currently any way to get the "Units of measure:, via Simconnect. In P3d it returns an enum (0, , 1, 2) In MSFS, it always just seems to return 0 (or I am messing up )
  2. Geoff_D

    MSFS Max 4 MAP limitation in cockpit, across all GPS gauges

    Currently MSFS can only support a Maximum of 4 Maps in a Cockpit. If you have 2 GPS Gauges in the cockpit, that is limiting to only 2 Maps per Gauge. !! (More than 4 will cause a CTD when the 5th is selected) If any of you are developing GPS gauges, or want to see more than 4 maps...
  3. Geoff_D

    MSFS AP Hold Ref with Multiple Baros

    What determines the Baro Index when you have multiple Baros in the plane, and what determined what baro the AP hold will use ? I believe there is a BUG / issue with the Altitude Hold in the C172 Steam AP. It gets complicated : --- **But here Goes**. (Posted on MSFS Forum, but...
  4. Geoff_D

    MSFS Visual Studio (code) -- making Simconnect aware

    (1) When using "Vistual Studio Code", is there any way to make it SimConnect aware, so it can finish Simconnect parameters, and display the correct format for them. (like you can in VS when writing FSX C# code, and the editor is Simconnect aware) (2) Even more general question. How do...
  5. Geoff_D

    MSFS Sounds in MSFS Gauges

    Anyone know how to make the gps : layInstrumentSound ("tone_caution") etc, work in MSFS Must be more than just putting that single line in the gauge ???
  6. Geoff_D

    MSFS Fixing MSFS LDA information in APX data files

    From what I have read : Is there a Tool yet, capable of doing this for MSFS ( Internal or External) ?? (A total of 39 airports (worldwide) have an LDA, for which this is an issue )
  7. Geoff_D

    MSFS LDA approaches in MSFS -- being aligned to runway !

    Anyone her have a handle on what MSFS is doing wrong with LDA approaches ? MSFS seems to be forcing them to be aligned with runway heading, as far as the Nav instrumentation is concerned. Anyone familiar with this issue. willing to give a simple explanation of whas is going wrong here, if...
  8. Geoff_D

    MSFS Adding existing GPS sounds to an AP gauge

    I am trying to do a MOD to the KAP140, to add some RW sound warnings. I can see suitable sound warnings being used in the Garmin GPS Gauges, called by gsp.playInstrumentSound("tone-caution") What else do I need to add, so that the AP gauge, can access these GPS sounds as...
  9. Geoff_D

    MSFS Asobo C152 Dev Console Errors

    My Dev Console keeps showing about 28 ERRORS associated with the C152 . This is a PITA, because I am just interested in errors generated by my current project, but I loose them in all the C152 errors. The C152 errors seem to be mainly associated with the XML not being able to find...
  10. Geoff_D

    MSFS Changing the AP ALT hold altitudes in 20ft steps (instead of 100 or 1000)

    I am trying to implement in a KAP140 AP, changing the ALT hold value in 20ft steps (This happens in the RL AP, if you are in ALT mode, and press the UP / Down Buttons, as opposed to using the rotary switch, which will do 1000 and 100 ft increments . The problem I am having, is...
  11. Geoff_D

    MSFS FSX vs MSFS SimConnect

    Given a FSX app, that uses FSX simconnect to exchange data with FSX, if that app was run along side MSFS instad of FSX, assuming it did not do a verson check of the MSFS simconnect (in iys exe's folder) , (or if the MSFS simconnect was changed to have a FSX simconnect version # )...
  12. Geoff_D

    MSFS .cfg parameters ??

    How do developers ( and Modders) come up with such precise values. ie roll_moment_delta_aileron = -0.257 ?? Is there some way to calculate what this should be, to this precision ??? It seems to me that most of the flight_Model.cfg values are just pulled out of thin air (or should I...
  13. Geoff_D

    MSFS What controls the taxiway paths defined at an airport - that the AI traffic follows.

    In Dev Mode, if you turn on Airport Draw debug, you can see the lines that AI traffic follow. What defines the construction of these lines. Is it the airport file itself, or is it auto-generated by some AI engine within MSFS. ? Here is an example of the tracks at GA parking at KIAD...
  14. Geoff_D

    MSFS Adding missing controllabel light to Asobo Gauge

    What would it take to add this missing light, on/off controllable on this Asobo KAP140 I don't have a clue !!! Do the tools exist. ? Could I do it without having to get into the 3d model, by maybe putting a suitable Text CIRCLE character there ? What, is any, are my options. If it's...
  15. Geoff_D

    MSFS Reading a setting in aircraft.cfg file from within JS

    How do I read a given parameter from the aircraft.cfg file of the currently loaded plane (in a JS gauge running in that plane) I assume the js should only be allowed to read from the virtual file system, and if so, can it read a parameter from the current plane, even if that plane's .cfg...
  16. Geoff_D

    MSFS MSFS JS syntax ?

    Are all these equivalent ? get cruisngAltitude() get CrusingAltitude() getcrusingAltitude() <<< ??? getCrusingAltitude() In particular, is the space after get "optional" ???
  17. Geoff_D

    MSFS How involved is it to add an Airport Beacon to stock MSFS Airport ?

    How involved is it to add an Airport Beacon to stock MSFS Airport ? Starting off as a C# programmer, who has never done any airport editing before, in either FSX or MSFS, how difficult is it to add the Missing Working Beacon to my local Airport KMTN ?
  18. Geoff_D

    MSFS Adjusting aircraft lights and their effects in Real Time ?

    I have not played at all with Dev Mode (Virtual file system etc), but I assume from the little I have read, that this should be the easiest way to adjust Aircraft lighting and their effects , in semi real time, and see the effects of the changes. (a) Is this the best way to proceed (b)...
  19. Geoff_D

    MSFS Destroy AI Plane object created by Sim

    Been some time since I did any Simconnect programming, but I seem to remember it being an issue in FSX. Can a Simconnect app, delete AI aircraft that are being created over time by the Sim. ? I am trying to delete AI Planes, within a radius of the user aircraft, and then, if there are still...
  20. Geoff_D

    MSFS Getting Airport for a given ILS

    XML GPS Gauge: Nav 1 tuned to an "active" ILS and receiving it Can get most info about that ILS, apart from the Airport Name Code that it is located at. Cannot seem to get the Airport code ( ie KIAD) -- getting name as well would be an added bonus, but not strictly necessary. Is...