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  1. Deano1973

    P3D v5 fx_landing.fx

    This is a known bug with all the aircraft lights in Prepar3D v5, and a most annoying one at that. I've tried several ways to combat this, including inserting light-facing polygons to "block" the light, or orientating the z-axis light direction out to the sides of the VC. Nothing has worked so...
  2. Deano1973

    Animation export to glTF?

    Flight Simulator survived for many years without support from Microsoft largely because of the work of freeware developers, both creating their own content and converting FS2004 and other legacy models into the new FSX and P3D formats. This was in large part due to the presence of Model...
  3. Deano1973

    Center of gravity gauge

    Ah, thanks so much Roman, that worked perfectly! I'd tried the bias and offset method, but didn't understand & add the calculations at the end! Method saved for future reference :)
  4. Deano1973

    Center of gravity gauge

    Hi folks, very quick XML question! I have a CoG gauge that is working perfectly well over 100 frames. The problem is that the gauge in my aircraft only depicts the 50% to 60% CoG range of CoG movement, so my animated CoG marker of course only moves about in the centre 10% or so of the gauge. How...
  5. Deano1973

    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

    Just a quick note that DC Designs is working on Blackbushe Airport, UK, for MSFS, after a successful photo-shoot last weekend :)
  6. Deano1973

    Cabin or House Glow

    You could script a simple XML visibility code and add it to your modeldef.xml in the SDK. The script would tell the night texture ( warm glow ) to vanish after say midnight, as though the occupants had gone to bed. I don't have a good example of a script like that, but there should be one here...
  7. Deano1973

    MSFS Animations with Blender exporter

    Right now, that's the only way I'm aware of - unique entries under each main heading ( c_gear, l_gear etc ). A pain indeed, but once you have that all down, you can re-use much of it for other airplanes as long as you name the parts the same way.
  8. Deano1973

    Setting Fuel Flow Order?

    And even when it is, I sometimes don't see it :)
  9. Deano1973

    Setting Fuel Flow Order?

    UPDATE!! I can confirm that the code works well and does indeed transfer fuel fore and aft between the Center1 and Center2 tanks. The issue was that a $VC polygon was killing the mouse rect - once I realised that, and made the selector poke through the $VC poly, everything worked perfectly :)
  10. Deano1973

    MSFS True to Life

    I'm disappointed that the entire population of the planet are not represented as People Flow animated characters based on their mobile phone location. Can't cyber-stalk anybody properly these days!! Refund please.
  11. Deano1973

    MSFS Animations with Blender exporter

    Yes, but in my experience once exported to MSFS this then kills the animation. They seem to have to be animated AFTER being named - doing it the other way round doesn't work.
  12. Deano1973

    MSFS Animations with Blender exporter

    You must name the animation as it appears in Blender in the little animation box to bottom right, in the animation window. Blender adds the word Action to a part name to signify an animation. A part named l_gear would thus have an animation name of l_gearAction - this is what the gLTF exporter...
  13. Deano1973

    MSFS Installation Glitch

    Yeah, I feel for him - he's an airline pilot and long-time sim user so he knows his stuff. Hopefully he'll solve it. I'm almost fully downloaded, it will have basically taken up a full day too, instead of the half day it should have done. Will be glad not to have to do this again. On the...
  14. Deano1973

    MSFS Installation Glitch

    I also suffered a glitch when using Skype while the sim was installing - totally canned the installation from that point onward. The only solution was to uninstall, shut down, re-start and then begin again. At 80GB at the time of writing. I have also heard from one experienced user who had a...
  15. Deano1973

    MSFS Blender to MSFS Exporter on day one?

    When I decide to nag someone, man, I really nag them - a skill I learned from my wife :D @Vitus has worked immensely hard on this exporter, while also working on his own airplanes. Max respect!
  16. Deano1973

    Northrop P-61C Black Widow

  17. Deano1973

    Setting Fuel Flow Order?

    Thanks Dai, I'd already tried 4 tanks, along with various other combinations, but no joy - the dial won't budge and won't show a tool tip or mouse hand. Something's holding it up but I can't see what. Will keep digging.
  18. Deano1973

    Setting Fuel Flow Order?

    There are nine tanks, but only four engines. The number of tanks selectors in the aircraft.cfg must never exceed the number of engines, according to the SDK. I did try it out though, and all engines shut down ( the switch still didn't work ).
  19. Deano1973

    Setting Fuel Flow Order?

    Thanks @spokes2112 - I did check the part scale but it's 1-1-1 as it should be, so it's not that. I wonder if my error is elsewhere, some sort of aircraft.cfg problem. I have the settings there; number_of_tank_selectors = 1 fuel_transfer_pump = 0, 5, 17 I have not modeled in a cockpit...
  20. Deano1973

    Setting Fuel Flow Order?

    Thanks. The rest of the cockpit is fine, just that there is no animation of the three-way-switch, no detection of the mouse - it's just dead. That suggests to me that I am missing a line somewhere or have duplicated something as you suggest, an animation name or perhaps a GUID. I'll have another...