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  1. Deano1973

    Center of gravity gauge

    Hi folks, very quick XML question! I have a CoG gauge that is working perfectly well over 100 frames. The problem is that the gauge in my aircraft only depicts the 50% to 60% CoG range of CoG movement, so my animated CoG marker of course only moves about in the centre 10% or so of the gauge. How...
  2. Deano1973

    DC Designs Concorde ( FSX, P3D & FS2020 )

    This one's already been let out of the bag with announcements and pieces on various news outlets, but thought I'd start a thread here anyway as it's super-cool and my first commercial airliner project. Not a study-level version though ( I'll leave that to FSLabs ), but with plenty of...
  3. Deano1973

    Dynamic intake animation ( SOLVED )

    Hi folks, I've got an animated air intake that is based upon Angle of Attack ( Incidence Alpha ). The animation all works as planned, but it "wobbles" rather than moving smoothly from the up position to the maximum deflection position of ten degrees when in high-alpha flight - there must be an...
  4. Deano1973

    DC Designs F-15 Eagles package

    The new DC Designs package, hopefully ready for release in May 2020 - I was working on this and other projects alongside the F-18 Super Hornets during 2019. All the usual goodies to be attached, and once again, not study level airplanes but aimed at those who enjoy flying more than button...
  5. Deano1973

    Reciprocal bearing value ( SOLVED )

    Hi folks, a super-quick request for help with a bearing to station code. I have a station frequency, and I can obtain a bearing from it to me. I want to turn that into a bearing from me to the station. My code does work, but errs when I am to the east of the station; <Element>...
  6. Deano1973

    Visibility tags breaking animations - solution!

    Hi folks, While working in Blender, using Blender2FSX, I came across a solution to an oft-found problem where adding visibility conditions ( in my case, weapons and their pylons ) would break animations ( in my case, the catapult launch bar ). In brief, the solution was that all...
  7. Deano1973

    Switching MFD buttons ( SOLVED )

    Hi folks, another quick XML question. I've searched far and wide on this one and there are many threads and answers, but it's very hard to pick out how things come together from the replies. In brief, I have an MFD with 5 screens. I've got my code together and can select each screen using a...
  8. Deano1973

    LVar - have I got this code right? (SOLVED )

    Hi folks, currently melting what brain cells I have left in a crash-course in XML coding. This is probably child's play for many but I wanted to see if I've got my understanding of Lvars and how they work correct before I go meddling too much. What I need to do = have an MFD screen for weapons...
  9. Deano1973

    Fuel bar widthcode problem ( SOLVED )

    Hi folks, I've tried very hard to learn my XML coding without asking for help here, and have successfully created a HUD, MFD displays and even a ( slightly ) customized GPS / moving map display. However, a simple fuel-bar has me stumped. I have it working, but for some reason it shows only a...
  10. Deano1973

    Blender2FSX errors "vcpaneltex" ( SOLVED )

    Hi Folks, A really tricky one here. Trying to export a model ( other models export okay ) and these errors keep appearing. I have checked all components and nothing is tagged with a VC panel texture, and all objects are parented to a single node. The FSX Verify tool shows no errors, and yet...
  11. Deano1973

    Blender launch bar lug / pivot attachpt? (SOLVED)

    Hi folks, super quick question for the experts; where are the attachpt_launch_bar_lug / pivot entries in Blender? Can't find them under effects, visibility, nuffink. I've checked out one or two tutorials that use 3DS Max and they cheerfully direct us to add empty objects and then attach the...
  12. Deano1973

    DC Designs FA-18E / F and EA-18G Super Hornet package for FSX / P3D / X-Plane

    Hi folks, So, it's official, I'm now a full-time flight simulator developer! :) It's only taken me about three years to get this far, but I'm hugely excited to be doing this - the new FS2020 sim and general feedback on my freeware releases in 2018 tipped the balance for me, as well as learning...
  13. Deano1973

    Blender2FSX animations randomly ignored in-sim ( SOLVED )

    Hi folks, Got a strange one here in Blender. I am using stock animations, but only some of them work and there appears to be no explanation why this is the case ( no error reports etc ). I have found a similar thread from 2018 where another user was having the same problem but the cause was...
  14. Deano1973

    Difference between P3D / FSX autogen density ( SOLVED )

    Hi folks, an odd observation here, which I wondered if anybody else is seeing. FSX autogen at maximum appears to be far more dense than P3D v4.5 at the same, maxed-out settings. I've attached two shots below - the first is in P3D with everything maxed out. The second is in FSX, same autogen...
  15. Deano1973

    BGL placement within AGN Existing cells only

    Hi folks, a quick question, I'm placing custom streetlights as a BGL on a scenery area using sceneproc / GIS road data, and wanted to know if there was a way to encourage the BGL placement to be restricted only to cells with autogen already in place? Currently, the BGLs place outside the...
  16. Deano1973

    Annotated AGN Library objects never show in sim ( partially solved )

    I have discovered that, for some reason, I am unable to display AGN library objects via the annotator or from Sceneproc scripts. Occasionally, a water tank will appear if placed manually, but all other types of building, factory, office, gas station etc simply does not show up. The scenery are...
  17. Deano1973

    How to update SceneProc to version 2?

    Hi guys, silly question time! I've been using V1.1.1 without realising that there was an update available - I've downloaded it, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to update - drag and drop the new files perhaps? I want to make use of the PointtoPolygon option, which isn't available in my...
  18. Deano1973

    SceneProc texture editor time-to-process

    Hi folks, I'm getting into my stride with SceneProc now and seeing some great results - enough so that I've taken the plunge into working directly with GEOTiff files to see what I can grab from areas that have little GIS data. I'm working with a 12MB GEOTiff, have successfully detected large...
  19. Deano1973

    Roads ( SOLVED )

    I've scoured the forum and tried numerous variations in code, but I can't crack this one despite having already used it successfully on another scenery. Everything works, but no AGN files are written to my folder. Simple AGN street light test, should be fine but no joy for some reason. Can...
  20. Deano1973

    Blender: Bill Womack has a lot to answer for :)

    So, I've been happily modeling away in FSDS 3.5.1 for two years now, two freeware airplanes done that seem to be well liked and a Millennium Falcon as well, just because. I'm working on my first commercial project and in a brief bit of correspondence with Bill about his apprenticeship program he...