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    P3D v4 Specular Texture not recognized by ADE

    Hi, Reading how it's done is supposed to be straight forward but I am running into some trouble achieving this. I read the manual/forums but to no success. I am creating a GP line in ADE, which works perfectly in the sim. Trying to add a specular texture though by placing it in the ADE's main...
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    P3D v4 PBR Issue

    Hi and Happy New Year to all! I still have some issues with the PBR, trying to do the runway texture, if anyone knows the issue or if he can point me to the right direction. I am using the Albedo, normal and metallic textures (in the metallic texture I am only using Alpha channel for...
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    P3D v5 Custom Land Class textures not showing up

    Hi all, I am trying to create a custom land class texture but in P3D (v5) but the default one still shows instead of the new one. Here is my work flow, any advice as to where I am doing the mistake? 1) I create in ADE a land class polygon and I choose "Dirt" 2) I compile my airport and end up...
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    Trouble excluding road's 3D lights

    Not sure if it's the correct forum to ask but I am having trouble excluding from my scenery area, the Orbx Europe Open LC 3D lights from the roads, . I want to exclude their 3D lights so that I will add my own street lights so that users will have the same result regardless if they have Europe...
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    Autogen buildings Custom Roof textures

    Hi, I am trying to create my own roof textures but I am having trouble appearing in P3Dv4.5 or P3Dv5. From all the search and attempts I did below is my workflow and roof_description / materials edits. If someone can point me to the mistake I am doing. 1) I create a rectangle and texture it...
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    ScenProc - Few buildings randomly don't show in the sim

    I did a search in the forum but didn't find something similar. My workflow is: 1) I create the building rectangles in annotator on top of my satellite image 2) I import AGN in scenproc and export an ESRI shapefile 3) I import the shapefile in scenproc to export AGN applying building height and...
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    Photoreal Scenery lines

    Hi again, I compiled my photoreal scenery with resample having the imagery along with a blend and a landwater mask. All work fine however I have some parallel lines (oriented to the north) in my lake. I can't figure out what they are. They are a few hundred meters apart, anybody seen something...
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    Adding autogen as a city

    Hi, Is there a way to add a city (buildings) with annotator as a polygon? I can do this for vegetation (draw a polygon and add many trees at once) but I cannot for buildings - I have to add them one by one. Is there such a capability? Thanks
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    ScenProc Unhandled exception

    ScenProc generally handles ok and stable except Texture Filter Editor. I can access the tool and add an image but the image never shows in the middle (only shows as a thumbnail on the left) and once I click the image I get an unhandled exception as shown in the screenshot below. I did some...
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    Scenproc and/or annotator - autogen not showing

    Hi, In my airport it was by default (and I also want to keep) an autogen landclass (small city) which should start right next to the airport terminal. The problem is that, in this area the satellite image resides (and it's impossible not to have the image at that position) and causes the autogen...
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    PBR Help needed!

    Hi, After many years since my last scenery design, I am now trying to design my first airport scenery in P3D v4.5. I followed all available tutorials and all went good until I reached the point of creating the runway. Without PBR enabled, again all good however trying to make it a PBR runway I...
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    PAPIs (halo.bmp) issue after building new pc

    Hi all, After building a new pc (new motherboard, CPU and HDD actually - graphics card remains the same) and after a week of searching and trying things with no luck I thought of asking the experts for the solution. My problem is that after the new fsx installation, I replaced halo.bmp with my...
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    Please help!!! This is driving me crazy!!!

    Hi guys, I am desperately trying to disable all animations from an existing FS2004 aircraft (I mostly care to disable gear animation to be a fixed gear) but with no luck at all! The reason I want to do this is to change some squawkbox default aircraft with some more detailed ones out there (eg...
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    Apron Ground lighting - Using Effect files this time!

    Hi guys, After almost 10 days of unsuccessful tries to light a default ground polygon in FS2004 using the Light_Land command, I gave up and decided to move on and attemp to light the ground using effect files! But I have another problem using this approach I know how to place an existing...