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  1. gsnde

    P3D v5 Runway markings - please help me, this is driving me nuts

    Let me summarize what I am doing... 1. I have created an island with SBuilderX 2. I have placed several airports on this island 3. I have compiled these airports with the respective ADE version and the respective SDKs for P3Dv3, P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 4. There is no issue in P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 These are...
  2. gsnde

    P3D v5 Jetways not movin in P3D5.1HF1

    I have the issue that none of the default jetways are moving in P3Dv5.1HF1 at my airport. The same are working fine in V4 and V3. Do you have the same issue?
  3. gsnde

    P3D v5 Ground Polygon - border visible, text not visible

    I have placed a ground polygon on an apron. The poly should display STOP in yellow and have a red border. The red border shows, the text not so. What might I cause this?
  4. gsnde

    P3D v5 Rotating Airport Beacon

    I am placing the rotating airport beacon with ADE and made the following observations in P3Dv5: All beacons are hardly visible from the distance. They become later visible than the runway approach lights or taxi lights. This should not be the case, correct? Furthermore while the heliport and...
  5. gsnde

    P3D v5 Jetways not moving in P3Dv5HF1

    I compile the same airport for P3Dv3, P3Dv4 and P3Dv5. I am using standard Jetways at some parking spots. They move perfectly fine to the aircraft exits in P3Dv3 and P3Dv4, but none move the slightest in P3Dv5 Hotfix 1. Is anybody experiencing the same? Am I doing anything wrong? Is that a...
  6. gsnde

    ADE GroundPoly Line issue

    I have recently made some very long GroundPoly lines. If I click on the line, it opens in the editor and all is fine. If I move a single node or add a new one, the next click to edit it will only show the last segment, not the line anymore. In consequence, it can no longer be compiled or edited...
  7. gsnde

    P3D v4 Create custom mesh

    I am working on a fictional airport that has a water airport. Because the coastline and other things were always different depending on P3D version, installed OrbX region, Vector etc I have finally given up on placing it on the island Fehmarn and have created - with much help found here - my own...
  8. gsnde

    P3D v4 Altitude / crash issue for island

    I made an island with SBuilderX. On that island I have an airport made with ADE. Visually everything looks ok. I can start at the airport (OWL1) and change between slew and flight mode without issue when sitting on the runway. But as soon as I slew away from the runway/taxiway and go back to...
  9. gsnde

    Free SODE Jetways

    I am working on an airport in Northern Germany. When I activate OrbX Germany North, all jetways disappear. Holger Sandmann told me, that this is due to the OrbX exclude and a long time unresolved P3D bug. Since I am already using SODE at the airport I was thinking about replacing the default...
  10. gsnde

    P3D v4 Textures bleeding through

    I have a fictional airport in Germany, made with ADE. I test in two versions. 1. P3Dv3 pure 2. P3dv45 with Hotfix and OrbX Germany North The problem is, that in P3Dv45 in parts of the airport the ground textures are bleeding through. But only in a tight circle around the aircraft. The issue...
  11. gsnde

    AI Aircraft heading on parking spot

    I have forgotten if there is a way to deal with this or not. Situation: an aircraft in front of a HAS with non drive-through parking. The aircraft is facing away from the HAS when it is created by the AI engine, according to the heading of the parking spot. When it comes back from a flight, it...
  12. gsnde

    Enforce Footprint

    If I add a library object and it appears without footprint - is there a way to enforce that the footprint is generated manually so that I can see it immediatelly?
  13. gsnde

    P3D v4 Bug or Me?

    Hello Don. Congrats to this new jewel in your every growing collection of great tools. Am I doing something wrong or is that indeed a bug? I have added a wigwag light, and want to drag it a bit to another position. I select it (circle turns red). Then I click on it and start to drag, which...
  14. gsnde

    AI Aircraft Editor.NET

    During the last weeks AIAE.NET has gone through a major update cycle. The last missing feature from the VB6 version is now back - the analyze and report for either the selected aircraft or all aircraft below a given folder. The report can be either overview, detailed and errors only. The P3Dv4...
  15. gsnde

    P3D v4 Military AI in P3Dv4

    Based on Arno's MCX and with the help of few very clever and able people MAIW has started to convert it's huge military AI FS9 legacy fleet to true FSx or P3D models. Although it is a tremendous task, and we have only scratched the surface, some nice progress has been made. All screen shots with...
  16. gsnde

    P3D v4 AI afterburner and smoke effects

    Since P3Dv3 there was a change for effects that makes the old afterburner and engine smoke effects more or less useless. The symptom is the same in both cases. While looking from nearby, the effect looks pretty right, but the more you increase the distance, the bigger the effect appears. So...
  17. gsnde

    P3D v4 Load flight results in "Are you sure you want to exit P3D?"

    While my P3Dv4 setup is coming together very nicely (not counting the yet sparse military AI skies) I noticed a strange error when I tried to load a flight. P3D asked if I really wanted to exit Prepare3D. The answer 'Yes' quit the application while 'No' resulted in a screwed up default flight...
  18. gsnde

    Bulk Change Activity Level

    Don, another one. Has AIFP a bulk update facility for the activity level? If not so... I would love if you could add this to AIFP... I might as well be missing it - if so please tell me where to look. Thanks!!
  19. gsnde

    Missing Aircraft Check Change Request

    Hello again, Don I had the idea for another little change that might improve the workflow of checkingt that all aircraft for the existing flight plans are available. This is show I do it: 1. Start AIFP 2. Select 'Bulk Traffic' --> 'List missing aircraft used in traffic files' 3. Point towards...
  20. gsnde

    AI Aircraft Editor.NET Initial Release

    It is done! After a much longer period of fine-tuning, changes and bug fixes than expected I now feel that AIAE.NET can be released. To write this tool from scratch in another programming language was a great experience. I hope you are happy with the result. I would especially like to thank...