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    Airport Rotating 3D Beacons

    Hi again: There may be a number of differing applications for MSFS SDK compatible lighting configurations in static or animated 3D models. :) Personally, I consider controlling display / occultation of 3D lights for light houses / airport beacons a top priority, since MSFS (using purportedly...
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    MSFS Hi-Res Terrain Mesh Unlocked

    Hello: I was excited to see MSFS-2020 v1.13.16.0 rendering of terrain mesh detail was increased for a UK project area that has 1 Meter elevation source data available. :yikes: Intrigued, I checked a project location in the PNW of USA, and was further excited to see greatly enhanced terrain...
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    MSFS_SDK_Installer_0.7.1.0.msi is now available here: Link removed... GaryGB
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    MSFS Runway and Other Starts

    Hello: I'd like to better understand how one implements Runway Starts ('other' / Helipad) for grass bush airstrips that have sloped runways (NOT FLAT !). Does MSFS-2020 SDK XML still allow creation of Runway Starts ('other') for grass bush airstrips that have sloped runways without also...
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    MSFS MCX Animated Windsock Display Anomaly

    Hi Arno: I'm curious if you had fixed the following display anomaly in the latest development version of MCX ? :scratchch MCX Development Version shown below: September 13, 2020 3D Model: [MSFS2020_Packages_install...
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    Ruby Tuesday [2020-06-16]

    Ruby Tuesday [2020-06-16] UPDATE: Since the above threads were last edited, more options are now available to the FS Developer using Google Earth and Sketchup. Arno's FS utilities MCX and ScenProc may prove useful in facilitating a work-flow to create 3D models from Google Earth KMLs...
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    MCX Download blocked by Malwarebytes

    When I attempted to download the latest version of MCX here: https://www.scenerydesign.org/development-releases/ ...I got the alert 'attached' below. E.T. Phone Home ? :scratchch GaryGB
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    Here we go again....

    [EDITED] There has been an increase of deplorable connectivity via FireFox browser for this address: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/ http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/ [END_EDIT] If one persists in attempting to refresh the page to achieve a proper web page render, one gets this reply...
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    MediaFire image file linking

    A free MediaFire account can link to images and other files that exceed attachment file size limits for thread posts at FSDeveloper forums. ;) http://www.mediafire.com (Example: Embed code @ 800 x 600 image size)...
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    FSDev forum deleted draft of pending post ?

    After hours of work performed over several days when I had small periods of time available, a pending post (purportedly 'saved' when I clicked "Save Draft"), has now vanished. :banghead: This raises questions as to whether one may trust Xenforo software (as used in this forum) to reliably save...
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    Glider accessories

    Hi again: Sketchup version 8 (32-bit) is available for use ...FREE. :wizard: The updated URL for Sketchup version 8 (32-bit) to download direct from Trimble is here: ;) http://dl.trimble.com/sketchup/gsu8/FW-3-0-16846-EN.exe FYI: Sketchup version-8 (32-bit) is the last version allowed to be...
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    Ruby Tuesday [2017-08-01]

    Ruby Tuesday [2017-08-01] Technically, on Monday July 31st at 3:00 P.M. USA Central Daylight Savings time, it is already "Tuesday" somewhere in the world ! :D This is being posted as a followup to a discussion regarding alternative ways to import Google Earth (aka "GE") and/or Google Maps...
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    Ruby Tuesday [2017-03-14]

    Ruby Tuesday [2017-03-14] I am long overdue for posting another installment to this series of threads: :cool: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/search/852208/?q=tuesday&t=post&o=date&c[title_only]=1&c[user][0]=995 FYI: A feature to load and immediately activate (most) plugin Ruby scripts...
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    Can Watches Fly ?

    http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/phân-biệt-đồng-hồ-rolex-chính-hãng.438251/#post-753678 o_O ...Or are we now being offered items to be purchased using BitCoins and 'worn' by animated Avatars in P3D in a 'fashion' comparable to "Second Life" ? :scratchch...
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    ADE Version 1.70 Documentation

    Hi Jon: Just to clarify, after installation, the ADE_v170 "ReadMe's" are in: [Airport Design Editor 170 install path]\Manuals folder But, to get the currently available version of a "ADE full manual" (aka "ADE User Guide"), one must manually download it via the link in this post...
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    MCX Double-sided object not exporting properly ?

    Hi Arno: I have tested the 02-23-2016 and 06-09-2016 development releases of MCX, and both versions seem to be exporting a *.OBJ or *.3DS object with the double-sided attribute NOT 'intact', from the original properly imported default or custom 3D object having 2 sides of transparent texture...
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    CAE to Buy Lockheed flight training

    It will be interesting to learn more about what this thread at AVSIM actually entails: :scratchch http://www.avsim.com/topic/483967-cae-to-buy-lockheed-flight-training/ As of this morning (Chicago time) no reply yet to an inquiry on this at LM-P3D forum...
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    Burn material colors into textures

    Hi Arno: Regarding the following ModelConverterX (aka "MCX") feature as documented in the MCX wiki: "Burn material colors into textures When importing models from certain models it might be that a material has both a texture and a colour. Some systems mix those two on rendering, others don't...
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    Sketchup & MS Win-10 HoloLens technology

    Some fascinating things coming for Sketchup ! :scratchch ttp://www.sketchup-ur-space.com/2015/march/integration-between-hololens-holographic-technology-and-sketchup.html GaryGB
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    Ruby Tuesday [2015-06-02]

    Ruby Tuesday: 02 June 2015 I have not posted an installment in this series for quite some time: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/search/852208/?q=tuesday&t=post&o=date&c[title_only]=1&c[user][0]=995 But I've just discovered yet another "Must_Have" Ruby plugin script, so here's another one...