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    Help Please with Google Earth and FSX

    I am running FSX Acceleration on WIN7. As far as I can see I have installed all the files in the right place. I have the two.dll files installed and have modified my panel folder and panel.cfg for the Aircreation. I have modified the dll.xml to add the two dll's as follows: <?xml...
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    Google Earth and FSX Help Please

    I have FSX Acceleration on a WIN7 computer. I believe I followed all the installation instructions. When I launch FSX and EarthProxy.exe I get the setup window and I press Start and Open xml I get a small rectangular black box in FSX. I have the panel folder and added the GE View folder with...
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    Autopilot Off Toggle Switch

    I want to make an xml autopilot off toggle switch. What command do I have to include? I have a boat that will turn on a wav file with zz keystrokes. I want a toggle to do it instead of the zz keystrokes. Thanks, Bob.
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    Open with FSPS Not Working

    I have the registered version of FS Panel Studio and use Win7. When I right click on a panel.cfg and select Open With FSPS I get this error on any panel.cfg. I used to be able to use this command and open a panel.cfg with FSPS. How can I fix it? Thanks, Bob.
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    Round Radar, Weather or TCAS for FSX

    I have a plane with an empty round bezel and I would like to insert an operational radar, weather radar or TCAS into the bezel. All I can find are rectangular ones. Any suggestions please. Bob.
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    FS9 Scasm File in FSX

    I have a FS9 scenery file that was created with Scasm. I created a .sca file which I opened with MCVX. I exported the mdl's and made a library objects bgl for use with IS3 in FSX. Everything works fine and the mdl's are great except that the mdl's have trees and shrubbery in them which do not...
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    FSXA Modifying Existing Flightplan

    I have a flightplan for an aircraft flying into and out of various airports. It works fine. I would like to modify the flightplan for another aircraft leaving and departing like 15 minutes earlier or later. Is there any easy way to reset the times by a certain amount? Thanks, Bob.
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    Installing Animated Birds in FSX

    I have been trying to install the 28 animated gulls in animals.bgl with IS3. No matter what altitude I set in the Properties I cannot get the gulls low. Is the altitude setting in Properties the center of the flock in meters or is it the lowest or highest altitude? I want them to fly around...
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    FSXA Is There a Way to Get X, Y, Z and P, B. H Values On Screen?

    I would like a way to display the X, Y, Z and P, B. H values on screen in FSX so I can get the values to make Camera Definitions for the internal cockpit. I know how to do it pretty well for outside views. I have been told I would need the Eyepoint Positions and the Structure Eyepoint Dynamic...
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    Simicons1024 Icons Luminosity

    I am working with a panel and some of my Simicons are luminous and some are not. How can I make all of them luminous. I saw one panel that had normal, bright and luminous icons. Is there any way to make three new sets of Simicons that are normal, bright and luminous? Thanks, Bob.
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    FSXA CVXExtractor Help PLease

    I am trying to make a kml file for the shoreline of Oahu, HI. I found the file. It is in the Scenery\0003\\scenery\cvx0624.bgl. I tried following the example in the CVXExtractor text file. Here is my entry: cvxextractor -i "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator...
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    FSX Map Overlay in Google earth??

    Is there any way to overlay the FSX map in Google Earth or vice/versa. My problem is that when I make a ship traffic routes.kml in Google Earth and then compile it along with the Boats.txt and Plans.txt files I sometimes get crashes on land due to the fact that the FSX map data does not agree...
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    Running FSX Google Earth Tracker Help Please

    I need help with getting FSX Google Earth Tracker working. I have FSX Acceleration on a WIN7 64 bit computer. I have installed FSGET. I get an icon on my Taskbar. If I rt click on the Icon it has Enable Tracker, Run FSX and Run Google Earth 4 plus a lot of other lines. I do not have GE 4. I...
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    FSX AI Ship Help Please

    I know how to create the .kml route and how to create the plans and boats file and how to compile them. My problem is that when I try to create a .kml file with Google Earth for say the Portland Canal my ship pushes back and hits the shoreline either at the start or somewhere else along the...
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    AI Boat Traffic Help Please

    I have a .kml file for a route. It is 10.24 miles in length. I have a ship with a cruising speed of 14 kts. I want the ship to travel from the starting point to the end point, wait a while, and continue back on the route. When I use AIBTC I can compile my plans.txt, the boats.txt and the...
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    Editing Google Earth .kml Files

    I have a Google Earth .kml file that I created for a ship going under a bridge along the route. Because of the difference between Google Earth and FSX the ship hits one of the bridge supports. Is there any way to slightly modify the .kml file, hopefully by clicking and dragging? I have been...
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    Any Way to Watch AI Boats

    The Traffic Explorer does not allow viewing and following user generated AI Boat traffic like it does for aircraft. Is there any way to view and follow them? Bob.
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    Panel Mounted Wind Speed and Direction and ATC Gauge

    Is there any panel mounted gauge that with a mouse click you can set the wind speed and direction without having to go to the weather set window? Is there any panel mounted gauge that with a mouse click you can turn off ATC without having to go to Sound and stop or lower the voice volume? I...
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    ADE 1.66 Third Party Thumbnails?

    I have imported a lot of third party scenery objects from IS3 into ADE 1.66. I have created thumbnails for all of them in my Instant Scenery thumbnails folder. The problem is that IS3 stores them as jpg's inside of folders with bgl extensions. Is there any way to import the thumbnails into ADE...
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    Looking For a Particular Autopilot Gauge

    I am looking for a particular FS9/FSX autopilot gauge. I know I have it on my system but have searched all my gauges and can't find it. It is a narrow, long, tan colored autopilot with Course, Airspeed, Heading, Altitude, and VS rate knobs and windows. If it is an FS9 gauge I know it works in...