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  1. MOUSY

    MSFS [SOLVED] Is it possible for a scenery object to reference a texture from separate location/material library?

    In FSX/P3D/XP11 I use a lot of shared textures across multiple sceneries (for example one texture sheet with painted taxiway numbers/markings) which I place in one "common" folder. I then reference these textures from outside this common folder as the sim usually loads the textures at run time...
  2. MOUSY

    MSFS Just took a look at the MSFS official forum... wish I didn't...

    Jeez... Talk about toxic complainers... :rolleyes: Sure the sim has a few bugs and missing things that we are used to from other sims but surely the general consensus can't really be that this absolute gem is nothing more than an unfinished, unpolished turd? (or in someone else's words: not a...
  3. MOUSY

    P3D v4 PBR Decal order, disappearing layers based on zbias.

    Intriguing issue here. TLDR; GP layers with PBR disappear based on zbias values. I have a GP (processed through the GP Wizard of MCX and placed via SODE as an MDL) with 3 groups of layers: A satellite image base layer. (Zbias 0) A PBR layer overlay for conrete tile/asphalt areas. (Zbias 4) A...
  4. MOUSY

    [SOLVED] Tool for Editing MDL Binary content (Bug: Invalid section length for section error)

    I'm coding a tool to perform a batch edit of the Friendly Names in the MDLN section of MDL files. (Becasue sometimes I have files with different file names but identical friendly names, and I need to batch process them in ModelConverterX, but MCX will overwrite previous files as they all have...
  5. MOUSY

    Algorithm to Calculate Lat/Long based on distance from central Lat/Long

    This may be extremely simple, but the math seems to be escaping me and my research hasn't given me a definite answer. I have an object with several vertices whose position from the origin is known in meters. (X and Y). We will assume the object is flat. I also know the object origin is at a...
  6. MOUSY

    Translucent AND Reflective Glass?

    So I can achieve one or the other but not both. Is this even possible on scenery objects in XP11? I know this effect is possible on cockpit glass. I can make the glass translucent with a simple 50% alpha channel. If I add NORMAL_METALNESS and GLOBAL_SPECULAR 1.0 no reflections appear but...
  7. MOUSY

    [SOLVED] Flat/Smooth shading in X-Plane 11 (Converted objects)

    I am aware that MCX does not yet fully support all the attributes that XP11 provides, but please let me know if this is something that I am missing. Models converted into the XP OBJ format all seem to have flat shading instead of smooth shading in the sim. (They appear perfectly smooth in...
  8. MOUSY

    FSX Texture.cfg fallback works in P3Dv4 but not in FSX.

    Using 1.6.5. The texture fallback to a common folder located in My Documents works perfectly in P3Dv4 but does not work at all in FSX. The models load all black or do not load at all. The work around is having multiple copies of the same files in both the common folder and the SODE texture...
  9. MOUSY

    Richer Simulations TBPB 2020

    Care to take a guess? Hint: It's in the Caribbean. More pics to follow if no one can guess.
  10. MOUSY

    Douglas-Charles Airport (TDPD)

    A lot has changed since I started (and stopped) this project 4 years ago. Long way to go still. The first of 2 airports on the island.
  11. MOUSY

    Is it possible to turn off the rain spray effect on a ground polygon even if it is raining?

    I'd like to have a particular ground polygon have no rain spray effect despite it raining in the sim. Is this possible? I've asked because I notice that the rain spray effect seems to be generated as long as the wheel is rotating on terrain. I know that effects are attached to the aircraft...
  12. MOUSY

    P3D v4 Default Autogen Objects suppress Autogen Trees (specifically the ag_telephonepole)

    I've stumbled upon an issue that seems to exist only in P3Dv4. I don't think I've encountered it in other sims. Any autogen I create which has but a single default autogen object in that cell (specifically the ag_telephone object pole; found in Scenery\Global\scenery\autogen.bgl; GUID...
  13. MOUSY

    FSXA [Disregard/Solved] - Conditional Visibility on weather change does not work without "Reload All!"

    Disregard. Major stupid moment. Sim was in windowed mode and I could not tell that it was paused all this time. Where's the delete post button when you need it. Its 2am. I should go to bed. Stock FSX:A. Have not yet tested in P3D. Tested in 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 The probe does not seem to respond...
  14. MOUSY

    FlightSim Community Survey 2018 (15,000 Respondents)

    Just in case you were wondering what sims you should be concentrating on, this will definitely help you decide: http://blog.navigraph.com/post/181243982766/flightsim-community-survey-2018-results Most interesting take-aways, (at least for me): X-Plane has now (just) overtaken P3D. FSX...
  15. MOUSY

    P3D v4 Tower Controller Altitude

    I know we can set the altitude of the tower view in ADE, but can we set the altitude of the tower controller start point for P34? I am referring to the option we can select when choosing your airport. The tower view appears at the desired altitude but the controller start point view is stuck at...
  16. MOUSY

    P3D v4 Transparency.... again!.... (Transparent objects behind other Transparent Objects)

    In the image above, the foreground object is glass on a bridge to a jetway. The background object consists of a fully opaque glass material and a partly transparent material for the terminal walls. As you can see any transparent material behind the bridge glass disappears. Funny thing is, this...
  17. MOUSY

    P3D v4 HDR Lighting setting and Destination Blend/Source Blend (One/One) Material Settings.

    The common method used for creating nice glowing light halos is to use the One/One material setting with Destination/Source Blend on a textured plane with a black background in FSX. This also works nicely in P3D, except, - I have now discovered - when HDR lighting is enabled. The result is no...
  18. MOUSY

    [SOLVED] Irregular lighting at Triangulated Edges. (Wrong Import of Vertex Normals from Sketchup?)

    Hi all, Geometry imported into Blender seems to have the following problem. Irregular lighting at the edges of triangulated geometry. (Imported from SketchUp into Blender and then exported and displayed in MCX) I've tried a Limited Dissolve to reduce the number of triangles, but that just...
  19. MOUSY

    Access to the 'default.xml' path is denied.

    I am getting the following error on a (French) user's machine. I feel I can safely confirm that the error does not come from any particular scenery, nor does it come from a corrupted default.xml file, as I have tested different ones with the same result. ACM succesfully goes through the entire...
  20. MOUSY

    P3D v4 Caribsky: Antigua 2018 [Released]

    My soon to be 4th release, now in beta: Complete with Wet, Dry and Transitional Seasons. Lush vegetation when the rains come... ...and dry earth when the sun bakes the island. World renowned harbours. Each autogen building properly placed. Endless Reef Coverage. Complimented with...