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  1. piotrkol

    MSFS What does the little wrench icon on the world map means and how to get rid of it?

    I'm pretty sure it's there for all addon airports. It just shows that it's not a default airport but an addon. I have them too. I don't think they can be removed (but I might be wrong). They came around with one of the updates to the sim.
  2. piotrkol

    MSFS Dev Mode Declutter

    I find that if you collapse a group of objects in the scenery window (Polygons, Airport, etc.) their boundry box disapears from the scene. You can't edit those objects or add new ones while they're collapsed though.
  3. piotrkol

    MSFS EPNL - Lososina Dolna Airport (Poland)

    Pretty much since day 1 of the new flight sim I was busy working on my local airport. It is present in the sim, but it's very basic with just a handful of default buildings. I started with no knowledge about making addons for the sim, all I had was a few years of experiance in 3d modeling (I...
  4. piotrkol

    MSFS World updates out of nowhere?

    Yep I had a look :) The utility line is in fact right there :) Will have a more in depth look at the osm topic because it's very promising!
  5. piotrkol

    MSFS World updates out of nowhere?

    Thanks for answering everyone, I completely forgot about OSM and might have not paid enough attention after the 1.8.3 update to notice :) @=Hollywood= Let us know if and when the updates go live, if it happens relativly quickly then that'll be an amazing thing for scenery design as you say :D...
  6. piotrkol

    MSFS World updates out of nowhere?

    This is such a wierd one that I have to share and ask if anybody knows what is up. Backstory: For the past 3-4 weeks I've been working on a small airfield - it's going nicely. One of the things I did is place electrical poles (High voltage so quite big) near the airport because they were missing...
  7. piotrkol

    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    Something must be wrong - I did a 5x4 (also 4096px) and it didn't take more than 5 minutes. Zoom level 20.
  8. piotrkol

    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    I had that with one aerial as well actually. It was when I went for zoom level 23 if I remember and my tiles folder was over 2GB. Reverted to zoom level 19 and all was fine.
  9. piotrkol

    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    it's a known bug - at the moment we can't have more than one custom aerial imagery in close proximity :( Also had infinite loading screens, but prior to the patch so the patch itself isn't the problem.
  10. piotrkol

    MSFS Can't exclude stock airport

    Did you name the project in a correct way (the bgl file)? Apparently it must be named "airport-ICAO-randomname" (or something like that) in order to work. Had the same issue - I named it differently and the default airport still showed through.
  11. piotrkol

    New FS2020 Patch available

    Lots of various opinions on the patch but for me it's super nice. Loading times are pretty much cut in half or even a bit better! I even got a little FPS boost. Noticed some changes in the dev mode as well. Next to the "Build Package" button there is now a "Clean Package" button. Also when...
  12. piotrkol

    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    ahh that would explain a lot. Hope it gets fixed soon
  13. piotrkol

    MSFS [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial scenery

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks so much, really well written, no problems to follow at all :D Managed to replace some scenery with no trouble :) Now I want to create a couple smaller seperate areas and place them into one FS project. Should I just place everything into "aerial_images" and...
  14. piotrkol

    MSFS Blender Export settings to get things done.

    I did and sadly it doesn't seem to work with emissive and/or opacity maps. (Worked fine without both of them) EDIT: For some weird reason it started working :0 EDIT 2: I think I've got it. The windows gltf viewer won't take .tga files. When I change my Albedo map in Blender from .tga to .png...
  15. piotrkol

    MSFS Package Tool and Steam Version

    Tell me about it (also steam version). The amount of time lost on loading the sim is extreme :| Hope they get the package tool working, that'll cut the waiting time by half pretty much.
  16. piotrkol

    MSFS Dark textures at certain times of day (Substance Painter)

    That's it! It's always a silly little thing :) Thanks so much! Off for testing it in game now ;)
  17. piotrkol

    MSFS Dark textures at certain times of day (Substance Painter)

    Update. This might come as a silly question but do I have to do something else than bake the textures and then select a preset when exporting? I opened my exported metallic map in PS and it didn't seem like there were other maps in the different channels.
  18. piotrkol

    MSFS Dark textures at certain times of day (Substance Painter)

    Ahh thanks I'll have a look at the AO map and let you guys know how it turns out. @Pyscen - I did create the 2 other maps but I didn't do anything with them after that. I assumed they'll be placed automatically during the export. I'll look into that as well! Still learning the software :)
  19. piotrkol

    MSFS Dark textures at certain times of day (Substance Painter)

    Had a crack at texturing my model in Substance Painter and ran into some problems that didn't occur when I made a primitive texture in PS. I'm attaching a pic to explain better :) Basicly the texture I made in PS was acting ok inside FS at all times of the day. It was a pretty basic texture...
  20. piotrkol

    PBR Learning

    I'd be happy to find out as well :)