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  1. SimCreations

    FSX Runway lighting issue

    Hello, I'm trying to import 3D runway lights from a SKP file. I created it, imported the PNG texture, convert it with MCX to DAE and then MDL. I made several types of lights : all are columns with 1 light ever x meters. At the beginning of the runway, there is always green lights, this is a...
  2. SimCreations

    P3D v4 Paris Le Bourget LFPB/LBG

    Hello, We are currently making a scenery for the third parisian airport : Le Bourget (LFPB) for FSX & P3Dv4 Regards
  3. SimCreations

    P3D v4 Chateauroux LFLX/CHR 2019

    Hello all, I'm currently working on this airport : Chateauroux LFLX (France). This is my home airport and its runway is 3500m-long, so it's very interesting for training/cargo/military purposes! Here are some previews (work in progress!) :
  4. SimCreations

    FSX SAMM Issue with landing gear

    Hello, I downloaded SAMM which is the tool I've been looking for some years now, and I just found it :p I have a problem, I export the MDL file of the AIA B747-200 in FSX, and when I place it with Instant Scenery III, the landing gear is almost up, while when I open the MDL file with MCX, the...
  5. SimCreations

    P3D v4 Elevation issue

    Hello, I made an AFCAD with ADE and a Ground poly with Sketchup, and when I set my airplane at the runway 28 threshold, the ground was like that: So I made a CVX file with ADE (flatten file) at the airport altitude, and the problem was solved for me (I have FSX). My problem is that the...
  6. SimCreations

    FSX No AI traffic for only one airport

    Hello, Sorry in advance if this topic already exists; but i didn’t find any solution. I made AI flightplans for Vatry Airport (LFOK, France) and it works perfectly, every flight appears in FSX. So I wanted to create an AI traffic for another airport which is Rennes (LFRN, France). Here is my...
  7. SimCreations

    P3D v4 LFPO Paris Orly

    Hello, I started making buildings some weeks ago and here is the result; There is still a lot to do and many imperfections but the project is stil WIP.... Simcreations
  8. SimCreations

    P3D v4 Rennes Airport, France LFRN released!

    Hello, After 9 months of work, our scenery of Rennes is finally available : http://secure.simmarket.com/simcreations-rennes-airport-lfrn-fsxp3d.phtml some screenshots: a scenery produced by me, a 17 years-old guy, in my bedroom Enjoy ;)
  9. SimCreations

    FSX Night texture in MCX

    Hi guys ! Here is my problem : I created a building with Sketchup and when I import it in MCX, I want to add a night texture to it. So I created the day texture (glass texture) and the night one. They have the same format, the same size, and same alpha channel. And that's what I have...
  10. SimCreations

    Need someine to create animations/gauges for 3D cockpit

    Hello, Someone helped me for an A350 cockpit. The package A350 MERGE already exists but with the default A321 cockpit inside. We would like to update the pack with the real A350 cockpit. We have the 3D model, and we don't know how to create animations or gauges in a 3D cockpit. Thank you in...
  11. SimCreations

    FSX Dinard Pleurtuit LFRD Scenery WIP

    Hi, I started the terminal of the airport, more previews very soon :) Simcreations ;)
  12. SimCreations

    FSX Project Merge TU204

    Hello, I downloaded the UTT (SBAI) AI TU204 model and then added sounds and 2D panel. It works nicely. But I have a problem with the VC that I want to add. For example I would like to another addon VC in the TU204, so I take the VC.mdl and place it in model folder, and I edit the model.cfg by...
  13. SimCreations

    FSX LFCL Toulouse Lasbordes

    Hi, Can you guess this airport ? It will be my next scenery. The model is not mine, just a clue. It's in France. Simcreations
  14. SimCreations

    FSX Project Merge H550

    Hi all, There is my first project I expose on this great forum :) For the moment only one pic : Model : HTAI I want to convert this AI aircraft to a fully flyable plane. More previews soon :cool: Simcreations