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  1. FlyingAxx

    FSXA MCX does not export sceneries being compiled for P3d v4

    Hi Arno, While touring around the world (I'm still sticking on FSXA) I'm trying to fill the realism gaps with freeware or self-made AFCADs or sceneries. Last week I downloaded a nice airport scenery for LFTZ that should support FSX and P3D up to v4. However, it caused CTDs when either trying to...
  2. FlyingAxx

    FSXA How to correct coastlines

    In preparation of some flights over the Balkan and along the Adrian coasts I detected quite strange overlaps that might be caused by (the often) incorrect coast lines drawn by MS and by my addon UTX Europe v2x. As I saw a couple of dozen nautical miles being affected, I rejected any idea of...
  3. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Problem with defining a working approach

    After leaving away this aspect for a while I obviously lost the how-to-do-it abilities when designing approaches in ADE. This example shows LGML: This is ADE and that's the GPS My problems: I wasn't able defining the IF as shown in the charts at Radial 53°/D5 to VOR MIL (I didn't want...
  4. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Converting FSX objects to XP11

    After decades of using MSFS products I recently installed XP11 parallel to my aged FSXA. I'd tried before v5 and v7, both with quite ambivalent impressions. However, the flight behaviour and even the visible environment are promising - even if the handling is quite different (yoke settings and...
  5. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Some observations with TS Pro

    Hi Don, I'm fighting a bit with problems even in the latest version of your TS Pro. When using the Hot Cursor function I often want to add points to an already existing polygon. Each time I get the message "A node already exists here" when I want to do it along a already existing contour. I...
  6. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Displaced Ground Lines and other problems

    Hi, Probably the problem I'm facing right now is existing all the while, but during my last projects I got first of all a displacement of ground lines being placed in the source file excatly (for all related vertices). The result has been disappointing. I've added two pictures showing the...
  7. FlyingAxx

    FSXA How is it possible processing only waterpolygons by using OSM data?

    Hi, First, I'm an absolute beginner regarding the use of GIS and scenProc - and I failed completely! I wanted to start with a limited project, based purely on vector data (no photo scenery) in Morocco, a reservoir close to GMMZ. Actually, I did that already with the help of SBX315 by clicking...
  8. FlyingAxx

    FSXA OpenStreetMap doesn't work anymore in SBX315 - I'm missing it...

    Hi all, I opened this thread even if I already posted a related remark/question as appendix to a quite old one dealing with tile servers (sorry for that). As far as I can see the last tiles I'd been able to download from OpenStreetMap are dated October 21st 2019. Since then I'm getting no...
  9. FlyingAxx

    FSXA SBX315 Problems with textures of generic building

    Hello guys, Today I worked on GMMZ and constructed simple 1-story buildings for barracks in its close vicinity. Everything compiled fine, the buildings as such are visible, but (except the roofs) without any textures - just greenish walls. I've checked for the texture files and all are there...
  10. FlyingAxx

    Can't use Dick's (rhumbaflappy) GMaps tool anymore

    Hi all, as it seems Google is blocking now the access to it's images and I can't find out any anther method generating exact backgrounds for ADE. I've tried both, the local script version, and the online-tool. The result always looks like this: The browser makes no difference, however,, Firefox...
  11. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Strange compile result when using latest ADE

    The runway identifier looks strange here (no doubt, it's placed in faulty way). What could be the reason? It's my first project after changing to W10Pro and I'm still struggling with some settings. However, I can't believe in "external" influence here... The only thing I could think about is a...
  12. FlyingAxx

    FSXA A glitch in FS showing wrong airport data?

    I've just finished the work on VCCK, known in FS as VC11. When asking FS bringing my bird to VCCK it offers this airport, but with the name I'd given to the default one "DO NO USE". This "glitch" disappeared after shifting the default's ARP about 2 nm to any side. How can this happen?
  13. FlyingAxx

    Tip: More realistic railroad tracks

    Recently I had to add railway tracks close to an airport border and decided that the standard vectorline doesn't look real at all. Obviously Aces had provided us with railway lines in order to give a highly visible guidance in areas where no other features might give us sufficient orientation...
  14. FlyingAxx

    Probably OT, but I'm puzzled...

    While working on my Scenery Object Library, replacing quite a lot of entries with less cryptical descriptions, I tumbled often about a fact that I never really realized in all that years I'm using ADE now. Why many libraries are addressing objects that should be used to keep cloths in a wardrobe...
  15. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Changing elevation and ICAO doesn't work

    At the moment I'm dealing with Sigiriya, an airport in Sri Lanka having the ICAO VC15 in FSX and a stock elevation putting it on a pedestal about 320 ft above the surrounding landscape. First I changed the elevation and made it a bit more like it looks from satellite view. The result looks...
  16. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Sometimes problems when using FSX-compiled airports in P3D v2

    Hi guys, At the moment I'm flying with a buddy who uses P3D v2 cross the Himalayas where a lot of airports are just misplaced horizontally and/or vertically. While my quick and dirty fixes are working nice in FSX my friend experiences strange problems from time to time and I can't see the...
  17. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Light effects (even default ones) are looking strange

    It's not at all a development problem, but I'm looking for help as I have no more clue where to look at to solve a problem I'm facing for quite a while now. For a couple of years I used the commercial volumetric light replacement A2A REDUX 3D-Lights, but after going back to defaults, I'm...
  18. FlyingAxx

    FSXA TS does not import BGL file

    Hi Don, Today I tried to import a BGL file from FSXA that I'd just produced with ADE (of course the CVX containing the airport background). It seems that something happens as there is no error message and the imported file name shows up. Nonetheless the aircraft symbol disappears and there is...
  19. FlyingAxx

    FSXA How TS handles (presets) file names and other topics

    Hi Don, The last days I extensively used TS in order to smooth the environment of some airports I had pimped just a bit. However, I tumbled more than once in a trap Terrain Sculptor offered to me (okay, finally my fault, of course). It seems to me the the tool grabs the last used file name and...
  20. FlyingAxx

    FSXA Generic buildings in a row - any news about placements?

    Hi guys, I'm building at the moment a bigger airport with a quite long terminal building. I planned to use generic buildings, placed in a row but get strange results as they doesn't sit where expected. This is how it looks in ADE (the small square building is just set "on top" of the...