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  1. JohnG

    MSFS Library objects- how to know what is standard

    What about having the ability to import 3rd party objects into a "common" library? There are a number of "mini-libraries" over at flightsim.to, and I tend to grab them as they come up.so that I have them available when a mod needs them. Only works for flightsim.to, but that's where a LOT of the...
  2. JohnG

    Just got back from a LONG vacation from FS.

    Just got back from a LONG vacation from FS.
  3. JohnG

    FSXA Windows 7 problem?

    Thanks, Jon, I must have snuck onto the server just BEFORE it went down (to download 1.40.07), and reran it just AFTER it went down. That explains all.
  4. JohnG

    FSXA Windows 7 problem?

    I'm running Windows 7 RC, and have a repeatable "can't connect" problem. Attached is an image plus the log. Firewall problem? It worked fine until I loaded 1.40.07. I've also loaded 1.40.09, and still this error every time I load ADE.
  5. JohnG

    FS9 airport in FSX...problems

    Hi Armowings, I've viewed with interest the conversation going on here, and am rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is a basic incompatibility between FS9 and FSX sceneries that no-one (here at least) has been able to find the key to overcoming. I understand your frustration, but I...
  6. JohnG

    Are we wasing our time?

    I don't think that "open sourcing" the code is our best outcome. I do think that if some third party games developer could be convinced to take on the challenge, and if MS can be brought to see the value of letting their IP go, we could see a way forward for the sim. In the mean time, as I...
  7. JohnG

    Are we wasing our time?

    And Mike, when you do catch up with FSX, it's going to have a veritable truck load of add ons, because now for the first time in years we have perfect stability in the product. Developers can go ahead in the knowledge that it's not going to all change in 18 months time, and the size of the FS9...
  8. JohnG

    Why Are There Airports w/o Parking in FSX?

    Another reason may be that some airports aren't sufficiently organised to identify actual parking spots, and I do include some with regular air services in that. If there are no regular, designated parking spots, it would be difficult for MS to actually model parking spots there with any...
  9. JohnG

    New taxiway designators

    Probably a silly question, or something on the "to do" list, but is there a way to create an entirely new taxiway. Not the physical taxiway, but the designator for the taxiway. I'm working on YMEN (still) and there is a taxiway "T", but I can find no way to add a "T" to the taxiway designator...
  10. JohnG

    V1.37 - No buttons!

    Spot the missing elements. The result of using 120 DPI instead of 96 DPI for my default font in Windows. A nuisance, as I have an incredibly huge screen (by my standards) with an impossible 1920 X 1200 resolution, and 96 DPI is a tad small for me on the 24" screen, so if this can't be...
  11. JohnG

    1.37 - working with rwy12 jetways

    Thanks, Jim, I'll give it a go.
  12. JohnG

    1.37 - working with rwy12 jetways

    A generic error occurred in GDI+. at System.Drawing.Image.Save(String filename, ImageCodecInfo encoder, EncoderParameters encoderParams) at System.Drawing.Image.Save(String filename, ImageFormat format) at...
  13. JohnG

    Adding to ADE Object Library?

    Yeah, That had me fooled for a while, too. There is a button lurking at the top of the Tools -> Library Object Manager, that looks like a header. It's called "Tools", and if you hover over it, you'll find that it's actually a short menu, one item of which allows you to add objects. Select a...
  14. JohnG

    Runway extensions

    Thanks George - that's what I was after.
  15. JohnG

    Runway extensions

    Hi Guys, I've had enough of YMML for the time being, and have decided to move on to YMEN. Essendon traditionally has had two runways, but in the last couple of years, part of the N/S runway has been closed, and big yellow chevrons have been used to mark the portion of the runway that is no...
  16. JohnG

    V1.37 - List Management

    Thanks, Jim, Yes, I found them soon after I posted that - always the way, isn't it?
  17. JohnG

    Parking Index

    Ah, good. I thought I was missing something somewhere. That'll make my parking more realistic! Thanks
  18. JohnG

    Parking Index

    I'm using 1.37.05, and when I select edit, either in the list or direct, I get a properties window that nowhere contains the Index number. The one in the image attached has an index value of 119 in the list view, and there isn't any clickable area other than the fields that you can see. So...
  19. JohnG

    Parking Index

    I'm not sure whether this is a suggestion, a misunderstanding, a plea for instructions, or what, so I'll just lead off. In AFCAD 1 & 2, the index number associated with a parking spot was important in the way that parking was taken up. I'm assuming that it's still important, for a couple of...