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    Termial no, jetway yes?

    the problem im having is that the stock terminal is showing with an add on airport...the add on airport afcad does not have the stock terminal for me to delete, and when i made an exclude, (in the add on afcad) the terminal was gone but now so are the jetways.
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    Termial no, jetway yes?

    How do I exclude the terminal but not the jet way? I tried getting precise with the exclusion rectangle but it's not exact enough...I can't get a clean separation.
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    Land class removes autogen.

    Hi. I'd added a ground poly, but it seems to automatically exclude the autogen too. can I add a ground poly but still keep the trees over it?
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    Cant get rid of grass

    i got it sorted...i had to choose the option one up from the one i selected....
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    Cant get rid of grass

    I thought this would do it...but no luck
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    Cant get rid of grass

    Hi. I'm trying to get rid of the grass airport backround...I thought exclude mask class map would do it...but it won't go away!
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    FSX Everglades AirPark , Work in progress !

    was this ever released for us common folk!...no luck with the search so far...
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    Ice ground textures?

    Hi. How do I make an ice ground texture...The choices from the menu don't look like clear ice.
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    Missing section when making runway

    thats what i thought too...flatten didn't do it...
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    Missing section when making runway

    this is what i am trying to make....
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    Missing section when making runway

    A picture is worth a thosand words...any idea why there is a section missing in my dirt runway?...i can't seem to fix it....
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    How to make faded edges?

    thanks for responding...right now im just using custom ground polys...but ill get into both of your suggestions.... ADE has runway textures that come blended...but all other ground polys are hard edge...ive been cheating and using runways for worn out ground areas...
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    How to make faded edges?

    Hi...Very basic question...How do I make ground textures with faded edges in FSX?...Here is a pic from an FS2002 airport that shows some really nice ones.
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    How do I fade ground textures?

    Hi...Very basic question...how do I make faded edges with ground textures?...this pic has just what im trying to do...(its fs2002...so i know it must be doable for fsx...)
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    How to make shorelines?

    i just found the vector tool in ADE...now if you will excuse me i have to re-build the world!
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    How to make shorelines?

    Thanks for the quick reply...I'm using ADE (I should have mentioned)...Is the method similar? Thanks again.
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    How to make shorelines?

    Hi. i made a real nice lake that would be even nicer if I can add shorelines....What's the standard way? Thanks.
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    FSX Log Cabin

    oh thats you! good deal...
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    FSX Is there a swimming pool library object anywhere?

    for me, checking out all the new and cool places is half the fun in simming!...gives me a "reason" to fly there...
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    How to make faded ground areas?

    I got it sorted...No flightplans are written for this little jungle strip so no unwanted AI side effect....