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    Termial no, jetway yes?

    How do I exclude the terminal but not the jet way? I tried getting precise with the exclusion rectangle but it's not exact enough...I can't get a clean separation.
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    Land class removes autogen.

    Hi. I'd added a ground poly, but it seems to automatically exclude the autogen too. can I add a ground poly but still keep the trees over it?
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    Cant get rid of grass

    Hi. I'm trying to get rid of the grass airport backround...I thought exclude mask class map would do it...but it won't go away!
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    Ice ground textures?

    Hi. How do I make an ice ground texture...The choices from the menu don't look like clear ice.
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    Missing section when making runway

    A picture is worth a thosand words...any idea why there is a section missing in my dirt runway?...i can't seem to fix it....
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    How to make faded edges?

    Hi...Very basic question...How do I make ground textures with faded edges in FSX?...Here is a pic from an FS2002 airport that shows some really nice ones.
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    How do I fade ground textures?

    Hi...Very basic question...how do I make faded edges with ground textures?...this pic has just what im trying to do...(its fs2002...so i know it must be doable for fsx...)
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    How to make shorelines?

    Hi. i made a real nice lake that would be even nicer if I can add shorelines....What's the standard way? Thanks.
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    ADE not honoring flatten

    Why is there a missing section? My flatten seems to be in order...
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    How to make faded ground areas?

    Hi. I would like to make faded dirt ground areas for a motor pool...The custom ground poly textures are hard edged and look like blocks...The dirt runway textures are nice and faded...I would like to model that if possible. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Basic question starting new AP from scratch

    Hi...How do i simply get rid of the existing runway grass pattern? I want to build from scratch and I don't want the stock ground back round there...I didn't see it represented when I opened up the AP in ADE.. It should be simple but I can't figure it out. Any help is appreciated...Thanks
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    Living world Objects wont follow route

    Hi...I have the elephants walking in place...but they wont follow the route...I have SDK installed... How do I get them to travel? Thanks.
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    living world error?

    hi...i get a black box saying "disconnected from flightsimulator! removed simobjects in living world what does it mean? ...thanks
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    Basic question about living world

    Hi...I looked through the manual but i didnt see how to simply program animations...just a lot on installing...is there a video tutorial? (I would just like to have animated elephants and giraffes in Africa) Thanks.
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    Flatten for Yellowknife

    the default fs9 yellowkinfe (CYZF) has a big terrain problem..i made a flatten the usual way but its not working...any ideas?...thanks.
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    Remove roads rivers and telephone poles

    What is that neat program that removes roads rivers and telephone poles?...i lost it and forgot the name...thanks
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    Can't open CVX file

    It seems that my ground poly's are in the CVX file that I have saved in my external hard drive...I can't find a way to get them back into ADE so I can edit them...
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    White Taxiway lines

    Can I change the color of the taxiway lines from yellow to white?
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    Round turnarounds

    Ho do I make round turnarounds at the end of the runway?
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    New AP not showing in scenery library

    I modified an existing airport...it came out great and shows in FSX...but the scenery library is blank...what is missing?