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  1. caleb

    FSX Global Lighting Changes

    I am planning to create an addon that replaces all standard FSX default runway/taxiway lights across all airports with custom models and a custom effects. Would anyone know if this is something AFLT can do? Thanks.
  2. caleb

    P3D v3 Runway Show Through GP?

    Does anyone know a way to get a runway to show through a ground poly that covers the runway area in ADE? Make an GP exclusion poly of some kind or elevate the runway above the GP maybe? Thanks
  3. caleb

    Photoreal Imagery For Small Areas?

    I have found some places to purchase/licence photoreal imagery for payware products, but most of them have a 15-25 SQ KM minimum purchase, making me spend $500+ when I don't need that much imagery. Does anyone know of any sources where I can purchase imagery for resale in a payware product that...
  4. caleb

    P3D v3 Error After ProKey Trial Install

    When starting ADE for the first time after installing the ProKey Trial, I get the following error. I can restore the original ADE folder and it goes away. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.
  5. caleb

    P3D v3 Animation Modeling Program

    Just thought I'd ask for opinions as to what free modeling software you use/think is good for making animations for P3D. Thanks.
  6. caleb

    P3D v3 Variations of Scenery

    Does anyone know how to create multiple variations of an Airport Design Editor created scenery based on date/time? For example in the morning show a model of an open hanger door and in the evening show a model of a closed hanger door. Thanks
  7. caleb

    P3D v3 ADE GP Texture Not Found...

    I am adding a custom Ground Poly with ADE using a custom texture I made, and in the GP window, I select the texture, it displays fine, but when I click ok and then re-enter the GP window, I get an error saying it can't find the texture for that object. In addition to that it does not show up in...
  8. caleb

    [P3D v3, v4] X10 - Belle Glade Airport Released

    Finally released my first, real, full featured scenery. Wouldn't have been possible without everyone here. :) X10 - Belle Glade State Municipal Airport is a small crop-duster base in Belle Glade, Florida, United States, which is a small town in the southeastern part of the state, located just...
  9. caleb

    P3D v4 Changing UI Color Scheme

    I am interested in making a whole new style of user interface for Prepar3D v4. I have found what files to edit to change the splash screen, but I am wondering if anyone might know what files I need to edit (and where they are) to change the following: Aircraft preview background General user...
  10. caleb

    P3D v3 Effect only Visible From Certain Sides?

    I am adding a light effect to a model of a runway end light in MCX, and I want to have the green light only be visible from the left side and the red only from the right. Does anyone know if there is any effect parameter of any kind in MCX that can set from what angles the effect is visible...
  11. caleb

    P3D v3 MCX Won't Display User-edited Effect

    I posted in the Special Effects General Section and I haven't gotten a reply in a little while so I thought maybe it would be better posted here. --- I edited the default FX_BeaconWhi.fx effect using Arno's FX Editor, to change the color from white to green, then saved it as a new file. The...
  12. caleb

    P3D v3 MCX Won't Display User-edited Effect

    I edited the default FX_BeaconWhi.fx effect using Arno's FX Editor, to change the color from white to green, then saved it as a new file. The new effect file I made displays fine in FX Editor and is visible, but when I add it to an object in Model Converter X, it does not show up. All I see is...
  13. caleb

    Vegetation Area Density Individually Controlled?

    So I know the density of autogen vegetation is controlled by the user's settings within their simulator, but does anyone know of a way to get vegetation areas in my scenery to be individually controlled by the scenery, so that the vegetation areas in my scenery will always be a certain density...
  14. caleb

    "Push Forward" Command

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find the file that would contain information about what happens when the pushback command is called? I am interested in finding this so that I might be able to program a "Push forward" command like the pushback, but roll the plane forward instead of...
  15. caleb

    P3D v3 How to add houses

    Might sound like a silly question, but does anyone know if there is there a way to place houses as autogen using the annotator other than as library objects? Maybe something where I draw an outline and it randomly places houses inside the outline? Thanks
  16. caleb

    Installer Won't Start

    Hi all, I am trying to install autogen configuration merger and when I open the installer I get when I downloaded it it asks me if I want to run and if I want to allow it to make changes to my PC, but after that no installer starts. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there anything I am...
  17. caleb

    Thought I Would Share This Laughable Fact...

    Looks like they didn't take screenshots so they just used these. Eh? https://www.fspilotshop.com/carenado-690-turbo-commander-for-plane-p-7395.html?utm_campaign=PS180907&utm_medium=email&utm_source=PilotShop&osCsid=runpel1069icvg5egdvjpga6v4
  18. caleb

    What's Going On

    I posted on the Orbx forums but I thought I'd post here too: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/155314-whats-going-on/ Caleb
  19. caleb


    Orbx/Bill Womack's KACK Nentucket scenery includs these amazing puddles on the ground that seem to reflect light etc. (more than just a puddle looking thing drawn on a texture sheet) Would anyone know how to make these? I am overwhelmed by how realistic they look I want to incorporate...
  20. caleb

    FSX Resample.exe Not Compiling

    When I drag my .inf file onto Resample.exe to compile some imagery (3 sources, original, watermask, and blendmask), the window opens for a fraction of a second and then closes without making a bgl. Here is what it says when appearing: Any ideas what is wrong with this or how to fix it...