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    Don, Attached is a screen shot of a recurring problem I have. It seems after I have placed the taxi lights and come back at a later time, a new line/lines of lights have been inserted. Most likely I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. :confused: Bill
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    Moving to P3Dv5

    What is the process to move my airport lights to P3Dv5?
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    Update 4.3.13

    Don, I just tried to update to .13 and the update is not working. The program is extremely slow and sluggish. It is not showing my projects. The header still shows .12. Bill
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    When I fly into my airport where the lights were created by AFLT, the lights are not showing in either day or night mode. Other than no lights, the airport appears without any issues. When I DISCONNECT then CONNECT using the Simconnect box, the lights appear. If I start the flight at the...
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    Lights Not Showing

    Don, The center line and taxiway lights are not visible. When I use CONNECT the taxiway and center line lights are visible, but extremely bright (too much bloom). The Edge Lights and the their stands are visible. It is obvious that I am not doing something correct. Maybe I just need to...
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    Multiple Runways

    I am working on an airport with three runways with the same numerical designation, but are distinguished by L, C, or R. AFLT is only showing the numerical designation for the runways in the menu header. As an example I will try to modify the approach lights on RWY33L (red), but no changes show...
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    WigWag Compile Error

    When I tried to add a wigwag to my project, I get a compile error. I removed the wigwag and the project compiled without any problems. I am using 4.3.09.
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    P3D v4 Oversize Footprint

    I am in the process of converting some AI Traffic to .mdls using Model Converter X. I am then placing them in my scenery using the latest ADEX. The conversion has been going as planned until last night. One of the aircraft that I converted showed up with two wings and the other one looked like...
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    Partially Submerged Scenery Object

    I am in the process of editing the animation on an aircraft in preparation for converting it into a scenery object. One the issues I have is the aircraft is partially submerged and this is reflected in MCX. I am able to correct this by trial and error using ADEX and viewing the model in...
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    Non-Existent Taxiways

    I am using version 4.3.07 and my the latest version of ADEX for P3dv4.5. When I pull up my project with AFLT I am getting non-existent taxiways that start in the middle of the runway and end at the entrance taxiway at the end of the runway. These non-existent taxiways include the blue taxiway...
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    SAMM2 Aircraft not Showing in ADE 1.78

    I am posting this question in ADE instead of SAMM to eliminate any cross posts. I am using P3d4.5 SP2, ADE 1.78.7298 (Pro) and SAMM 2.2.09. Using SAMM I created and placed an aircraft for a P3d scenery I had created using ADE. The aircraft displayed correctly and was in the correct...
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    A Couple of Questions on SAMM Ver2.X

    I'm a long time user of ADE so this is my first venture into adding scenery static aircraft. !. After I open the first screen in SAMM2 and select my initial aircraft library the input screen and font shrink to a point that is fairly difficult for me to read. I'm old. ROFL 2. When I select...
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    GP Objects

    I created an airport in FSX using GP Objects such as gp_TwyShoulder_100F Gp Objects without any problems. I later converted the airport to P3d4 using ADE 1.76. The conversion did not create any issues with the GP Objects showing in P3Dv4.4 with out any issues. My problem came when I tried to...
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    Export/Import ADE Objects

    I'm am trying to figure out how this works. As an example I have taken a stock airport and Exported the Parking Spots using the Export option in the Parking Spot list. Then I Deleted the Parking Spots. I then go to Import ADE Objects and attempt to import the Parking Spots. I get the message...
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    Another Floating Building Issue

    As long as I've been building airports I've never had a real problem with floating buildings until now. I guess I should have checked my project a little sooner. :) After about 20 hours into building a new terminal for MSLP I noticed something appearing to be off slightly. The terminal...
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    Verifying Changes to Scenery

    I have just completed an FSX airport located in South America and verified that all the scenery objects I have installed are in their correct location and appearing as planned. Among these scenery objects are some yellow models that I have moved from JFK such as parkingeast and cargo. These...
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    Ground Poly Levels

    I have been experimenting with Custom Ground Poly Lines. I have not been able to place a Ground Poly Line (GP Layer 5) under a taxiway (Layer 005). Obviously the simple solution would be to lower the GP Line to GP Layer 4 or raise the taxiway layer to Layer 006, but this does not appear to be...
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    Overhead Walkway

    Does anyone know how to build an overhead walkway between two buildings? My goal is to do it using FSX scenery objects if possible. Bill
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    Uploading Airports

    I have been giving some of the airports I have made using ADE to some of the folks I fly with online. This was going well since I was only having to provide the adex.bgl and the adex_cvx.bgl files for the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder in FSX. With my latest airport I started working with...
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    Apron Layer

    From time to time I need to put a concrete pad in an asphalt apron(or some other mixture of textures.) The only way I have found to do this is to create an open space in my asphalt apron, then build the concrete pad in the asphalt apron. Is there an easier way to do this. The inability to mix...