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    MSFS Animated Flags for you

    ANY COMMERCIAL USE IS PROHIBITED Dear guys, as gift to all the help i got from you over the years, i'm pleased to share to whom is interested my animated flags (4 animation according to wind speed and wind direction) to use them, place the files in PackageSources\Simobjects\misc in your...
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    MSFS Bone Animation wrong in msfs

    I'm trying to solve this problem for days without luck In Blender i'm animating a cylinder (windsock) with bones The animation Is a typical Windsock movement, the windsock start from down (180 degree) position, goes up a Little bit (150/120) and than back down. If msfs, It start from 90 degree...
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    How to get rid of snow over aprons?

    So much snow Is coming... Did anyone get how to plow aprons? Looks like (to me) the only option is making them really dark :( Any suggestion? Inviato dal mio Mi 9 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk
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    Trento Mattarello (LIDT 2007) released on Avsim

    My work is finally published on Avsim, and I would like to thank you all for your usefull help, especially Arno! file on Avsim is LIDT_2007.zip some pics Wait for some feedback from you, experts ;)
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    Weird problem with separation plane

    Problem: the last third of the runway edge lights must be yellow (in the direction of the airplane) instead of white Solution: SEPARATION_PLANE and lot of tweak! Following the skills acquired in this thread http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2870 i came to this code 1...
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    Random effect display

    I want to place some random effects in my scenery using GMAX and Attachtool-. I took a look at the SDK and found the RANDOM parameter. Wow!So, I edit user properties like this: ... <Effect effectName="fx_VentSteam" effectParams="RANDOM=10,1;"/> ... but none of the edited effects...
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    Shadows on ground polys

    I have a strange problem with my scenery. I have made my ground (ground, runway, taxiways, markings, dirt at separte layers) with fs2k2 style code and it works good. Then, I've added AFCAD to harden some surfaces, but I've noticed that MY aircraft shadow (note that AI are working well)...
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    Fire truck animation

    Hi, I'm here again with a new question. The airport I'm working on is open only during day time. So, at 8.00 am a fire truck runs out from an hangar and goes on the apron. At 6.30 PM it goes back to the hangar. The 2 animations are pretty easy to do in gmax. The problem is moving them to...
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    Between contition for animated windsock

    Hi!. First of all I would like to thank you again for your usefull help. This site and this forum is like founding a goldmine! I'm near the last step into creating my first "well made" scenery: adding a good animated windsock is still a problem without vertex animation, but I got decent...
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    Hi you all! I' ve just completed my custom ground, so I've started making runway and lights. Everything was ok until I met the SEPARATION_PLANE... My goal is to make those double sided lights at both end of the runway (something like this...
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    flickering apron

    I know that this has been discussed lot of times but I'm unable to obtain perfect ground polys using gmax I've tried in some ways... - make a simple plane in gmax, convert it to an editable mesh, create a zbias_andsoon material, apply it to the plane, compile and...huston, we have a...