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    freeware and support for it

    Hello all, been a while. I'll ask this question here, because you guys are always so thoughtful on these matters, and even-tempered about your approach to them. I saw something on a popular FS site's upload guidelines that made me wonder... Is there a general consensus in the FS world of...
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    my file uploaded somewhere without my permission

    I just discovered that one of my sceneries was uploaded to a site without my permission. I stated in the readme that my file was only to be uploaded to TWO specific sites, and no other places without my permission. It's not that I mind so much, but it is the principle of it. And you know, I...
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    approach waypoint necessity

    I have noticed that in default FSX (ILS type) approach code, many approaches have only the primary fix, and then ONLY ONE additional leg defined. Now, if you look at an approach chart, you will see many waypoints along the glide path. As seen here...
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    FSX Map View freq's

    Some of you may already know this, but for those who do not, i have discovered FSX's priority when it comes to multiple localizers for a single runway that appear in the Map View when you click on an airport. If two or more ILS/LOC exist for one runway, then FSX picks the *LAST* of those...
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    drawcalls? perf?: one scene or many?

    Let's say I have made a cargo container object in 'max. Let's also say that I wish to place a row or stack of several of these cargo containers on an apron in my sim. Which of the following methods is 'better' from a performance standpoint...neither? Option A: Create the scene in gmax, with a...
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    UVW and optimization

    A lot of us know about optimizing a model for vertices. But I noticed one thing in the wiki (here at FSDev) about model optimizing that caught my eye. It implied that how "well" you apply your UVW mapping, also has an impact on performance. Now, I've always assumed this was true--and that...
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    avoiding Pick Texture repetition

    When you are doing UVW mapping, is there a shortcut to have gmax automatically load the relevant texture so that you don't have to REPEATEDLY pick the texture?
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    Port model from FSX to FS9: tips needed

    I recently finished an FSX scenery project for Terminal D at KDFW. I have been asked about the possibility of porting the FSX design over to FS9. Is there any checklist of things I need to do, to accomplish this? I assume I would need to: a) not use FSX Materials--convert to something...
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    Exclusions and ADE

    My "suggestion" to have a toggle-able display for Exclusions in the Suggestion Thread opened up much response. Scott Smart (scott967) hit the nail on the head when he said ADE is excluding all of the stock items, and then essentially adds them back in. That was the only information I needed...
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    ADE vs. jetways

    Are there any _known_ issues with ADE and jetways not appearing, when they should? I'm using v1.20, not 1.22
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    jetway conditions

    What are the things that a jetway needs to appear in FSX? Here's what I think--and correct me if I am wrong: 1) a DeleteAllJetways="TRUE" statement in the DeleteAirport construct; 2) a <TaxiwayParking construct with name="SOMETHING" and a number="x" 3) a <Jetway construct referencing...
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    ADE v1.20: co-mingling obx and apx data

    This co-mingling of obx and apx data concerns me. Is the obx data "read-only"? For display purposes?
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    airline codes AALI vs. AAL

    Has anyone used these with ADE, and observed how it works? AALI = international flight AAL = domestic flight
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    edges and geometry (w/screenshot)

    In my attached screenshot, notice how, on Poly3, which is ONE POLYGON with a joint in it, that the edge looks "soft". Yet, notice that where I split the area into TWO POLYGONS, Poly1 and Poly2, that where they meet forms a "hard" edge. Just thought that was interesting. My question is, is...
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    performance penalty of 3D objects in FS?

    Aside from vertex count, is there any performance penalty or display issues with VERY large objects in FS? Or is it best to split a building 400m x 300m in size into two or three separate 3D objects, each called by its own GUID?
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    Where is the best place to submit a suggestion/wish with ADE? I guess here. :D Forgive me if I am wrong on that. 1) Guide Points as per AFCAD. We have guide lines in ADE, but no guide points. Sometimes guide points were useful to me for conceptualizing building corners, etc. There's even...
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    grass roof?

    At this point I've done some amount of texturing of 3D models. However, I need some advice on the "best" way to texture a roof to look like a grass roof. I am sure you all know, grass roofs can have pieces of palm frond sticking off their edges. This is not so simple to implement. Do I...
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    ATC data storage in XML??

    Simple question, hopefully you know: "Gelabert Ground, Beech PT-FFN IFR to ________, ready to copy." I need to know where this ___________^^^^^^^^^ text is stored. I know where the voice info is stored, but not the text. ATC says the correct location thanks to my EVP mod, but the text is...
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    opinions on installs

    If you were creating a scenery project with: 1) terrain 2) airports 3) AI 4) landclass/waterclass 5) timezone 6) season mods ...would you release it all together, or would you release it as individual components? Or, would you release the AI separately, etc.? Advice, opinions welcome!
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    FSTools menu appears, then disappears

    Sometimes I load gmax, and the FSTools menu doesn't load. Yet, then, a minute later, I re-load gmax, and the FSTools menu is there! :confused: Has anyone seen this, and what is the cause, and solution?