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    MSFS Can certain parts of the texture be transparent?

    Hi guys, I've got a texture for my building with certain parts of it transparent, blend mode is set in 3dsmax. However the whole texture seems to have the transparency applied? Any help will be appreciated!

    MSFS MSFS SDK wont locate my 3dsmax 2018 installation

    Hi guys, didn't have this issue before. I uninstalled the old sdk to update with the latest one, when the installation screen gets to the 3dsmax plug in part, all I see is red X's. Any help will be appreciated!

    MSFS RIDTEK STUDIOS - WELCOME TO SYDNEY for Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Hi Everyone, Just announcing a project that I've started to work on, very early stages expect more information as the project progresses. My aim is to bring to you the most accurate representation of the Sydney metro / basin as possible. Enjoy these early development pics! More info soon.

    P3D v4 Question about new methods for ground

    Hi, Some of you might know i'm in the process of designing my airport for p3dv4. After analyzing some new scenery that i have, i have found that some developers are replacing the old method of making the transparent satelite image to give different shades over the base ground polygon with a...

    P3D v4 Australian Airport in the works

    Hi guys, Just some early shots/renders of a project i am working on. Can you guess the airport ? Its NOT in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tas or South Australia. I do have a full time business which takes up my time.. so this might be a slow process but i have purchased imagery and now...

    P3D v4 Saved DDS textures appear lighter

    Hi, I've run into this problem recently which I've never come across before. Once i add the alpha channel and save the texture it appears as attached? I couldn't figure out what the problem is after searching around. Any help is appreciated. Regards

    P3D v4 MCX export issue

    Hi, I have tried exporting my object for p3dv4 using the convert and place object wizard and i'm getting an error telling me that it cant find the p3dv2 bglcomp ? I have set the export version to V4. Any help will be appreciated. Regards

    P3D v4 Question about polygon count

    Hi, I have been working on my payware Australian scenery since the start of the year and there is a few key static aircraft that i would like to place at the airport i'm working on. And i'm planning on announcing the scenery soon. However aircraft modeling is something i only have about 3 weeks...

    FSX Add Map SbuilderX Purchased satellite image

    Hi, I've purchased Satellite imagery for my airport project however i'm having an issue putting it into flight sim using SbuilderX. I have been provided with a geo referenced TIFF image. The size of the image is 39000x30000 with a total size of 3.27G. The projection is UTM the Datum is GDA94...

    FSX YRED redcliffe (question about ftx autogen and legal matters)

    Hi, I'm in the process of creating a few smaller Australian airports. And i have a little question. I have FTX Australia, FTX trees HD and Global Base installed. I have created the AGN files for autogen trees but i'm not too sure if its using the ORBX trees. The default description file is...

    FSX Ground Shine mdl layer not aligned with fs2002 style poly

    Hi, Please forgive me if this has been answered. I have done my reading and still find an answer to it in detail. I have decided to go with the FSX gmax mdl ontop of the fs2002 style poly for the sun shine on the tarmac look which i think looks really incredible! however the layer on top does...

    FSX Object textures only visible from one side

    Hi, I've recently started using 3dsmax instead of gmax for modeling and I have an issue with the object i'm exporting. When i export the object certain parts of the object in fsx are either missing or only seen from one side. Other than that it looks transparent.. I have included the render...

    FSX 3DSMAX Texture Bake whole texture output

    Hi guys, I'm currently at the stage of creating the night time map for my airport that i'm working on. I'm taking the bake texture approach in 3dsmax i was wondering how is it possible to bake the texture where the output is the same size as the image i have used for the initial model before...

    FSX Lines and Ground Polygons

    Hi, After reading through threads and tutorials i have done everything by the book to get rid of them lines that are caused when creating ground polygons. Its getting better and after about 300ft i cant see any lines but below it at certain angles they are slightly visible however only on...

    FSX Ground Polygon Bleed As Altitude gets higher

    Hi guys, Just stuck on a little problem while working on my scenery. I have made the main satellite ground poly and that seems to work fine and now have added another poly on top for the asphalt texture. However with the asphalt texture poly i get flickering only after a certain altitude...

    FSX Ground Polygon Texture Issue

    Hi Guys its been a very long time since I've done this o_O I've decided to get back into Flight Simulator all together and have decided to try my hand at scenery design for FSX as opposed to FS9. I've made a test ground poly to see if i still have it and the texturing has got me confused... is...

    FS2004 Satellite image edited enough ?

    Hi i would like some professional input for this question. I have used the Google images as underlay then i have created my own textures on-top of it. I would like to know if i have edited them heavily enough that if i was to put my scenery out there on the market as payware, i would not run...

    FSX and Gmax same method as before?

    Hi guys just a quick question.. When making scenery for fsx do we still use the same method that we used for fs2004? Do we still use the fs2002 gamepack and do all the asm tweaking through that? And is the ground exported in a different way to the objects, im a little confused. Whats the secret...

    Help with Scenery for FSX, same method ?

    Hi guys just a quick question.. When making scenery for fsx do we still use the same method that we used for fs2004? Do we still use the fs2002 gamepack and do all the asm tweaking through that.. Whats the secret. Thanks in advance

    FS2004 Sydney YSSY just one shot

    Just a quick little screen of how the ground work is looking for YSSY. Still need to do alot more texturing, layering , blending etc.