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  1. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Color Matching aerial imagery in MSFS

    One of the more difficult aspects of bringing aerial imagery into MSFS is matching the default color. If, and when we have seasons, this will be even harder to accomplish. I recently went through the aerial imagery tutorial by Nool Aerosystems. The toolkit is great, and it makes a tedious...
  2. rhumbaflappy

    Testing Alternate Package Compilation

    This method has been around for a while. Essentially is it this as a batch or CMD file: D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator -I ";" BuildAssetPackages "D:\MSFS_Projects\Tazovskiy\Tazovskiy-Project.xml" "D:\MSFS_Projects\Tazovskiy"...
  3. rhumbaflappy

    ZenDesk submission request to expand ICAO identifier

    I posted at the official MSFS site the following: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/please-expand-icao-character-limitation/396835?u=rhumbaflappy If you want to have Asobo consider increasing the ICAO ID from it's current 5 character limitation, please go there and vote. The link is pretty...
  4. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Difference between ArtProj and ModelLib Asset groups?

    Has anyone seen a difference between ArtProj and ModelLib Asset groups? I can't find a difference, and don't know why there are two identical types of groups.
  5. rhumbaflappy

    First flight on Mars

    Ingenuity has made it's maiden flight on mars.
  6. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS List of MSFS Object BGLs

    Here's the list of MSFS object BGLs for version (ordered by size): D:\MSFS\Official\Steam\fs-base\scenery\Global\Asobo_POI\Asobo_POI.BGL D:\MSFS\Official\Steam\fs-base\scenery\Global\Asobo_Props\Asobo_Props.BGL...
  7. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Duplicate GUID

    I just had an instance of a gltf I made that had a guid conflict. The model was processed through MCX, but that was not the problem. The guid did work in the past, but the new update apparently included a guid that matched mine. First time that ever happened to me. The end-result was my model...
  8. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS WorldScripts

    There hasn't been a lot of discussion about WorldScripts. These scripts allow a developer to include motion to simobjects. This could be animals, birds, vehicles, airplanes... The default scripts are in the asobo-scenarii folder. They can be added to your airports with the in-game DevMode...
  9. rhumbaflappy

    Windows10 Color Picker

    Powertoys for Windows 10 contains a neat feature called Color Picker: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/color-picker In DevMode, you can often adjust the color of aprons, runways, polys, etc. In addition to choosing a...
  10. rhumbaflappy

    [Solved] Update reverts SDK download to

    Just a heads up. After the latest patch (which works great for most users), the SDK installer download reverted to, when we have been using I don't know if this is a mistake, or if we should revert to 10.
  11. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS DevMode CTD

    I found a problem in the DevMode. If I load the Bears Sample or the Windsock sample the sim stalls and then crashes to desktop. The fspackagetool does not crash. Just a heads up for anyone using the DevMode and SimObject creation.
  12. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Import Aprons to Blender

    I've an idea how to import Aprons into blender. This might help define ProjectedMesh Aprons from decompiled airport XML files (Like from ADE). Apron: <Apron surface="{b008c78f-e00d-4776-9afb-3842e7c0d02f}" drawSurface="TRUE"...
  13. rhumbaflappy

    Blender addons for scenery developers

    Blender has a lot of addons. Some would be more specific to scenery developers.
  14. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS has beacon

    You might have noticed that there is an option in the object properties for 'has beacon'. This beacon is a bright disk, constant turned to face the viewer, that has some characteristics like military or sea base... The problem is it always shows at the exact same height when attached. 31 meters...
  15. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Health Problems Aggravated by MSFS

    40 years ago I had a dislocated/broken thumb. It's always been limited in mobility. With the new sim, I've found my thumb and wrist are quite sore due to increased mouse usage! Ergonomic mouse on the way. I'll give a review of it later. Have you had health issues increased because of the sim?
  16. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Persistent Scenery Problem

    I had a scenery package that refused to change. I would pull my hair but I have little left. I would compile, and then delete the package in the Community folder, add the new altered package, and the old package would show!. And then I checked the Official\Steam folder and found my package...
  17. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS BGL locations of usable object models

    So far, we have 54 locations for BGLs containing usable object models: D:\MSFS\Official\Steam\microsoft-airport-rjth-hachijojima\scenery\Microsoft\Hachijojima\modelLib.BGL D:\MSFS\Official\Steam\microsoft-airport-rjfu-nagasaki\scenery\Microsoft\Nagasaki\modelLib.BGL...
  18. rhumbaflappy


    MSFS can use polygons to change EcoRegions. This is useful to change the vegetation type in an addon. Something I found was my home airport of C59 and the surrounding area was in a conifer forest ecoregion. I extracted the Upper Midwest forest-savanna transition EcoRegion shapefile from the WWF...
  19. rhumbaflappy

    Terrain Data Sources

    Please add data sources to this list. Commentary or discussion is not needed.
  20. rhumbaflappy


    Hopefully, Asobo will add helicopters to the sim sometime soon. Meanwhile adding a helipad is something we can now do. It's added to the airport XML. It can be done through the developer mode, or the upcoming ADE for MSFS. But one problem is the texturing of the markings. The markings are a...