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    FS2004 How make Hard Deck and Hard Ski Jump for aircraft carrier

    Hello everyone, I've an aircraft carrier made with Sketchup. I export it in MDL object and add it in a BGL Library. I want to us it in severale places in my FS2004. But I can't make a hard deck for aircraft. And I can't make the hard Ski jump. Can soneone explain me the method to make hard...
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    Hello, Is it possible to convert an ADEP4 BGL (for P3D) to an ADE version for FSX or FS9 ? What's the way to follow for this conversion ? Thanks a lot. Regards
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    Aprons order problem

    Hello, I'm actually creating a airport with differents aprons. Apron is in Asphalt. First, no problem. On this apron, there are some square in Concrete. So, after drawing the Asphalt Apron, I draw the Concrete square above. But in ADE, when it's done, I don't se de concrete above asphalt...
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    FS2004 CEMENT and CONCRETE textures

    Hello, in ADE9, there is possibility to have CEMENT an CONCRETE textures. In FS2004, only concrete.r8 is in texture folder. How is it possible to have two sort of concrete (cement and concrete) in FS2004 ? like in ADE9.
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    FS2004 Semi-Transparent Apron

    Hello, I'm actually trying to realise some scenery with ADE9 for FS2004. Some are without problem, other have one big problem. In some scenery, all the apron are semi-transparent. I don't find the solution. I verified the flatten (who is at the same altitude of the airport). I've...