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    FS2004 Trying to get AIFP to work on my laptop

    Hi I have the newest version on my puter and want to use it on my laptop which is a HP Pavilion dv6-1134ca entertainment notebook using Vista Premium 64 bit with service pack 1. I've tried to transfer it from my computer via flashdrive then when it wouldn't work I tried to download it directly...
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    FS2004 Aircraft disappear while flying Fltpln

    Hi I tried making a flightplan using AIFP, using ai specific aircraft, put aircraft parking codes at the destination airport, and while checking these plans out the aircraft just disappear when nearing the destination airport. What is the cause of this darn problem? Thanks Robin :confused:
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    FS2004 Not sure on how to make touch & Go plans

    Hi; I've tried a search of the forums for info on how to make flightplans for Fs9 doing touch and go's at an airport of my choice. How does one go about making this type of flightplan and what should the time period be. Thanks in advance. Robin
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    FS2004 Instant Scenery -2 for Fs9

    Hi; I am trying out my copy of Instant Scenery-2 for Fs9 and would like some advice on how to get the right sizing for airport vehicles around AI aircraft. What the plan is to add service vehicles at various airports in Fs9. I would like to know how to size the tugs,gas trucks etc. Is this a...
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    FS2004 Why dont my aircraft show in AIFP?

    Hi; I had to reinstall my Fs9 for various problems and now I have another problem. When I try to reinstall my flightplans using TTools and AIFP having shown the path to the files not one of these flightplan aircraft show up when I try to compile the damn things. The message that the aircraft are...
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    FS2004 Could someone evaluate these please

    Hi, Could some kind soul evalulate these TNG Flightplans for me I am trying to add traffic to some of my local airports. Thanks Robin :confused:
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    FS2004 Getting Summer Time to stay in Flgtplns

    Hi; Is there any to get the flightplanner to keep summer time for the whole flightplan.txt file? I have made a couple of flightplans and want to have all of the flights in Summer time, is there a way to do this rather than with every new individual flight plan ? Robin
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    FS2004 Like to thank Sidney Schwartz

    Hi; Would someone pass on the Sid Schwartz a BIG thank you for his posting of the Google_Warehouse Libraries. They are just what I needed to add things to my various sceneries, using Instant Scenery. I tried an e-mail address but it came back undelivered, so if some kind soul would pass on my...
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    FS2004 A Funny thing happened on the way to!

    Hi All; Well I've certainly jumped right into the flight plan business big time. Boy it sure takes a long time to make them. Now I've been making a flightplan for Air Canada and using the advice here just CYYZ and CYUL starting at 6Am to 22:00 from the Air Canada Timetable . I check the plans...