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  1. krispy1001

    I closed my Website! some of my resources will not be available for Download

    Hi Blender users! Because of my health, I have closed my website kp-coolstuff.com. By doing that some of my resources will not be available for download until I can find a place to upload them to. The file sizes are to large to directly upload to FSDeveloper. If you need one of my resources...
  2. krispy1001

    Blender2FSX/P3D Tool-set(MOVED)

    Hi Blender users! Because of health issues, I have not been able to do much more on the Blender2FSX/P3D tool-set. But I have tested the tool-set with Blender 2.79 and everything works good. I will not be able to do much more on the tool-set until health improves. I am making my test files...
  3. krispy1001

    FSX Blender Tool-set Beta For FSX/P3D Test Files

    Hi Blender users! I have finally by the grace of my Lord And Savor Jesus Christ fixed all of my errors. And now have a working beta version of the tool-set that should run with FSX and P3D. I do not have Steams version of the sim, but if someone can get me the file path structure I can probable...
  4. krispy1001

    Prop RPM Gauge(Solved)

    Hi Everyone! I am working on a MFD and I am having issues with my Prop RPM Needle movement. As you can see in the image below, I have an Rpm Gauge with needle and a text read-out of the rpm under it. Text rpm read out works good, but needle does not move. I have attached my code for the MFD...
  5. krispy1001

    Bleder2FSXP3D Wish-list for Added Functions

    Hi Blender2FSX tool-set users! This thread will be used to suggest new functions to be added to the tool-set. All suggested functions will be discussed and voted on to see if they are to be added or not be added. Thanks, Kris :-)
  6. krispy1001

    How to calculate weight_to_moi_factor

    Hi Everyone! I am having problems with getting my main rotor weight_to_moi_factor set correctly so that my main rotor animations look good. Right now they look very jerky and not realistic. Below is the information for my main rotor in the aircraft configuration file. Any help will be...
  7. krispy1001

    Landing Lights(SOLVED)

    Hi everyone! I am working on getting my landing lights to work. But I am having no success. Below is an image of how I have my poly setup and what I have for effect and visibility. I followed the SDK on setting up the landing light effect. Thank you for any help!!
  8. krispy1001

    3DS Max .X file Request (Closed)

    I have a request of any of the 3DS Max users out there. Fist I would like to ask does 3DS Max allow you to export a .x file. And If it does, could someone when they have some extra time on there hands make a simple test file for me. Test file simple cube with a diffused texture and a simple...
  9. krispy1001

    Alpha Decals?

    HI everyone! I have a question that I have not been able to find any information on. What is a "alpha decal" in FSX. I have searched the FSX sdk document and I have found nothing. I have also searched the internet, but still nothing. Now I know what alpha decals are used for overall in game...
  10. krispy1001

    Blender2FSX After Blender 2.75a Crash (CLOSED)

    Hi All Blender Users! This will be the new thread that I will Post new Blender2FSX updates to. I would first like to give a very, very big "THANK YOU" to Mr. Felix aka (Catp_X) for giving us this incredible tool set. I would also like to give a very big "THANK YOU" To Mr. Rohn for updating the...
  11. krispy1001

    XML Guage Question

    Hi Everyone! I am new to xml programming, I am a Java programmer. I went through the two tutorials in the "Panels and Gauges SDK" and made the fuel pressure, and stop watch gauges. I have also looked at a lot of default gauges in FSX. I would like to make an xml button that when pushed, would...
  12. krispy1001

    Texturing Problem

    Hi Everyone! I have been having problems with my texturing in FSX. All of my textures that I have been applying to a test model is giving me a very large and dull looking specular hot spot. I can not figure out what my problems is. I have been working on this problem for about a week now. I...
  13. krispy1001

    Blender Use and Modeling Questions

    Hi Everyone! It seems to me that the thread for Blender2FSX add-on is getting question that do not have to do with the Mr. Felix's Toolset. So I am starting this to deal with questions that have to do with Blender use and Blender Modeling Questions. Thanks, Kris :-)
  14. krispy1001

    Workings Of My First attempt at payware

    Hi Everyone! Well I have decided to jump in with both feet into the payware world of FSX. And if it is GOD's will everything will work out. The customers can't be much harder to work with than Google Android customers. And I have made Android apps for several years. I will see what happens...
  15. krispy1001

    Payware Question (.asm to .air)

    Hi everyone! My question is can I use one of the example .asm files, and modify it to what I need and then make the .air file. Then can the .air file be used without infringing copy right laws for a payware project? Thank you for all of the help. Kris:)
  16. krispy1001

    Could SomeOne Please Translate?(Solved)

    Hi Everyone! I received an e-mail from a gentleman but I can not read it because I do not know what language it is. If someone understands this language, could you please tell me what he is asking me. Here is his e-mail " Sehr geehrter Herr Pyatt, Ihr AltraMax habe ich geladen und es fliegt...
  17. krispy1001

    Tutorial Animated Pilot From Start To Finish Using Blender

    Hi Everyone! I have found that there are very few tutorials on how to model and animate a pilot from start to finish for FSX. And even less if any for Blender. So, I am interested in how many beginning developers would be interested in a complete series of video tutorials on the subject...
  18. krispy1001

    Blender To FSX (Video Tutorials)

    Hi Blender Users! I should have the new video out by tomorrow. The video is taking longer than I thought to render. Thank you, Kris:)
  19. krispy1001

    Texturing With Blender Compaired to 3DS Max

    Hi Everyone! I am working on texturing my Ultralight and I want to do a good job texturing it for FSX. I have made my textures Diffused, specular, and bump and everything looks great in Blender. But when I export my model and look at it in FSX it looks dark. Specular and bump maps are not...
  20. krispy1001

    How To UV-Unwrap In Blender(Video Tutorial)

    Hi everyone! I have received several e-mails from people having issues uv-unwrapping in Blender. Here is a video tutorial showing what I have learnt so far uv-unwrapping with Blender. I hope that it helps! Link To Video: Thanks, Kris